Friday, 28 June 2013

A new poster and trailer for Prisoners and Jake Gyllenhaal drops out of Mississippi Grind

The good news this week comes in the shape of a second trailer for Prisoners (via Rope of Silicon) and a poster (via IHJ) that would look good on any wall... (see below)

But brace yourselves - there is some less than good news in Gyllendom today. Jake Gyllenhaal is now not Mississippi bound. His place in Mississippi Grind, which seemed so sure, is now taken by Ryan Reynolds - more details here. This is a big surprise because Jake wasn't just set to act in the film, he was also down to produce it, with filming due to start any day. In fact, filming was supposed to have begun in the spring. Clearly, something wasn't right. Does Jake have something else planned for the summer? Or is he biding his time, planning new projects, while he waits to promote An Enemy and Prisoners later this year. It's unlikely that Into the Woods will take much of Jake's time so we must and see what happens. It is a disappointment.

Talking of An Enemy and Prisoners, the speculation has begun about the content for this season's festivals. With thanks to a commentor for the tip, Hitfix predicts that Prisoners and An Enemy will both feature at Venice (28 August - 7 September) even though they are expected to appear at Toronto (5 - 15 September). Films, actors and directors can and do appear at both festivals, as we know from Brokeback for example.  Playlist adds that An Enemy is expected to have a Venice premiere. Whereas Venice's rules insist that films must premiere at the festival, Toronto is less rigid, again supporting the speculation that both could show at Venice and Toronto. It certainly looks as if both could show in Toronto so the question is will they, and Jake, first make an appearance in Venice?

Buzz surrounds Jake for writers - the author of Revenge Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger, is keen to see Jake work with Anne Hathaway if her sequel to Devil Wears Prada grows movie wings. “Jake Gyllenhaal!” the 36-year-old tells Magic FM. “I love him and I love Anne and Jake’s on-screen chemistry." No doubt about that at all.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Into the Woods gets a release date, Maggie promotes White House Down and a WDW Jane Austen Interlude

All is quiet in the land of Jake Gyllendom following the excitement of the award shows a week ago. Jake is back in NYC where he has been enjoying the sunshine on bike and on foot. The paps have been just a step or two behind. The confirmations continue that Jake is indeed signed up to the Disney musical Into the Woods, alongside his End of Watch co-star, the extremely overloaded with talent Anna Kendrick. The film also has a release date for the US - 25 December 2014. What a Chrimbo present! Thanks very much to IHJ for the photos!

Maggie, meanwhile, has been busy promoting White House Down which opens in the US next week (and in the UK on the distant 6 September). The film is, of course, directed by a man with many Gyllenhaalinks - Roland Emmerich.

WDW Jane Austen Interlude

Last week, we took a trip into the beautiful countryside of Hampshire to take a look at the village of Chawton, the home of Jane Austen, the place in which she wrote Pride and Prejudice. It's a stunning house, a modest home for a rector's family, filled with memories. It's also full of evocative objects - lace crafted by Jane, her tiny table at which she wrote, her  treasured objects and those of her family, her handmade gifts to nieces. Dresses of the day are recreated and the rooms look as Jane would have known them. The village itself is gorgeous, with the picture postcard cottages almost on top of one another. You can almost imagine the talk going on behind windows, in gardens, on country walks and at balls that fills these wonderful novels.

In the village churchyard, you can pay your respects to Jane's sister and mother. Jane is buried in Winchester Cathedral.

Next to the church is the grand Chawton House that was owned by Jane's brother. No doubt Jane would have attended balls here just as Elizabeth Bennett did in her local grand house, very possibly based upon this one.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

UPDATED UPDATE! Jake Gyllenhaal, a giraffe, Jeff Bridges and the Big Lebowski

Tony's Updates:

Updated update updated! here, as we all hoped, is Jake presenting at the Guy's Choice awards wearing a very cunning disguise.... Thanks so much,. Stephanie!

Updated update! With huge thanks to IHJ here are the videos of Jake on stage and backstage last night.

Here's a video of Jake arriving at the Tony's last night. Hopefully there will be more - updates and updated updates will be updated!

On with the post...

It is a truth universally acknowledge that Gyllenhaalics spend a considerable amount of their time giving Jake tips about the hair on his head and face. It would seem that he is more in need of our advice than ever.

But no. Jake hasn't been mixing miracle hair growth powders in his milk, nor was he snapped on the way to do the schoolrun (an activity undertaken by 98% of people in their pyjamas), he was presenting Jeff  Bridges with his Original Dude Award at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards held in LA yesterday. Jake was in a cunning disguise as Jeff's famous creation the Big Lebowski. I don't know about you but I was fooled for a while. The awards will air on Spike TV on Wednesday. This is one routine, I am desperate to see!

I think the giraffe is a nice touch. I might be wrong but I think this is the first time I've ever posted a photo of Jake in a wig with no trousers on next to a giraffe.

Jake didn't scrub up to be photographed with the giraffe but he did for Amy Adams.

Thanks to IHJ for the great pics! There are more there.

But it's back to NYC for Jake now, to present at the Tony Awards tonight. His seat is waiting for him. The post will be updated tomorrow with photos from that event. Even if Jake wears his smartest suit, it might be hardfor the Tony's to top the giraffe. Photo source.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal to present at Sunday's Tony's and a WDW London Interlude

If There Is.... might not have qualified for consideration for the prestigious Tony Awards, it being off Broadway and all, but that won't stop Jake Gyllenhaal from making an appearance! Jake has been announced as one of the award presenters along with a veritable array of stars from stage and screen. One could mention Zachary Quinto and Sigourney Weaver, for example. Also there will be Jake's End of Watch co-star Anna Kendrick. All in all a fun, starry event. More details here.

Thanks to IHJ for the photo from If There Is...

WDW London Interlude

Summer arrived this week and so I took a day off to head up to London, the City in particular. The main purpose was to revisit the Temple Church, an extraordinary 12th-century church, built by and for the Knights Templar. Interred within is perhaps the most famous of all medieval knights, William Marshal (the left effigy in the third photo below, that is his son William on the right). This is a figure who has fascinated me all my life and the visit was inspired by reading two novels about the Marshal which I reviewed for For Winter Nights. The church is round because it is modelled on the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, reaching which was the glorious ambition of these knights.

Otherwise, the day was filled with a long walk along both sides of the River, taking in the evolving architecture of the City of London.

London through the ages!