Sunday, 8 March 2009

A closer look - Prince Dastan's baubles

It's approximately twenty-four hours since our first proper look at Jake "I've gotten buff" Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia. Judging by the amount of fainting, drooling and dribbling that has gone on, I think it's fair to say these two pictures are a hit. Obviously, now, we are ready to move on from the chesthair, the sensitive eyes, the sensuous lips, the scarred, pale skin, the shapely biceps and 'The Sock' to focus on those important historical details - the accessories which place us firmly in the medieval Persian boudoir.

Medieval Persians of both sexes flaunted their wealth and status through their jewellery - Prince Dastan may have had his fair share of struggles against marauding sand monsters, rival brothers and dastardly viziers - not to mention those evil twists of fortune that left him disinherited and shirtless - but even an impoverished prince would have held on to his favourite baubles.

Animal motifs were most popular, suggesting that the wearer owned the strength, beauty and/or intelligence of the beast they chose. Prince Dastan is no different and, upon his chest, mixed with rings and chains, is what could be a lion. In the deserts of the Middle East, it was a popular sport for princes and kings to prove their prowess by taking on and defeating their royal animal equivalent. Enamel was also popular in medieval Persian jewellery and this too is reflected in the Prince's necklace.

Rings were a particular favourite among highborn men and were emblems of rank, displaying highly elaborate patterns, shaped in gold or, especially, silver. Dastan's ring is threaded silver and it may well have the motif of the snake or a deer, more popular themes for jewellery of the age.*

Dastan's taste for silver and leather can also be found on his right wrist. While, on his left wrist, the latest developments in studded leather armour can be seen.

Now, let's look at the jewellery in full context again.

*Accessories by Disney with the exception of the the sunglasses and coffee cup, which were provided by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Thanks to IHJ for the pictures.


Ruby said...

So tell me, just exactly what are you trying to do to your readership?


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Well, I thought, Rubes, that it's only right that my archaeological experiences in the Middle East, and years of archaeological research, should come to the fore ;D

Monica O said...

that was thoughtful, WDW.
Now, you forgot to put the socks in the credits.
"Oh socks!"


Beautiful day out there.

Ruby said...

Ah right. That part was very impressive, I must say. You are clearly educated in useful stuff and it's good of you to share and expand our knowledge. :)

I thought it was just to make us swoon and gush at the close-ups of skin and muscle and the speculation about macho activities. ;-)

I do apologise for misjudging your (obviously pure) motives.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Monica O - I did give serious thought to The Sock but I need to see more evidence in order to research it fully.

Ahh, Ruby, I'm so glad my pure motives were that apparent. I was slightly distracted by breathing sinew, rippling muscle and heaving chest, but I worked through it.

winterbird said...

I can tell you the close-up looks is definitely a very good idea :)

Thanks for all the, err, researches you've done for us :)

Anna said...

I swear, I really tried to look at the necklace in that first pic. I really did, but it didn't work. Something distracted me, can't say what...


Anonymous said...

It appears that the Prince has baubles the size of apples. THUD!

Anna said...

LOL ^^^^

MgMyself said...

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Monica O said...


Zinquirilla said...

you've a lot of sight! ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My pleasure, Winterbird :D

And while we're about it, it's worth remembering that Persia would have had a fair few blue-eyed, dark-haired warriors at this time - leftovers from Alexander and the Romans. Even Celts... hmmmm - with or without socks.

Anna! You must look again!

Hi Monica O! Unfortunately, it's not known here and Mr WDW said that if it's Women's Day then I should empower myself and make him tea - sigh...

Thanks, Zinquirilla! I do my best :D

Monica O said...

Mr WDW is mean! And so is Mr.O because I had to cook while he was reading by the pool. Not fair!

Agnes said...

Woof! This is the best lesson I've ever seen. The examples are just perfect. I especially adore his hip er I mean his ring. And a talisman - it's a very hot talisman ;)

Zodiac said...

You guys don't know Women's Day in Britain?:)

Very popular here, although now less than it used to be.

I've looked closely at these pictures too. Too many times I guess.

Anonymous said...

I apologize but I just can't look at the jewelry. I tried...I really did...but in every close up picture of jewelry there is something in the background (i.e. hair, muscles, fingers, abs). My eyes simply will not cooperate and stay focused on the jewelry. *heavy sigh*

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow!!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Just like that, Monica O!, but minus the pool :DD

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Agnes! Yes, the hip, oops ring, is a fine example of its kind. Hot and potent :D

We don't I'm afraid, Zodiac :( So many treats in these pictures, I need to look again!

BBMISwear, your task for today - and for tomorrow - is to take another look and train your eyes to notice the historical details and ignore the muscles, those sensuous fingers, the belly, the curve above the hip... ok?

bandgeek said...

I love the footnote! :)

Anna said...

BBMIswear - on my seventh attempt I actually managed to read the text. So you just keep trying, and you'll get there too! ;-)

Monica said...

Good night, wet dark!

Post hot! Very good for my day of rain and cold!
Monica, you need to see the photo of the beach!:P

pia said...

"Well, I thought, Rubes, that it's only right that my archaeological experiences in the Middle East, and years of archaeological research, should come to the fore "

WDW you are off your effing mind! Ive been waiting for your archaeological experience in the mideast to kick in for more than a year now and you're going to finally put out - !!

home girl you are totally trumped by the bewildering pectorals of Teh Sex -

I am so swooned Im going to bed.

(miatubsi? this means I am too fat?)

Leni said...

Good evening friends, I´m Jake´s fan from Prague. I love reading this web. Great photos, hot hot hot :-)
Have a nice day (evening, night... it is 10.00 PM here)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Bandgeek! Good to be historically accurate :D

Chuckle! Glad you persevered, Anna *)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Monica! Whenever I see these trousers, I fear I will think of socks - sigh... Glad the post warmed you up!

Hey Pia! Posting at the same time :D Well, one has to pick one's moment and be inspired, and, now I am, there'll be more to come, believe me. I am willing to take on the pecs!

Hi Lena! Welcome, over there in Prague - a beautiful city. I'm so glad you like the site and thanks for posting :)

sheba said...

That last picture is going to be blown up to size A3 glossy in colour and put on the staff room notice board. It's stunning - can't stop looking at it. Love the ring too, it's on my list.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Sheba! That pic is very educational and should be put up on every staffroom :D

Cinema7 said...

And while we're about it, it's worth remembering that Persia would have had a fair few blue-eyed, dark-haired warriors at this time - leftovers from Alexander and the Romans. Even Celts...

Most definitely - those Celts got around! ;)

Very interesting post, love the closeups and history behind the adornments and jewelry, and the closeup of the armour.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

HI there Cinema7! And there's one theory that Arthur was from Persia as well. So glad you liked the post :D

Monica O said...

Monica, Noooo!
show me the socks-free-beach-picture! LOL!
Hey Zodiac, where are you from?

Monnie O said...

for three times today I stopped myself from posting your link on Twitter, WDW. I'm affraid it gets too crowded with mean people posting bad comments.

Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what his chest hair feels like, would it be soft? I would just to love bury my face in his chest.

oh yea, thanks for the insight of the persian jewleries. very insightful.

Monica said...

without socks

Monica O said...

Oh my gosh, Monica!!! How come I've seen that picture a thousand times and have never noticed that? I'm in shock! You are WAY worse than I am. LOL!

By the way where do you live? Because it was a hot sunny day in São Paulo.


POPporn! said...

Gimme the large bucket, with extra butter!

Monica said...

I live in Belem do Para!

Monica O said...

Wow Monica. This is FAR AWAY!
Actually you are closer to WDW than to me. ;)

Anonymous said...

As someone who has a degree in classical studies (but has never used it, unfortunately), I really loved your research. It`s very interesting and I just love the fact that gyllenhaalism makes me learn so many new things! Bring out the archeologist in you as often as you want, I like it very much!

But OMG those close ups!!! Are you trying to kill us ??? Yesterday wasn`t enough???

And Dailing, you just said what I`ve been trying to not say for two days cause I was trying very very hard not to sound as pervy as the rest of you :D :I want to nuzzle that belly so bad! And I do know what it would feel like: heaven, just warm skin and soft hair heaven... And don`t get me started about the smell! *sigh*


tongue said...

I want to lick his nipples!

Gooing For Baubles said...

The best baubles: found at the end of that beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous treasure trail.

My word is "mingoo" which is exactly what a very special tingly part of my body is doing right now..

WDW you're an awful awful awful person for doing this to us. Awful. You're going to burn in hell for sure!

Gooing For Baubles said...

I had to get the name after I wrote it. HAD to. My word this time: nuphomit. Like nympho-it. LOL. It's a sign!

Sara Andrea Vera said...

My dear WDW,

If you want to have readers for your blog you have to stop causing them heart attacks, respiratory problems and dehydration due drooling and high temperatures.

Sincerely yours,


Monica O said...

Oh! Olympia called us pervs!

Bobbing For Baubles said...

I changed it, this one's better for Jake's uh, jewelry.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning everyone! OMg I love these pics so much - it's not fading!!

First off, I missed the anon comment yesterday about the bauble the siez of apples! Good one :D

Hey the Monicas with their sockfree beach Jake pics :DD

Ooer Dailing - gulp :P and OMG Olympia! You're raising the temperature on a frosty day all right. Glad you liked the research - and classical studies was part of my degree, I'm fascinated by it. It's good to have a Gyllenexcuse to bring it out!

Tongue! Behave yourself!

Gooing for baubles :D That's a great name! I love it when people get blogger names :)

You're quite right, sara :D I should advise everybody to drink lots of water before a Persian post :D

Hey Monnie *laughing*

Thanks to all of you for the brilliant belly laugh you've given me this morning! Brightened up my Monday no end. Have a wonderful day!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ooh Bobbling for Baubles - I like that better too :D

Bobbing For Baubles said...

Hey WDW!

I wonder if Jake wears any other *cough* rings. You need to do some research. No scrap that, I'll do it!

Anonymous said...

Well, Monica O, you know what they say: it takes one to know one! :DD So I guess I will be ashamed with you :) But you know, this is all Jake`s and WDW`s fault, they are the ones making us like this! I was so sweet and innocent before I found Jake and WDW, as I`m sure you were too!(well we`re still sweet but not so innocent) :DD

Have a good day everyone!


*good girl* said...

Hi WDW and everybody :-)
It's really been ages since I've posted here, big shame on me, have to say my great friend Xenia always keeps updated about the blog moves ;)
I've been sucked in by another big passion (twilight if I didn't feel like a teenager enough already, duh!) but my heart always belongs to my Jake.. well my body too, if he only wanted to...!
Well thought this seemed a pretty good occasion to stop by and say hi again, hoping you're all doing great!
For what I see Jake is doing awesome, I spent like 5 minutes in apnoea drooling on my desk last night.. and thank you WDW for the close ups ;) though it took me a while to concentrate on the baubles :-P
Now Jake's half naked body greets me every night at home... unfortunately only from my computer screen :-/

Bye you all! Have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

When WDW assigns something to me I take it seriously! So I tried again this morning...and I really do find all the 'historical details' quite fascinating. But ignore the curve in the hip bone?! Impossible! (And how did you know that it was THAT very picture that I was having the hardest time with? You're a mind reader, I Swear)!

*goes back to today's assignment*

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ahhh Olympia! It's all Jake's fault - but yes, we're all still sweet :P

Hey Good Girl! Good to see you - been a while. Twilight?? Oh dearie, but I'm glad this sight of Jake brought you back to us! We have the same desktop :D Hope things are good with you.

Hmmm, BBMISwear, glad to hear you're taking your assignment seriously, but really? Distracted by the curve of the hip? Tschk. You must go back to the beginning and start again!!

Hope everyone's having a good Monday - I know there are some sickies out there so I hope they're feeling better (I prescribe Jake). Beautiful day here.

My word is finess :)

get real said...

Gah, woah, SWOON, etc, etc. ;p I really can't wait to see this in action.

Such close ups omg, HOT!

Btw, Disney seems to be clamping down, IHJ and some bigger blogs like Just Jared had to remove these pictures.

Great to see everyone, have a good Monday.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Get Real! Good to see you :D I know, Disney are about, so we all need to whisper!!!!

Has your snow gone yet?

Monica O said...

A Brazilian stand up comedian said today: "I'd have sex with my air conditioner."
Can you figure the heat around here?

Xenia said...

Dearest dearest WDW, and everyone!
I love you all.*)

I start to think there has to be some connection between me being away for the week-end and somethinh extremely exciting happening in Jake-land.:)

What can I say after all that has been said about our beautiful, gorgeous,sexy man? Not much except that I knew it, I knew he would be a dream...The Perfect Prince.

And that Burkheimer guy, well he knew even better. :)

Sunny and windy day here today. I like it.
A great, wonderful day to everyone.

Monica O said...

Oops...just made a comment on the wrong post. Here:

Good Girl,
I'm in troubles about all that Twilight thing too. It's addictive...I'm thinking about professional help in order to take that damn vampire off my veins (oops! PUN ALERT!)
Thanks God they've made a poor lame film out of it, or I'd be already in hell!

Oh my...I feel horrible.

*good girl* said...

LOL Monica O! good to know I'm not alone there ;) even thoug I guess I'm one of the few who didnt find the movie that bad, ok not a masterpiece of cinema history, but considering the low budget that might have been worse...maybe...and then that's what made me curious about the books and well, you know how the story ends eheheh =) The Host is good too.. anyway, dont mean to invade the blog with too much twilight-talking (not much shared I fear) ...seriously, Jake always has his safe place in my heart and my eyes would much appreciate seeing at least 1 of his 3 new movies è.é :-D
Well hope in the meantime we'll keep getting to see this much skin and muscles on display ...ermm no these thoughts weren't meant to be put into words ..mmm, *filter* hope we'll have news about the upcoming movies ;):-)

Monica O said...

GoodGirl, my only consolation is "Jake is hot, sorry Johnny, oh socks!"

p.s. Host is excellent, but not addictive, thanks heaven.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, they're not gonna take our pics away from us now, are they? That would be cruel, teasing us like that. I have the second one as my screensaver anyway. I love them both, but the second one is gorgeous, it looks like he's in a Persian boudoir, as WDW said. Wheeee! That lucky princess Tamina. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there everyone - made it home :D I'm loving all the comments - so good to see you all!

Ahhh, thanks Xenia *) I have noticed that when you go away we get some stunning Jake pics - so when are you off again?? Only kidding :D Sunny and windy here too, but the flowers are coming out and the blosom buds on the trees - very nice.

Hey Monica O! I count myself fortunate that I've not been bitten by Twilight (smirk at bad joke). But lovin the little Twilight love-in going on between you and Good Girl!! * Waves to the two of you *

Hi there Anon! It did remind me of a boudoir - such beautiful lighting and what a man to be lit by that light - sigh. I think we're safe to enjoy these pictures - the Sun now has them! The phrase about stable door and horse bolting springs to mind. But these pics are just so, so beautiful - I'm glad we all got to see them. Let's hope for more :)

~elfie said...

You know what I think is so funny?

My brother is in the gaming industry so I can get really into that world (and its forums) if I want to, so I went snooping ('coz there's not a girl in sight there) around and guess what?

All them boys out there are not really all too sure about Jake being a convincing Dastan. In other words, those boys are so worried our man here might ruin their ultimate PoP experience because the role was given to Jake. It's all they can talk about now that these pix have emerged. He's showing off his stuff and right away they're at it again - someone who looks like this cannot pull off the part...

You don't fool me, though. As if they are worried about that...

They're just freaking jealous! Ha.

Gorgeous stuff, by the way, WDW. But looking at your hits, I'm sure you know this.


Larbout...smith said...

Shame on you, WDW!!! You're trying to kill me!!!!! All those close-ups of "jewelry," indeed. I'm not going to be able to see the movie. I'll be ded by then. Heart stopped.
But oh, I will be smilin'.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...Death by Jake hotness overdose...Not a bad way to die if you ask me! Not at all! :D


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there elfie! I love that Jake has got the gamers talking - I think they're in for quite a surprise when they see Jake. I've played the games and the Prince isn't any usual action hero - that's why he's so attractive. Yes jealous! Thanks so much and a big hug back *)

Hey Larbout... Smith - chuckle :DD You mean you can't focus on the jewellery! But yeah, what a way to go...

Couldn't agree with you more, Olympia!

TDigs said...

Hi WDW. I spent most of the day drooling over The Prince and doing no work at all - so thanx for that! I just wanna say hi to elfie and thank her for posting about the gamers. I've been snooping in the public forums at least (as I always loved PoP the game) and I must say I had independantly come to the conclusion that they were all a bit knocked sideways by these pics - jealous too, but definitely...surprised. Its so weird anyway...all these game-fanboys, why were they playing with the game-Prince anyway, in his white pantaloons?!! 8-D ROTFL

Anonymous said...

to ~elfie
I'll say we, Gyllenhaalics, shall band together and show these gamers how Jake is so completely right for the role of Datsun.
In the honor of Jake, who's with me for a duel?!?!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Dailing! The Gyllenhaalics take on the Gamers :DD

Lola said...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lola! Thanks for commenting! Come and say hello on the new post :D

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