Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year and all best wishes as WDW closes its bar doors

Happy New Year!

After a great deal of thought, much of it rather emotional, I've come to the conclusion that it is now time for Wet Dark and Wild to close its doors. Much has happened during the nigh on eight years that I have been blogging here and it has been a truly magical and significant part of my life. I have met so many of you, as well as Jake (who has always been admirably gracious and kind to me, making dreams sparkle), and have travelled to a fair few countries on the hunt for adventures. From the BAFTAS back in London in 2007, to Cannes, Toronto, Rome, Berlin and to premieres and other events in Britain, I count myself the most fortunate of all bloggers.

It has been a delight to spend so much time with you all. I am grateful to everyone for reading and supporting WDW, through the busy times and the quiet times. I know that many of the original readers and friends have moved on - if you see this I hope you are all well and happy, and thank you! - and missing you is a big part of why now I think it is time to close the bar doors.

I'm not able to spend as much time blogging here as I would wish and it's been too brilliant a place for me to let it fade away to nothing. I'm still a proud Gyllenhaalic and I see glories ahead in his future, maybe even an Oscar in 2015?! A nomination at least, I hope. If Jake comes over to these shores again, I'll be there, trying to edge my way to the front as normal. Hoping to see some of you there, too.

I've had such a wonderful time here over the years and I'm so sad to say goodbye. I think it will be very hard for me in the coming days and weeks. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a bit teary now. Not surprisingly really, as running WDW has been one of the best and most satisfying things I have done in my entire life. I wouldn't dream of deleting the blog - there are riches in the WDW archives so do dive in! I know I will. Who knows? I may pop back. Never say never again as someone once said. And I can always be found on Twitter if you want to say hello. I will always be Wetdarkandwild.

So, let's go back to where it all started for me...

With love, goodbye and thank you

Kate x

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