Monday, 30 April 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal Turns Up - NYC Update [25 April]

On 25 April, Jake was snapped repeatedly by a photographer as he chatted on his phone while walking through the Meat Packing district of NYC. Clearly the photographer was as taken by Jake as we are. None of the photos could be used. But now, thanks to Stephanie at iheartjake, one picture has turned up so you can see for yourself how blue is very definitely Jake's colour.

Picture from IHJ

Everything's Cool - Especially Jake Gyllenhaal

This month a limited edition DVD of Everything's Cool has been released, described by its makers as a ' "toxic comedy" about the most dangerous chasm ever to emerge between scientific understanding and political action - Global Warming'. Comedy is a tool the film makes use of to spread its message. However, a far more effective weapon is Jake Gyllenhaal.

In 2005, fresh from filming Jarhead in the deserts of the South Western United States and Mexico, Jake went to the 'couldn't-be-more-different' environment of the Arctic. He didn't go alone. Fellow actor with a conscience Salma Hayek went too.

Everything's Cool follows the life and death struggle between the "good guys", those who warn about the imminent arrival of the warming, and the "bad guys", the public voices that have lulled the United States - and not just the United States - into thinking that they can turn a blind eye. What will it take to make the United States lead the world in the fight against global warming? Why and how have humans allowed themselves to have had such an impact on nature?

Few themes are bigger - in more ways than one - than the fight against global warming and Jake, as a Gyllenhaal, clearly took much more away from filming blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow than a raised profile.

More of Jake's involvement on Inuit Earth Day, and his part in art on a grand scale, can be seen in a publicity video for the Inuit Earth Day Event, the film and the DVD. Watch the video here and learn more about the whole project. The locals' verdict on Jake? "Dead sexy! Totally worth freezing my ass off." No arguments there.

Pictures from IHJ

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Zodiac Out on DVD in USA 26 June - They do know we've not seen it in Europe yet?

Before Zodiac even reaches the European continent, we are informed that there is now a USA release date for the DVD - 26 June. Thank heavens for multi-regional players was my second response, my first being to jump up and down and screech a bit. My third thought was - it's not even out in Europe yet.

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Only five weeks after Zodiac arrives in the UK, copies of the DVD will be making their way across the pond, presumably decreasing the distributors' interest in keeping it in our cinemas. The bonus is, of course, a short wait before we can own what, I'm hoping, will be a tribute to David Fincher's drive for perfection in himself and his cast. In other words: a DVD full of features, commentaries and deleted scenes (if any have survived). In other words again: not a Brokeback Mountain DVD.

The date comes courtesy of the New York Post. Thanks to a WDW reader for letting me know the news.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

The Three Campeneros - Jake, Lance and the other one

Remember, last year, the fun the media had with the Three Amigos of Jake Gyllenhaal, Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey? As if cycling around Malibu and the Hollywood Hills was some sort of cover for some Spandex love. Lance we could understand - Jake is, by all accounts, an accomplished sportsman and athlete, running and/or cycling everyday. Lance is a worthy hero, not only has he dominated his sport, he's also done that and beaten cancer at the same time. Matt waxes and wears bandanas. While Matt has now sold all of his homes in LA and is safely settled in his trailer of love, it seems that Lance will forever be asked whether Jake is playing him in a forthcoming biopic.

Image Hosted by

I would show a picture here with Jake, Lance and Matt, but somehow Matt was always about 30 minutes behind... (or was that three hours?)

But ignore all that, because the story of the Three Campeneros has now been brought to the LA stage - it will be playing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Hollywood on selected dates until the end of May. Only 5 dollars - sounds a bargain. Anyway, it depicts the competition between Jake and Matt to play Lance's role in the biopic. We are told that the performance is 'short and sweet'.

Image Hosted by

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that supposed to be Jake on the right?

For more information, and booking details, read this

Thanks to LAist

Raining Jake - Jake and Ramona (again)

It's raining Jake. Not only is it difficult keeping up with where our Jake is in the United States - let's face it, he could be anywhere from one day to the next, hope he likes plane food - it's also hard keeping track of the pictures of Jake pushing Ramona. This is clearly what we want to see, and all the magazines will know that. I'm sure they'll be everywhere in the next issues. But Jake certainly looks a proud uncle for the world to see.

Image Hosted by

Thanks very much to a WDW visitor for the information.

PIcture from US Magazine

And now he's back... Jake back in LA

It's not easy keeping up with our Jake - over the last week, he's been in LA, Texas, New York City and now he's back home in LA. Maybe Ramona wore him out. Whatever the reason, Jake arrived back at Burbank Airport, LA, on Friday afternoon, where he was collected by one of the bevy of blondes and brunettes Jake's PR agency have on hand to look after him.

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Is it just my imagination, or is this the same assistant?

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More pictures at JustJared and IHJ

Friday, 27 April 2007

Jake and Ramona - Update

Jake pulls faces at Ramona in one of the loveliest photos I've seen of our Jake. Thanks in abundance to my anonymous tipoff (and Celebrity Baby Blog). The day began with the most wonderful photos of Jake and here it is ending with yet more. A good day! And the mind boggles - what on earth is Jake saying to his niece? WDW welcomes all suggestions ...

And this is Ramona's preferred means of transport. $600 apparently.

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Zodiac - What type of film is this? Includes Jake Gyllenhaal Video

The countdown to Zodiac's release in Europe - and the sense of 'At last...' - continues. In three weeks' time, Zodiac will finally begin its progress through the cinemas of Europe, the Far East and Australasia, arriving in France on 16 May, Australia on 17 May, the UK on 18 May and Germany and Hong Kong on 31 May. For some reason, unfathomable to most, Belgium must wait for 6 June.

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The publicity machine is stirring into action. Yesterday, the UK's Times newspaper used Zodiac's appearance on the horizon as an excuse to discuss the popularity of serial killers as a subject for Hollywood's movie makers - most obviously the 'glorification of Lecter' in the Hannibal movies. Ironically, this glorification of Lecter, his elevation into a sort of 'folk hero', may have had a contribution to the serial killers' demotion or transmigration into the genre of horror. The serial killer movies just became too gory, too horrifying and too shocking for mainstream audiences.

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Audiences switched to the 'Police Procedural': we still know the serial killer is evil, but we don't need to see it. Zodiac is a perfect example of this. It's a movie of shadow and light, the world of the hooded, demonic Zodiac - he appears to his victims almost like a dark knight from medieval folklore - in contrast to the anxious, frustrated setting of the police station or car, or the busy offices of the San Francisco Chronicle. It's the minds of the policemen, the journalist and the cartoonist that fascinates Fincher, in his study of the different paths of obsession. How does each of them react when the murderer reaches out to them, sometimes personally, and says 'This is the Zodiac'?

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However, instead of listening to my opinion, why not listen to Jake's, because the Times article is accompanied by a video in which Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo discuss what the film means to them and how they dealt with the knowledge that the Zodiac could still be out there. Jake clearly found little comfort in the thought.

Watch the video and read the article

There's also a Zodiac competition - if you feel lucky.

Here's a direct link (I hope) to the video

Uncle Jake Gyllenhaal - Out with Maggie and Ramona

It doesn't get much better than this! On 26 April, Jake and Maggie took baby Ramona for a walk in NYC - with Jake doing much of the work. He looks like an uncle on a mission, clearly revelling in his new role - and putting some muscle into it. That's a serious pushchair. For some time, we've been hoping for photos like this and now, here we have them. More later when I've calmed down after this morning Gyllentreat....

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Thanks to the wonderful Stephanie at IHJ for the pictures.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal in New York City

If Jake has indeed gone to New York City for the Tribeca Film Festival, it also gives him chance to spend some time with his sister, New Yorker Maggie.

Last night, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal were among the stars at Graydon Carter's Waverly Inn, enjoying a quiet dinner together in the corner of the restaurant.

Read more [The part you want is at the bottom of the Al Gore story.]

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Jake Gyllenhaal in NYC 25 April 2007

Jake is now in New York City, where he was spotted on Wednesday walking through the Meat Packing district while talking on his phone. This week is the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan so it's not impossible that's the reason for Jake's continuing travels around the US. Tonight, for instance, Jake could be settling down to Tribeca's screening of Dirty Dancing, starring Jake's friend from his rabbit days, Patrick Swayze. Here's the schedule if you're in Manhattan and don't have any plans.

There's something about Jake in a blue shirt, particularly a crumpled, untucked blue shirt... and the photographer must have thought the same because here are over twenty images.

Click here

I'm not able to show a picture from that here - so here's another one instead, just for the sake of it...Gratuitous Jake

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Picture with grateful thanks from IHJ

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Harris Savides - Watch out - You'll get a hug!

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I first became aware of Harris Savides in the June 2007 edition of Total Film. He was the person Jake wanted to hug on the set of Zodiac - until 'Watch out, you'll get a hug' Fincher put a stop to it.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

So who is this Harris Savides, this guy that, for some unfathomable reason, David Fincher wanted to protect from the electricity and danger of the Gyllenhaal Hug? Read on, and Beware of Spoilers.

Harris Savides, ASC, is the cinematographer of Zodiac and, in the April 2007 edition of American Cinematographer, he discusses in detail the difficulty and challenges involved in capturing David Fincher's vision for the big screen. The aim was to be impassive - neither Fincher nor Savides wanted to present Zodiac through the eyes of the killer; instead, they wanted the 'Dragnet style - Just the facts, ma'am.'

Zodiac was one of the first Hollywood movies shot with the 'uncompressed-HD-to-drive digital-acquisition system'. I know, I don't know what that is either, but it meant that all of the action was viewed on set through a 32-inch LCD HD monitor and any takes that didn't make the mustard were instantly wiped. Everything is in real time.

In this article, Savides discusses the novelty of working with 'the Viper' video camera, and its limitations - the thing was huge and unwieldy and too new, and too electrical. The whole crew had to deal with the repetitive irritation of having to reboot the thing when faced with any kind of problem. The challenges of making this futuristic movie weapon reproduce the 'reality' of the 1960s and 1970s were also awkward.

The play of light and dark, sun and shadow, are apparent to any movie novice when watching this clever film. Mood, fear, danger, suspicion and confusion are everything.

What's also interesting is that Savides is 'no fan of screen violence' and he frequently found himself wondering what he was doing on set at all. 'But this film isn't about titillation or exploitation: it's trying to represent a story in a realistic way, and the story involves murder.' In the end 'you just have to hope the audience is involved in the characters and the story and willing to go down the rabbit hole with you.'

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Do yourself a favour and seek out Total Film UK and American Cinematographer US while you can.

Zodiac is, at last, released in UK cinemas on 18 May. We will, no doubt, hear more in the meantime.

Here are some thumbnails - click 'em and they'll be bigger (when the hoster decides to cooperate of course)...

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What is going on, people? Sanjaya Who?

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As an Ignorant Brit I have to admit myself baffled at news that the people of the world think Sanjaya (who is this guy?) is more beautiful than a certain Hollywood actor of extraordinary renown, not to mention of beautiful eyes and lips to match. Just look at him...and do your duty!

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Adrian Grenier? Who the hell is that? Enlighten me someone...

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Happy Birthday Austin!

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Happy Birthday Austin!
Today's a good day as Austin Nichols reaches the age of 27. And what's more, it's very possible that Jake is with him for his day. At the weekend Jake and Chris were spotted outside a hotel in Austin - Apple notebook and all - and Lance was miles away in Georgia. I think this is going to be a great year for Austin and he deserves it.

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Jake Gyllenhaal - Centre Stage

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15th April and Jake shows who's boss in an LA park. Stephen stands back and lets his son take centre stage. But something is missing... Lop-eared Atticus is there, and goddamn cute, but Boo? Lots of dogs but all with legs too long for Boo. Is Boo gone?

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Pictures from and the wonderful Stephanie

You're never quite sure of how to pronounce my surname, but never mind

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This weekend, Zodiac at long last came closer to reality for the Old World. A sign of that - JG appeared in the UK's leading 'left-of-centre' paper, The Guardian. Refreshingly, there wasn't a single mention of certain HW actresses, nor of the apparent hardships of kissing a certain Oz actor. For once, the interviewer got their subject and we learnt something new: JG has "grown more confident in the idea that the more I use my intellect, the less happy I am." JG keeps a journal and may write someday, and he chose acting because he wanted to be part of his parents' world. "I watch children now and see how impactful small things are."

Read (by clicking on thumbnails) and celebrate that once again JG has shown us why we're hooked:

If someone can tell me what the photographer has against Jake's chin, I'd be interested...