Sunday, 30 September 2007

Rendition promotion steps up and Jake's get away

Yesterday was, I believe, Press Day for Rendition, which means, hopefully, more interviews may soon be on the way. More clips are also being released. Here is a link to five scenes from Rendition just made available by New Line - the fourth is the infamous 'Pie chart' scene - well, the cleaned up version anyway.

Interview magazine and Jake's duet

Extra TV released a brief video clip of Reese Witherspoon talking about her life with young children and, at the end, there's Jake Gyllenhaal being asked what he thinks about Interview magazine. Jake's asked what his friends think about it, to which he replies that he's not had many calls about it, but Jake thanks the interviewer when she agrees with the magazine that Jake is indeed the hottest bachelor in America. Well, it would certainly be difficult to argue with her.

Talking of Interview magazine, this magazine contained some of the finest pictures I've seen of Jake in some time - but one new picture released from the shoot is, for me, one of the very worst. It looks like Jake's been airbrushed with a mop. But striking a better note, the magazine has hidden away in it a thank you to Jake's photographer Mark Seliger, who says: '"What I like about Jake is that he's got a fun, gentle side,"... The pair even took time to harmonize on what Seliger describes as "a pretty C-minus version" of John Prine's "Angel From Montgomery."' How I wish a recording of that may come to light some day! Thanks to a good friend for letting me know.

Jake leaves a party with Charlie's Angels

When Jake left a private party in LA on 28 September, he had to suffer the unpleasantness of paps climbing over the bonnet of his car and flashing their cameras in his eyes. Jake's multi-tasking powers are legendary - manouevering car doors, dogs, coffee all at the same time - but it seems unfair to be expected to drive with people hurling themselves in front of you while blinding you with cameras. Having spent more hours in my car over the last week than should be allowed by European law, I can only marvel at the comfort and cleanliness of Jake's car (I wonder if he gets someone to wash it). I'm not surprised that a blanket protects the back seat from Atticus' muddy paws.

And finally

A reminder that tomorrow is the day when Rendition receives a special screening in LA, accompanied by a question and answer session with Gavin Hood, screenwriter Kelley Sane and actor Omar Metwally.

Includes pictures from IHJ.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Jake back in the UK! On Jonathan Ross 12 October

We've been talking about it, we've been hoping for it - how we've been hoping for it - and today we find out it's really going to happen: Jake Gyllenhaal is on Jonathan Ross on October 12. Aside from the fact that, in my opinion, JR is the best chat show on British TV and Jake, surely better than any other actor, will be able to match each of the jabs, this means that Jake is coming back to the UK! .... I feel quite faint....

The surreal side of all this is that Jake is appearing on the same show as Jordan and Peter. I don't believe Jake will come all this way for just one show either, so who knows what other TV/radio Jake will do.

Brothers may film in Boston

Brothers becomes more of an imminent reality with each passing week. Besides the rumours concerning the identity of the actress, we now have confirmation that filming is to begin soon. The task is to find a suitable place in which to do it. Screenwriter David Benioff has revealed that Boston is a favourite: '“I was just talking about where we’re going to shoot the movie and Massachusetts is one of the possibilties,” he said. “The other possible place is New Mexico. But everyone would rather come to Boston than New Mexico. Sorry, New Mexico.” “Brothers” is scheduled to start shooting in November and we hear the director, Jim Sheridan, has already been in town scouting locations.'

Rendition in Rome on 21 October

Thanks to Xenia, we know now that Rendition will play at the Rome International Film Festival on 21 October. The viewing will take place at the Sala Sante Cecilia theatre and there are rumours that Reese, and possibly, Jake will be there. Are we seeing the signs of a Jake Gyllenhaal European Tour?

Pictures from IHJ.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Mischa Barton to play between Brothers Jake and Tobey?

You may well remember the BAFTAs in 2006 - Jake Gyllenhaal certainly will because he received the recognition he deserved for Jack Twist and flew home with a BAFTA award on the seat next to him. Another person who had a good time that night was Mischa Barton - she didn't get an award, instead she got Jake's phone number - arguably award enough. She was seen to do a little dance afterwards and her crush was all over the media in the following days.

One 'source' told a reporter, 'Mischa hopes to work with Jake one day.' Well, maybe she's not only an extremely lucky Londoner (yes, that was a surprise to me too), she may be a seer because there's a rumour that Mischa is to play the woman in the middle of Brothers Jake and Tobey Maguire.

According to a poster on IMDB (and no doubt we all have our own assessment of the accuracy of IMDB reports), 'she was at the toronto film festival and she was talking about her new movie closing the ring and than she said her next movies were a movie called finding tatu where she plays a lesbian and another movie with bruce willis ( cant remember the name) and than she said she looking foward to be filming the new movie brothers with tobey and jake this november. She said she will be playing a mother and a wife. Her husband goes to war. She thinks her husband is dead and she falls in love with his brother. or something like that.'

Whenever I post a photograph of an actress, I pick a picture of the wrong actress (with the notable exception of Maggie). I trust that I am correct here with these pictures of Mischa in London from Just Jared. I'm detecting a London theme tonight...

Rome Film Festival

Another day, another festival. This time it's Rome, which was set up last year to rival Venice. Rendition will be an attraction at the festival next month.

Includes pictures from IHJ.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Jake: 'It just gets better with time'

Today is another good day to be a Gyllenhaalic - this is true, I know, of almost every day, but today is special because we have more new pictures of Jake and we also get the chance to hear his voice in an audio snippet from the Interview Magazine interview. But first thing's first, yesterday Jake was seen leaving restaurant Joan's on Third. Among the things to note are: great t-shirt/sweater combo (which almost mirrors the Interview cover look - see below), a jampacked wallet (no doubt full of expired library cards like mine), fine Nike, and a beautiful expression.

We're like a fine aged Balsamic Vinaigrette

Interview Magazine has now updated their website, replacing a naked Mariah Carey with Jake, who stares out of the cover, almost pulling you back in there with him, with the most extraordinary eyes. In addition to slightly different versions of the photos, there is an audio snippet from Jake's interview with David Fincher. This is a very affectionate conversation with both completely at ease with the other, and playful. Both David and Jake happily compare their relationship to a fine aged balsamic vinaigrette that can only get better with the years. This is a very brief extract from the interview, but it amused me to hear David call Rendition Jake's 'Torture Movie' and to hear Jake say that not only does he like mud, he also likes swamps. The audio clip is also available to download from I Heart Jake.

The website also reveals that for the 'chopper' picture Jake was wearing a t-shirt by Flexible Fit Calvin Klein Underwear, jeans by John Varvatos and boots by Costume National. Incidentally, James Perse designed the much appreciated t-shirt from the bike photograph. An advertiser's dream.

Eating with the Gyllenhaals - A Guide to LA's Restaurants (continued)

Following on from Jake's vinaigrette reference, it seems only appropos to take a look at two more restaurants in LA recently frequented by Jake. The first is Joan on Thirds, which not only looks beautiful, its sweets include a full range of tempting cupcakes. Alternatively, one could visit diner Fred 62 where Jake was also spotted this week. Looking at this menu is not a good idea when you haven't eaten all day like me.

Rendition to show at the Middle East International Film Festival

October 14 will be the opening night of the inaugural Middle East International Film Festival, taking place in Abu Dhabi. Rendition is among the festival's highlights, as is Heath Ledger's I'm Not There.

Includes pictures from IHJ, Buzzfoto and Flickr.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Brokeback musical to go ahead (sigh) - Rendition, Zodiac, Batman in London and Arcade Who?

Earlier this summer, the first rumours appeared concerning the possibility of Brokeback Mountain being converted into a musical. The idea didn't go down well here - I remember someone talking about throwing fruit, another talked of picket lines and someone else even mentioned Kalashnikov rifles. So I'd prepare to duck if I were you, because today the New York Daily News reported the musical is to go ahead.

'"Brokeback Mountain" writer Annie Proulx has given the go-ahead to an opera based on her story about two gay cowboys, we hear. Fellow Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Wuorinen will compose. Producer Beckett Swede, whose Future Music has mounted Gordon Getty's operas, is also creating "Popra: Famous for 15 Minutes ... My Years With Andy Warhol," written by former Warhol superstar Ultra Violet.' The idea of Jack Twist (played by someone other than Jake Gyllenhaal) sitting outside his pup tent, staring down at Ennis' camp fire, all the time singing to the sheep and coyotes, is enough to make my blood curdle.

A chance to listen to Gavin, Kelley and Omar

So while I calm down from that particular unwelcome thought, here is a happier idea. If you live anywhere near LA, on Monday 1 October at 7pm you can go along to the Wadsworth Theater on Wilshire and for a mere $20 listen to Gavin Hood, supersexy screenwriter Kelley Sane (slight Toronto bias, I'm afraid), and the handsome and kind Omar Metwally discuss Rendition in Reeltalk with Stephen Farber.

More radiant Zodiac reviews

I hope you will forgive me for continuing to post the excellent reviews of one of my all time favourite films, Zodiac. Today, DVD Times made a fuss of Zodiac and harped back to two recent reviews of this superb film. The first, by Michael Mackenzie, says: 'the film ends up being portrayed primarily from the point of view of Graysmith, portrayed here by Jake Gyllenhaal, who gives the cartoonist turned amateur sleuth a likeable bumbling quality that gradually gives way to a steely determination and obsessive resolve to solve the case. Graysmith is inexperienced and in way over his head, and Gyllenhaal ably conveys his growing obsession. The character is often the butt of his colleagues' jokes, but the script never portrays him as a fool or stoops to laughing at his expense. The rest of the cast are equally impressive, in particular Mark Ruffalo, who literally loses himself in the role of the flamboyant Inspector Toschi... Zodiac is a top-notch film, one of the best of 2007, and potentially Fincher's best work to date.'

The other review, by Richard Booth, says: ' For the first time in years Fincher is prepared to take a step back from the camera and let his characters breathe, and allow the story to find its own rhythm. Whilst the film is certainly a long one, it is well paced and satisfyingly edited. Details have undoubtedly been squeezed around the narrative in the name of poetic license, but apparently the significant details remain. It appears to be a very authoritative account of the sprawling case... Well written with wonderfully assured yet unshowy direction from Fincher (not to mention gorgeous period design and some of the most appealing cinematography I've seen from the digital Viper FilmStream cameras), it is one of the best produced films of the year so far. Recommended.'

It's interesting that DVD Times reports that there are problems with the R2 picture quality. I have yet to see any of the R2 edition (I have just watched the documentary) so I can't comment. I will do when I have had a good look: 'The Warner Region 2 disc of Zodiac has been much criticised for its poor picture quality. Paramount’s Region 1 release appears to be better although I haven’t seen the R2 myself. Colours throughout are gorgeous, fully realising the muted colour palate used by the cinematographer. The level of grain is just right and there’s loads of detail. However, the bad news is the distracting shimmering which afflicts some daytime sequences, particularly the panning shots across the city landscape. There’s even some edge-enhancement in places.'

Jake and Arcade Fire

Jake was seen at another event at the Hollywood Bowl during the last week. On this occasion, Jake was spotted sinking into his seat and plugging his ears to the music of Arcade Fire. 'Jake Gyllenhaal, taking in an Arcade Fire concert at the Hollywood Bowl. The actor, incognito in a baseball cap and hooded sweatshirt, bobbed his head to the music but had to take cover when the noise got too loud, plugging his ears as the crowd cheered, says a fellow concertgoer. Also rocking out: Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster, who were escorted in by security halfway through the show, and new Emmy winner James Spader.' So, who knows anything about Arcade Fire? The picture below is of Jake watching Gnarls Berkley at ACL last summer with Lance Armstrong because there are no pictures, as yet?, of this event.

And finally

I learned today that the filming of The Dark Knight had moved to London (well, I'm there every single day and I've not seen them yet...) but the information came as a footnote to an awful story - a special effects guy was killed on set.

I think that if Maggie (and/or Heath) is filming in London, and I have no idea if these scenes involve her, then her little brother should get over here too. It's good to be supportive and Maggie could probably do with a babysitter.

Includes pictures from IHJ.

Monday, 24 September 2007

All is well, it's UK Zodiac DVD day and Jake quotes Shakespeare

Today is a Monday and what has made it many times more bearable for me today has been the UK release of the Zodiac DVD. I'm delighted to say that the release has been accompanied by a plethora of standing ovations in the press, perhaps supporting the view that this is a film well suited for the small screen. I do agree that this is a good film to watch within the comfort of your own sofa or chair and with supplies to hand. That way, you can enjoy every perfect minute of what is surely the film of the year - well, tied for first, I have seen Rendition after all.

Here are some quotes from the press that have accompanied the release. Philip Horne in the Telegraph: 'Graysmith, his San Francisco Chronicle colleague Paul Avery (Robert Downey Jr), and David Toschi (Mark Ruffalo), the investigating policeman, try to make sense of the chaotic, hellish fixation that the taunting, elusive Zodiac entices them into – a paranoid universe of maddening leads and spooky red herrings. This film full of facts, codes, puzzles and, increasingly, fear, puts in perspective the 21st-century CSI or House forensic model of scientific adequacy. Here, people are fallible, jurisdictions compete, evidence is transmitted by snail mail. In this imperfect world, "Just because you can't prove it, doesn't mean it's not true." Paradoxically, the very-1970s Zodiac was shot on the Viper camera system, yielding a digital image of "almost unbearable sharpness" (Fincher). Zodiac's story is twisted and painful, but this "good movie" is so exhilarating I didn't want it to stop.'

The IndieLondon: 'David Fincher serves notice of why he continues to be regarded as one of the boldest, darkest and most fascinating directors of the moment with Zodiac, a gripping account of one of America’s biggest unsolved crimes... Fincher’s film works as both a riveting police procedural and an intriguing insight into the emotional toll of crime on the people investigating it... Gyllenhaal, for his part, has to wait for the film’s focus to fall on him given that his cartoonist begins as a hopelessly shy loner who follows the case’s progress from the sidelines. But once given the opportunity, the actor skillfully shows how it became an obsession that placed both his sanity and marriage at risk...There’s also a keen sense of time and place (San Francisco is particularly well shot) and a very nice nod to Don Siegel’s ’70s masterpiece Dirty Harry, whose villain was based on the Zodiac... It’s for these reasons – and several more – that Fincher’s film emerges as one of the finest American releases of the year so far. It’s essential viewing.'

I bought the DVD today and I can confirm that the half-hour special is the UK ITV4 special from earlier this year. I think this is well worth having - if only because of Jake with tousled hair wearing a purple t-shirt.

Someone please make Jake do Shakespeare

Jake's done it again - we've seen him pose like a Praxiteles Apollo or Hermes (woodchopper) - and now he's quoting Shakespeare. Jake has become an intoxicating mix of sex appeal and classical reference, possibly a good reason for why he is so alluring. With thanks to UV for locating the link, here is an interview with Jake from TIFF, in which he flaps his arms to keep at bay the heat surrounding him (I would have thought he would be used to that by now), pulls the plug on the slightest hint of a personal question and gives us, almost modestly, a line from The Merchant of Venice: 'I fear you speak upon the rack where men enforced do speak anything.' I can only beg Trevor Nunn and any other director with a bit of clout to get Jake onto a Shakespearean stage prompto.

Odds and sods

It seems that Jake spent Sunday evening watching our old friend Rufus Wainwright sing Judy Garland at the Hollywood Bowl. Speaking as someone who has seen Rufus dressed as Judy - in tux jacket and black fishnets - I can imagine that this was some night on a stage full of memories. Thanks to a WDW reader and others elsewhere, it appears that Jake was with his father, unofficial godmother Jamie Lee Curtis and a certain cap with a Big Red B on it.

Thanks to WDW reader Michele for uncovering the other talent behind Jake's public event style - twins Clare and Nina Allen - the other talent being, of course, the incredible material they have to work with, Jake himself. Looking around, the twins are everywhere, advising and dressing Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst and many more, as well as being friends of Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. Judging by Jake's appearances at the Baftas, Cannes and Toronto, they do a fine and, I think you may agree with me, enviable job.

Includes pictures from IHJ.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Jake looking fine in LA (22 September) and Heath frames

Jake Gyllenhaal was seen leaving restaurant Ammo in West Hollywood on Saturday with a young lady, looking every bit the part of an actor engaged in publicity for his new film. It's not that often we see him out of jeans - if you see what I mean. According to the source, 'The pair also grabbed dinner together at 50’s style diner Fred 62’s on Thursday night. Actress Erika Christiansen was also reportedly at his table, but she was with some other guy.' Might as well speculate... is Erika a candidate for Brothers?

Heath Frames

The other day a wonderful and quirky photo emerged of Jake wearing Mike Stipe's glasses for the Futurepicenter photographic calendar. Well, now it's Heath Ledger's turn. On 21 September, Heath modelled Heath Frames in his own inimitable way - but the frames weren't stripey.

And finally

Can it hurt to repost these two pictures? I think not - but in which order?

Pictures from Just Jared, Futurepicenter and Interview Magazine.