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Update! Jake on Conan. Jake Gyllenhaal talks about the role that has changed his life and much, much more!

** Updated! Jake on Conan **

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Hot on the heels of the announcement that Jake Gyllenhaal may turn next to Prisoners with Hugh Jackman (see previous post), and the news that End of Watch did win the top prize at the weekend US box office, is a fantastic new interview in USA today. It's one of those classic interviews that comes along, once or twice a movie. And as with each film, Jake likes to tell us why he chose the role of Officer Taylor in End of Watch, a role that he says he fought for.

'" I woke up and I said, 'I've had the privilege of being able to do this for 15 years.' I got so far away from the idea of acting as a real craft to master. I didn't want to skirt the surface in it. I wanted to learn about myself," says Gyllenhaal, who earned a supporting-actor Oscar nomination for 2005's Brokeback Mountain. "I wanted to interact with people doing real stuff and have it enrich my life. I wanted to have my work enrich my life and have a life that I was proud of. Not to say I wasn't proud of it before. There were a lot of things. Many things dominoed into that moment."'

His End of Watch co-star Michael Pena has some wonderful things to say about Jake and about working with him: '"He's a complicated dude, to be honest. He's really, really smart. He can be goofy at times, but his mind is always going, going, going," says Pena. "He goes on these epic jogs. He called me up and said, 'Let's go for a run.' And there's paparazzi shots of us. He's running all stealth and all you see is me dying. Meanwhile, Jake is like, 'Whatever.' "... During the Watch shoot, Pena recalls how Gyllenhaal would step in and help him navigate difficult scenes. "Good things happen to those who are in movies with Jake. He's proud of that fact. He's pretty selfless in that regard, and he wants you to kill it," says Pena. "There were a couple of times I wasn't doing very well, he'd pull me aside and tell me, 'Dude, do you remember that thing you did in rehearsal? Do that.' His motivation comes from a good place."'

The play: '"Honestly, I love waking up in the morning knowing that I'll be on stage and feel like you're part of this history of storytelling. I walk home every night," he says with a smile.'

Clearly, there is nothing more important in Jake's life than his family: '"We have a new generation. My sister and I aren't the youngest ones anymore. All those things came together in my life," Gyllenhaal says. "It's really cool to see my niece now because she really helps out. There's this video that Peter sent me the other day. My older niece was playing with my younger niece. She would turn around and surprise her, and my younger niece was so in love with her. It gave me a perspective on how much I probably felt the same way about my sister, and I do still. That stuff never goes away."''

'Gyllenhaal babysits, but not as much as he probably should. " I was in L.A. for the premiere, and they were all together here last night. My niece is a little sick right now because she just started school again. I felt really torn -- maybe I'm a bit of a mess, but there's this family in this movie that I didn't want to leave and I was talking to my family on the phone and thinking how much I missed them and loved them and wanted to be with them. I watched Brave on the plane on my way to Los Angeles, and all I could think about was my niece because that's her favorite movie," he says.'

"I did this movie October Sky with Chris Cooper. When I asked him for his actorly advice, he said, 'Just don't have any regrets.' I don't think I had any understanding of what that meant until very recently.This is one of the very first movies where I can say that I have very little regret. I've combed every corner. And that was for me," he says.'

There is much more so do take a look.

The lovely Anna Kendrick has also been speaking to IGN about acting with Jake and the 'day in the life' aspect of the filming: 'It certainly created one of the most interesting atmospheres on set that I’ve ever experienced. One in which you were never really sure if you were being filmed or not, so it was weirdly liberating and challenging at the same time, in this wonderful way where you were in character for 12 hours a day. The only time we weren’t holding hands, snuggling or whatever the scene called for was at lunch. If there was ever a point that we realized that every other camera was re-loading then Jake or Michael would grab the handheld and we would just film something. Jake would pull me aside and he would grab the handheld camera and start doing something, and then David would notice that we were in the corner and come over and start filming, and we wouldn’t have noticed for a solid 5 minutes that they’d been filming us, until Dave yells out ‘kiss her!’'

'It was interesting for me because it was one of those weird life imitating art situations where all of my rehearsals were with just Jake. So I’ve met Mike (Peña) and I’ve met Natalie (Martinez), but I didn’t know them well at all, so when I came to set it really felt like my new boyfriend introducing me to his good friends. And the three of them were already really close so I really had that feeling of wanting to prove that I was strong enough to be a part of this family, but then also being overwhelmed by the bond that they had. In a healthy way, I was a little envious of the relationship Jake had with Mike, and the relationship that he has with everybody on the police force. Realizing again and again, and again through every scene just what it means to be a police officer, what it means to be a police officers wife.'

On achieving the believable intimacy with Jake: 'I really followed his lead on that. I’m really glad that he was so open and giving on that end, just like somebody who wants to reach inside you and rip you open in this really incredible way. He was so deep in the shit by the time that I got there that he was completely mentally there all day every day. So when I showed up and he was holding my hand the entire time I was like ‘this is weird right?’; but I think that’s exactly why that relationship is believable in such a short amount of screen time.' Much more here.

Thanks so much to BBMISwear for the scans and to IHJ for the End of Watch pics.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Updated! Jake set for Prisoners? End of Watch ties for top of the US box office and Jake Gyllenhaal on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and much, much more


A new project is on the cards! Variety reports that Jake may soon be appearing as a police office again on the big screens in Prisoners alongside Hugh Jackman and Melissa Leo.

'Discussions are ongoing, and if the deal closes, Gyllenhaal would join Hugh Jackman and Melissa Leo with Denis Villeneuve ("Incendies") helming. Script, penned by Aaron Guzikowski, revolves around a small-town carpenter whose young daughter and best friend are kidnapped. After the cops fail to find them, he takes the law into his own hands, but in the process runs up against the big-city detective assigned to the case.

Alcon toppers Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson are producing, along with 8:38 Productions' Kira Davis and Madhouse Entertainment's Adam Kolbrenner. Ed McDonnell and John Stark exec produce.

Production is scheduled to begin in early 2013. Alcon is targeting a Fall 2013 release through its output deal with Warner Bros. Gyllenhaal caught wind of the project after Villeneuve mentioned it while the two were filming indie thriller "An Enemy." Gyllenhaal had been considering the project for some time but discussions stalled; thesp re-engaged after a recent script polish.'

Thanks very much to good friends at ManMadeMovies for the link!

On with the post!

Congratulations are due to Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena, David Ayer and everyone involved with End of Watch. The film is top of the box office, having tied with Jennifer Lawrence's House at the End of the Street. Perhaps even better than that, End of Watch had the best reviews of the weekend. More details here.

Very fitting, then, for a good news weekend that Jake should appear on the WDW favourite Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. You can watch it below.

The ALMA Awards aired last night having been recorded a few days ago. You can see the relevant bit here.

Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Pena - 2012 Alma Awards by Orlandita02

Jake also appeared on Anderson Live - some videos have been posted from this on the previous post but I love this picture from IHJ. It may have been taken on last week's Talk Like A Pirate Day...

The full show is also now available:

We really do owe Stephanie huge amounts of thanks for all of this hard work.

And finally...

Here is the audio of the Redhands interview, the text of some of which appeared in the last post. Thanks to Susan for the link.

And here is a brief interview with Jake from the LA premiere of the film.

Phew! So much going on but you can bet there will be more...

My review of Dredd is now up at MovieBrit!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Take a bow! If There Is... officially opens as End of Watch is released in the US

Today is the day that End of Watch opens in the US but not happy with that, Jake Gyllenhaal's play If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet officially opened in NYC after a month of previews. To add to the excitement, Jake's End of Watch co-star Michael Pena was there to cheer Jake along.

Luckily the cameras were there too...


There is lots more to catch up on with the release of End of Watch, especially Jake's appearance on Kelly and Michael...

 ... and on Anderson Live


There is an interview here worth taking a look at too. There is more to come on what is one of the busiest weeks of Jake's career. So don't stray far off! Many thanks to IHJ for being so on top of everything.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

UPDATE: Clip from the Play! End of Watch premieres in LA and that means many a heap more video interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal


I am thrilled to add this update! A gloriously long clip of If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. At last not only can we see Jake but now we can hear That Accent!

On with the post...

On Monday, the LA premiere of End of Watch took place and Jake Gyllenhaal and the rest of the cast walked the red carpet, contributing to the mounting buzz for the film. Arnie Schwarzenegger was also there to give it the Governator stamp.

The premiere serves as a welcome distraction from the shocking news that Jake admitted to Ryan Seacrest -  he wouldn't say no to the Shades of Grey role should he be offered it. There's a bit more about that in this video:

I'm surprised that the internet hasn't exploded the amount of videos that there are out there featuring Jake discussing End of Watch and/or If There Is... I don't want WDW to explode and so I'll just post a few more.

Thanks to IHJ for the pics! There are many more there.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal on breakfast TV and at the ALMA awards in California - and a WDW historic Interlude

It's been a busy weekend for Jake Gyllenhaal what with appearing in plays, on TV, at award shows and at press junkets. It's quite likely that he will have upped his calorie intake to compensate. And so, some more videos and images for your delectation.

Firstly, Jake appeared on CBS This Morning this morning.

Last night Jake was back in California for the recording of the ALMA awards at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena. The show will air on NBC next Friday. There are quite a few videos from the ceremony and from the red carpet. There are also some marvellous photos, thanks to IHJ.

There is a new End of Watch featurette...

... which goes well with some other new interviews with Jake.

No doubt, there is more to come!

WDW Interlude

This weekend was a long weekend for me and it included a day out to the stunning Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire. This castle isn't just a castle, it was a palace for royalty. Built in the 12th century and modified throughout the medieval period, it was home to John of Gaunt, brother of Henry IV, and visited by his nephew Henry V. Famously, Elizabeth I was a frequent visitor in the 16th century when it was owned by favourite Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. He's a favourite of mine too - after the visit we popped by Warwick's church to pay our respects to his tomb in the glorious Beauchamp Chapel.

We also popped by the site of the Battle of Edgehill - 1642 - King versus Parliament. This is conveniently located under the beer garden of a pub built within a folly castle dedicated to the battle. Apparently it is on the site of the spot where Charles I planted his standard ahead of the battle.

Despite all the history, there is always time for High Tea...

Friday, 14 September 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal and End of Watch - MEGA CATCH UP!

I hope you're all sitting down comfortably.... then I will begin. You spend a couple of days mostly away from that little flashing box of broadband and what happens? A Gyllenflood of Biblical Proportions. And so, before we all get swept away by the wave, here's a post to hang on to, full of handy floatation devices in the shape of videos, photos, trailers and, most of all, Jake Gyllenhaal being a BUSY BEE!! To start off, Jake was on the Today Show this morning. It's great to see Jake's If There Is Face Pet getting so much airing on TV.

 End of Watch now has a website and doesn't it look lovely? In this image from it, Jake is shown auditioning for the Shades of Grey movie adaptation.

While End of Watch opens in the US on 21 September, we have considerably longer to wait in the UK - 23 November. We came one step closer this week with a UK trailer.


The goodies just keep coming from that dispenser of goodies, TIFF. There are Vanity Fair interviews with the cast of End of Watch, including this non-embeddable one with Jake.

There is another video interview here with GeekNation.


And then there's The Play...

The Roundabout Theatre has released a video about the play which, towards the end, includes an interview with Jake.


There's an audio interview with Jake here too. This video gives us a great look at the scene outside the theatre and it's so good to see Jake spending time with the crowd and posing for photos.


NCLR ALMA Awards Jake and Michael Pena are also among the presenters for the NCLR ALMA Awards which airs nextweekend at 8pm (EST) on NBC. Whether this is a prerecored section or life will be revealed! It sounds like the event will be online afterwards. This on set photo is thanks to Digital Spy.

There is also a fabulous new French poster from Facebook and via IHJ with big thanks for all the hard work in getting everything up for us!

Thanks also to everyone for all the emails and tweets - hugely appreciated! Special thanks to Sheba, BBMISwear and Mermon.

Good luck to any readers seeing the play this weekend!

By the way, Jake has been so busy I haven't been able yet to post the planned Interludes but they are coming in the next day or two so you might want to take cover.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

More End of Watch goodies, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena

Today was to be a rest day for WDW, giving everyone a little time to catch up with all the TIFF goodies, but then these End of Watch portraits were released featuring two stunners: Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena.

A reminder that there are lots of treats in the last few posts so don't let them slip by as we try and keep up with Jake!

A highlight of film promotion is Jake Hamilton, and today we have his interview with Jake and Michael.

This one is also well worth watching:

There are also plenty more videos from Trailer Addict. It's possible some of these have been posted before but sometimes it's hard to keep track of the blighters... Here are a couple: Wedding Dance and Paperwork.

'You've never seen a buddy cop film like this'

Do take a look at this excellent review of End of Watch from ign uk

And finally...

Confirmation that the LA premiere of End of Watch is on 17 September comes courtesy of this auction announcement for ACLU from charity buzz. Unfortunately, the auction is now closed.

Many thanks to IHJ for the pictures and BBMISwear for help with the links!

Monday, 10 September 2012

End of Watch and Jake Gyllenhaal at TIFF - a video catch up

Yesterday, press followed the triumphant premiere of End of Watch on Saturday night at TIFF. This means videos - a plethora of them. And not only interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal, we have some more clips too from End of Watch. This post, then, is a video catch up.

The clips

Many thanks to IHJ for so many wonderful images from the TIFF weekend.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

End of Watch premieres at TIFF to a standing ovation! And Jake Gyllenhaal did make it back to Toronto after all

It gets better and better. End of Watch received a standing ovation last night as it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Well-received by critics and film-goers alike, the film is collecting some excellent reviews and the buzz builds... Jake Gyllenhaal was also there in the flesh. A rush break from If There Is... to attend the pre-show party with the rest of the End of Watch cast before the screening itself. Jake signed autographs and created some memories and then joined in with the others for a 30-minute Q&A on stage. Much tweeting ensued, many photos were taken. A great evening and what a success for the film!

Many thanks to IHJ for these wonderful images! The photo above was taken at the Grey Goose Vodka Party - to attend a Vodka Party would be a wondrous thing in itself, but a Vodka Party with Jake?

Anna Kendrick tweeted from TIFF last night: 'End of Watch screening was breathtaking; audience response was INTENSE. Congrats to Jake, Michael, David Ayer. I'm proud to be part of it.'

This post will no doubt be added to later today as more images emerge but this is a bit of a recap - an emergency filler. Journalists were tweeting that today they'll be interviewing Jake so it looks as if they'll be more of those interviews we love to watch.

Picture sources: JJ, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter.


As with all reviews, please be aware of spoilers! VarietyHollywood Reporter, Roger EbertVery Aware.

Women on Watch

There is a new featurette for End of End of watch, this time with a different perspective.

I particularly loved this screencap, thanks to IHJ.

If There Is...

Jake's appearance on Kelly and Michael (20 September) has been re-recorded, as we can see.

Right! That's it for the moment but one thing is guaranteed, there will be more! Congratulations to Jake, Michael, David and Anna for last night's brilliant success and let's see what today brings.

Thanks to Mermon for her superhuman twitter spotting!