Thursday, 30 September 2010

LumberJake, CheeseCake Jake, LoveFilm LoveJake and a WDW Filmset Interlude

I hope you're sitting comfortably - we have a lot to get through this evening so no time for slacking, let's get on with it. First off, Jake Gyllenhaal is in New York City today and is he shaven? No. Is he on a train? Yes. 'I just rode the 1 train with Jake Gyllenhaal. Sporting a lumberjack beard.' I think from on, as long as the Face Pet lives, he shall be known as LumberJake. More on The Beard later in the post.

Love and Other Drugs draws slightly nearer and along with it comes more tales of its creation in The Pitt (aka Pittsburgh). Ms Blair recalled this today about her experience on the set of LAOD: '"In the world of extras, it was a step up," she said. She and another woman spent a day with a photographer taking Polaroid photos and wearing early 1990s clothing. She doesn't know where the pictures will be used, but she guessed they could appear as decorations in Ms. Hathaway's apartment. Later, she was an extra in a scene in a North Side cafe, and she spent the entire day sitting near Mr. Gyllenhaal and Ms. Hathaway. That was exciting, but the highlight, she said, was splitting a piece of cheesecake with Mr. Gyllenhaal at a meal that day for the cast and crew. "If nothing comes of it -- if you don't even see me in the movie -- it's totally worth it to have a chance like that," she said.' Source.

At this point I have two points to make - 1) I don't like cheesecake at all but 2) Jake, if you ever need anyone to share a cheesecake with I am willing to make the huge sacrifice of eating as much of it as you don't want because, as a Gyllenhaalic, I am selfless. But just don't offer me an artichoke. I have to draw the line somewhere.

LoveFilm LoveJake

LoveFilm have produced their top ten of Jake and it makes for some interesting reading and you may want to disagree with the choices - or omissions. The ten listed are: City Slickers, Donnie Darko, The Good Girl, The Day After Tomorrow, Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead, Zodiac, Rendition, Brothers, Prince of Persia. Full details here.

Clearly, it is impossible to confine Jake's best movies to a top ten list - and this problem is only going to get worse - BUT, if you have to have a top ten, should it include City Slickers at the cost of Moonlight Mile? And what about October Sky? And where's Bubble Boy and I can hear some people lamenting the rejection of Piilot. There is only one thing for it - don't confine Jake Gyllenhaal to a Top Ten. I'm sure I read that once in a medieval legal scroll.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted this to me today - it's great that you were thinking of me!


The Should Jake Shave poll is closed and the results are in! Please pardon me for a moment while I put on the white coat, protective feet coverings, laser pointy thing and flipchart...

178 people voted - a lot more people than are usually polled for anti-wrinkle cream and catfood surveys as you'll agree. This may come as a surprise to you but it seems most people want the Face Pet ritually slaughtered. To be scientific, 124 people or 69%. This actually came as a surprise to me. I thought it would be slightly higher - 99.9% for example. But 40 people, a whapping great 22% said no, don't shave, Jake!

Obviously, this group requires more detailed study and then it may be revealed that they all hail from the Cult of the Beard and live in the wilds and devour berries and squirrels and wear a belt of leaves around their nether regions. Instead of speaking with voices as we know them they 'caw caw' through the woods and birds and butterflies flock to them as one of their own.

4 voters (2%) cannot decide. Admittedly, if one has to have a beard it could be a lot worse as can be seen here.

An admirable 5% (or 10 voters) haven't even noticed that LumberJake has a beard. This is either a very good thing or a very bad thing, depending on their glasses subscription.

Jake has until Saturday to shave for his New Yorker on stage interview in NYC. He knows our thoughts, now there is nothing to do but wait. At some time the winds will drop, the waves will calm and the moon will shine through unbroken cloud. That time will come, my friends, and then we will look back on the Face Pet Epoch with the wisdom of advancing years and know that we had to go through it to get through to the other shaven side. And we will laugh and we will sing.

Right! That's the preamble over - on with the post!

You might think that most movies are filmed in Hollywood or Pittsburgh - but you would not be correct. Oxford is not just boatraces and gown-wearing students chucking flour, eggs and squid over other gown-wearing students. It has more filmcrews than you can shake a tourist at. I once saw Brad Pitt when I popped out for a sandwich. This week it became apparent that a certain movie may have moved in to town, X-Men - turning back the clocks by 50 years. It was something to do with the cranes, the big white trucks, the security, the catering lorries, the cameras and lights and the radio reports that gave it away. Bleeding Cool had a lot of success yesterday. I got to see them clear up - obviously a vital stage of the shoot.

And so, not having had any success there I went round a few corners, past a few more beautiful old buildings, and suddenly I was on another filmset. This time, Oxford had gone back in time by about 40 years and there was the beautiful, extremely talented and feisty Duffy (in changing coats) shooting her latest video. Having seen An Education film in Oxford it was rather nice seeing its theme singer in the town as well. It all makes a change from Harry Potter and murder mysteries.

Pictures from IHJ and WDW.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Love and Other Drugs London premiere 6 December!

If you live within shouting distance of London and are wondering what to do with yourself on 6 December, you might want to reconsider that early Christmas shopping trip down Oxford Street because I have a better idea. How about popping down to Leicester Square for the Love and Other Drugs London premiere! Details are scarce at this early stage, but it looks as if Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway will indeed be making their way across the pond. It also suggests that the release date of New Year may well stick after all. Good news!

The Love and Other Drugs feature from W has now made it on to the magazine's website with the photograph above - a shame that they have spelled Jake's name wrong though.

A tweet today suggested that Jake may have arrived in London: 'Just seen Jake Gyllenhaal whilst at a client press day! He's looking good!' No mention of the beard and when I ask if he had shaved off his beard, the answer was 'No, he was sporting the same stubble as ever!' I'd hesitate to call Jake's Sasquatch look 'stubble' (unless Jake has shaved just a bit). In fact, by the time of the Love and Other Drugs premiere, Jake could look like this!

Thanks to Gyllenhaalisgr8 for this alarming picture...

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

STOP PRESS! Sasquatch aka Jake Gyllenhaal caught on camera!

You might want to sit down for this post... There is indeed a camera in New York City and it is owned by the champagne people Veuve Clicquot. They snapped Jake 'Man of the Woods' Gyllenhaal at Le Grand Yummy on 24 September and it is worse than we thought!

With mere days until Jake takes to the public stage for his live interview with the New Yorker and Ed Zwick on Saturday, the time may soon be upon us when we will know whether Jake has been letting his hair down for the summer break or if it is indeed for a new role. The suggestions have been coming thick and fast - is Henry VIII the Musical about to become a reality?

People has an account here of Jake at Le Grand Fooding, where the Face Pet did nothing to deter people from being enamoured. I have an admission to make... I think Jake looks rather adorable...

Source. Thanks to Lady Ekster for the heads up!

Monday, 27 September 2010

On the Sasquatch Trail - Jake Gyllenhaal spotted in NYC again

Tonight, we continue to track the Sasquatch. At one time, simply the stuff of traveller's tales, Big Foot (or the Yeti as this mysterious hairy figure is known in colder climes) was a shadowy apparition glimpsed between the trees of dense, mighty forests - a furry flutter caught by the corner of an eye. A figure so in communion with his leafy surroundings that legends grew about his existence while scorn was heaped on those who swore they had seen the Missing Link with their own eyes. But now, possibly due to global warming, the Sasquatch has left his natural habitat and is wandering the streets of New York City. Still, his existence remains a tantalising puzzle, due to the fact that there are no cameras in this great metropolis, but the sightings continue of a figure now known to many by a new urban name, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Last night, Jake Gyllenhaal was observed in Franny's in Brooklyn, where he could no doubt supplement his normal diet of Raccoon and elderberry stew with a lovely piece of marinaded swordfish. The observer tells us: 'Jake gyllenhaal is at franny's tonight!! With a big beard and he smiled at ms honeslty he d not that good looking...' Actually, I must have copied that wrong because I think that says she didn't find him good looking.

Today, Jake was seen by someone else who tells us: 'Jake Gyllenhaal was just at my job. Son had the mean "grizzly adams" beard. Ha!' But, my fellow Sasquatch hunters, there is a hint of good news. This observer tells us Jake was at his job and judging by his Facebook page it appears that that is a beauty product shop!

The problem may be more serious than we thought (even discounting the fact that the 'big and red beard' may be a sign that Jake is about to star in a musical reworking of the life of Henry VIII and his Six Wives). A further report from Le Grand Yummy at the weekend indicates that Jake Gyllenhaal did not queue: 'The Pickle Salad New Yorkese by the chefs from NYC's Torrisi wasn't even feasible unless we wanted to lose life years in line. It should be noted that Jake Gyllenhaal did NOT have to wait in the lines. He, his scruffy beard and Northface backpack went straight up to chefs Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi and got his bite.'

While it is possible that the Sasquatch has not grown up understanding the etiquette of The Queue, as an English gal who most certainly did and doesn't count a day well spent unless it has at least one queue plus a queue argument in it, this is bad news. One can only trust that with The Shaving, Jake will resume old habits and wait in line like the rest of us in order to get his pickles.

Great news about the NorthFace bag though - points for that. Have a lollipop.

Includes pictures by IHJ and Sasquatch spotters.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal - Le Grand Yummy

I have come to the conclusion that there may not be any cameras in New York City. I have to admit that this irrefutable and indisputable deduction did come as something of a surprise to me, but I can see no alternative. Jake Gyllenhaal continues his quest to eat at every restaurant, milkbar and cafe in the entire city and still no photographs. Not a sausage. This is despite numerous sightings. On Friday for instance, no doubt inspired by my own experiences at the Foodie Festival in Oxford the other week, Jake was seen at Le Grand Fooding event - 'Le Grand Yummy'.

The tweets continue a worrying trend and theme, which I think you'll pick up on: 'Sittin next to jake gyllenhaal right now. He looks like a lumberjack.'

'Uhh Jake Gyllenhaal (sp?) is here. He has grown a beard and looks manly.'

And the pièce de résistance: 'Jake gyllenhall at the foodie show at PS1. Big red beard!'

On Saturday Jake was seen at an Italian restaurant: 'Jake Gyllenhaal at Robertas in Bushwick tonight. No body guards or shades just a full beard. Was friendly.'

Someone else also saw Jake in Bushwick: 'just saw jake brokeback mountain gyllenhall!!! full beard but yet so handsome!! bushwick brooklyn.'

So.... to sum up, Big Applers should be looking out for a very hungry Jake Gyllenhaal with a big red beard looking like a friendly, manly lumberjack. How can you miss him?

Judging by the poll, the vast majority of Gyllenhaalics - or at least the ones who have noticed that Jake has a beard - want the face pet removed and ritually buried.

Princess of Persia

Gemma Arterton is continuing her takeover of the movie world but she pops up in this positive review of the 'delicious' Blu-ray: 'Arterton, while preferring her arthouse movies, had a great time playing a Middle Eastern princess in 500 A.D., with Jake Gyllenhaal appearing as the prince of the title. "I still enjoy the spectacle -- and that film in particular," Arterton says in an interview. "I was sort of sad that it didn't do well at the box office because I thought it was actually kind of original and it was beautifully shot and it was a different world and it deserved to do better than it did. Who knows why it didn't do as well as it should have?"'

Who knows indeed, but the dollars continue to roll in from the DVD/Blu-ray and, speaking for myself, I have come to love this film so much, when I watch it now, with it still looking glorious on my own TV set, I can almost feel the sun and sand on my face. And I take umbrage at certain people who say that they don't see Jake as 'leading man material'. Watching Jake Gyllenhaal on the big screen, you need to use more than your eyes.

Includes pictures from IHJ.

Friday, 24 September 2010

'Hey Lisa!' Exclusive WDW report from a Love and Other Drugs screening with Ed Zwick - and Ed talks LAOD: It's more than a RomCom

One of the many, many aspects of WDW that I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years is when we can all share in an adventure and there have been quite a few. Today we have another. You may have heard that a movie called Love and Other Drugs is on the way, surrounded by an increasingly deafening buzz of anticipation, not to mention the scent of that well-known cologne Oscar Fever. Last night, our very own BBMISwear was able to attend an early screening of the film in Boston - also there was Edward Zwick, the director. Lisa has written a non-spoilery report of her evening for us. And so.... let us transport ourselves to a full Boston theatre, humming with the excitement of the prospect of seeing Love and Other Drugs... Here's our invitation.

'The theater was full - of course. There was applause at the end and the little I heard of people talking after it seemed everyone only had good things to say. Ed came in and said he does not like to talk too much about a film before it has been seen as he feels the film should speak for itself. He then went on to discuss how the drug industry has changed so much over the years and many here (at the screening) may not remember back when it was illegal to advertise pharmacutical drugs but it was and therefore there were a lot less of them in our medicine cabinets, again, for those here that are of the age to remember (side note - I'm one of those people)! He said that that is not what this film is about but he thought it was important to know this fact. He said the film is about so much more than the pharmaceutical drug business - that it is about the relationships of people and the actors take us from moment to moment. He said that all involved in this film found it very important to do show us moment to moment. (heavy stuff)!'

Some details about the film... 'The film is just a little short of 2 hours long. There's been talk of this film being sometime in the mid-90's but just to clarify it opens with the date 1996 clearly on the screen so the audience knows exactly when it took place. The film is absolutely incredible. I honestly have never seen a movie before that had laugh out loud parts AND close to tears heart breaking parts AND incredibly hot sex scenes! All this with 2 incredible A-List actors...we just don't get movies that have all this but this one does and Ed Zwick did one helluva job bring this all to life!!'

'I don't know how much to say about the film without giving too many spoilers...Jake and Anne are everything people have been saying...their performances are killer and they look so damn comfortable together you would think they are really a couple. The sex scenes are out of this world and OMG Jake is truly the most sexy person alive (yes, we already knew this...but it is 1000% confirmed after seeing this movie)!!! He says Lisa 6 times in this movie *thud*'

'There are scenes that did not make it (as with every film) but one specifically that is in the trailer and one specifically we saw "on set photos" of. Damn. I hate missing scenes. I want to see every single scene they filmed! There is also a scene in the trailer that is a little different in the film (they obviously included the more PG rated clip here instead of the real clip that appears in the movie that makes it R and so much better). This is 2 seconds of different footage that only a Gyllenhaalic will pick up on...ha ha! Oh...and something us Gyllenhaalics will LOVE. Jake is in every single scene. Every single solitary scene (except maybe some weird transition scene once or twice for 10 seconds). Seriously. His is the first voice we hear and the first face we see and it lasts through to the last scene. I freaking love that. I never want to watch a Jake film again where we don't see him in every scene.!! I love Ed Zwick right now!!'

'One thing about Jake's character Jamie Randall (who by the way I am officially madly in love with...damn) is he is all over the board when it comes to personality see this character grow right in front of our eyes and it's wonderful. And I saw a little of each past Jake character in Jamie. I know that's easy for a true Gyllenhaalic to do because we watch all his movies over and over but I clearly saw Homer in October Sky, Donnie in DD, Pilot in Highway, Sam in TDAT, Jack, Douglass, Tommy, etc. - seriously - those 3 second zoom ins of those expressions of his and you see these other characters and you see Jamie develop over the course of his and Maggie's time together and Jesus I just don't know how to put this into words. And Annie, BTW, is by far the most talented, prettiest, sweetest actresses of her generation and beyond and I hope she gets everything she deserves. We all knew this already as well but, again, confirmed and then some after one views this film!!'

A big big thank you to BBMISwear for taking the time to write all this down for us and make it come alive. This is going to be something special.

Ed Zwick is not a director that puts himself forward but Love and Other Drugs is a film that he cares deeply for (as you'll see below) and so he is on the road to tell people what this film is about, what type of movie it is, and how he worked with two extraordinary actors. Yesterday he was interviewed by FilmGordon Radio on Keeping it Real. You can listen to the interview as part of this podcast. Here are the pertinent sections which, yet again, demonstrates how well Jake chooses his directors. It's not all one way.

On how the film was initially marketed (before the arrival of the second much more favoured trailer) 'I think the first piece of material that came out on the film was a little traditional. It said oh might have thought maybe it's just a romantic comedy, a chick's film and I think that probably what you found is it's more than that.'

'[Anne's] smoking in the movie and you know both of them have done very good work. Annie has taken particular risks in these last couple of years with the stuff she's done and I think each of them show parts of themselves that people really had never seen. I mean Jake is just dead out funny and she's really really badass and it's a pretty combustible combination between the two of them.'

Is the film like Love Story? 'No, you're some of the first to really see the movie... obviously that movie was fun because it was a date movie. It was a little bit syrupy for my tastes. I'd like to think this movie's a little bit hipper and funnier but I can understand what they're saying. It moves you romantically and tries to talk about a romance in a way that's kind of intimate. I get it.'

The dialogue seemed so natural, almost as if they were adlibbing. Was this because of the screenplay or because of the chemistry between actors who were friends, having worked together before? 'It is the script because without that if you'd ever met actors in private I think you'll know they're not quite as charming and clever as that [laughs]! These two happen to be very smart, very funny, warm people and so it's a combination. It's the me getting to know them, them getting to understand my work, I'll start to write a little bit more in their voices, if you will, and it all sort of becomes one thing. It all coalesces. You spend a couple of weeks rehearsing together and then this is what you end up with.'

Is Love and Other Drugs the pharmaceutical version of Jerry Maguire. 'That's a great movie you're talking about. Cameron Crowe is a friend of mine and the idea that you're trying to make a movie that talks about what work is and at the same time where love fits in to that that's a subject that we all deal with in our lives.;

'I care about [LAOD]. We've played this movie now in Kansas City, Missouri, in DC, Atlanta, in Chicago - it plays just as well in any of the places that we do it and that's usually a signal that we've touched something that people are going to respond to. I'm hopeful.'

Ed has won an Oscar as a producer but he hasn't been nominated as a director - which role means more? 'As a director... I think, I'll tell you the truth, I think people don't quite understand what it is to try to make yourself invisible. The reason that so many actors that I've worked with have been nominated and won, the reason that the movies have gotten attention, is that I've chosen not to put myself out there in front of the movies. I think when I'm doing my best work is when people don't even realise that there's a director there. I think that's the hardest thing to do. I think it's actually easier to be self-conscious and to call attention to this unbelievably cool shot, and this very outrageous experimental attempt to do something. God knows I could do that. I choose not to. I really think that the reason we go to the movies is to be involved in a story and to really get involved in the performances and I think that's why these actors want to work with me, because they know that's what they're going to get.And it's OK. You know, I think I get plenty of attention. We all know that awards are what they are and then we've forgotten that they took place. So the fact that I'm able to keep making movies and making movies that I want to make with these extraordinary, talented people, that's plenty of an award.'

'Directing is the love because you're really painting the picture and when you're producing, you're buying all the paints and choosing all the colours and setting up the easel but somebody else is painting the picture and I really love to be the one who's actually painting the picture... I can't lie, it is about directing. It always has been.'

How viagra changed the world: 'That was the moment that it all changed. Before that, the FDA wouldn't allow you to advertise. They changed their policy and suddenly every commercial, every second commercial was a drug to buy and they set upon millions of dolloars in to it and people were telling their doctors what they wanted and suddenly all of our medicine cabinets filled up with more and more drugs and the world changed. And this was the moment when that happened. And I wanted to remind people that it wasn't always like that and then it changed.'

Is the film finished? 'That's the final print. That's the movie. We're done. And if we get some pushback from the pharmaceutical industry... you know what? If you're not pissing somebody off you're doing something wrong.' Finalyl, Ed suggests that he might be doing something with DiCaprio in the future but 'he takes a while, I take a while'.

I have warmed to Ed, as I have done with most of Jake's directors.

And finally...

It's great to see the votes coming in on The Sasquatch Poll. And just as well because the matter is not losing its urgency. Jake was seen yesterday at the Momofuku Milk Bar (a rather alien concet for this neck of the woods) in NYC and he was 'a VERY bearded Jake gyllenhaal'. Worrying emphasis, I'm sure you'll agree. An upside is that, as you can see from the website, they have very nice straws.

Includes pictures from BBMISwear and IHJ. Thanks Lisa!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Love and Other Drugs to open AFI Fest! PoP DVD is No 1! Jake Gyllenhaal goes into a subway!

I don't want to shock everyone but there's actually some news in this post. Not the news that 94% of all WDW readers are waiting to hear - that Jake Gyllenhaal has shaved off his 'Face Pet' - but it's almost as good as that and there's more than one bit of it. Firstly, it's just been announced that Love and Other Drugs is to open the AFI (American Film Institute) Fest in LA on 4 November. Rather nicely, Jake's previous co-star Natalie Portman's film Black Swan will close the Fest.

''Ed Zwick and Darren Aronofsky honor us by premiering their films at AFI FEST,” said Bob Gazzale, President and CEO of the American Film Institute. ”As alumni of the AFI Conservatory, both men symbolize a perfect fusion of the Institute’s national mandate to educate the next generation of storytellers and to honor the artists and their work.” David Lynch, who serves as the festival’s Guest Artistic Director, is also a graduate of the AFI Conservatory.'

'“AFI is where it began for me, and where I return as often as possible, to teach and to learn,” said Edward Zwick. “I’m honored to open the festival, and to join Darren, David, and so many alumni for whom this marks a kind of coming home.” “As an alumnus of the AFI Conservatory, it’s always a thrill to partake in the wonderful festival AFI puts on,” said Darren Aronofsky. “The fact that we get to show at my favorite theater in the world, the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, adds to the honor.”'

It's been quite a while since we've seen one of Jake's films at a festival, let alone opening one and this is quite an honour. It can also do nothing but contribute to the Oscar buzz and general excitement surrounding the release of Love and Other Drugs - at least in the US. Beyond those shores there's still not much thought being given to it as yet. Please may that change, oh Fox.

News No 2

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was a huge international success but in American theatres it did relatively poorly. However, today comes the news that the DVD and Blu-Ray release has completely trounced all of its competition. As the Hollywood Reporter... er... reports 'According to Nielsen VideoScan sales data, "Prince" sold nearly twice as many copies its first week in stores as its nearest competitor, Summit Entertainment's "Letters to Juliet," which debuted at No. 2 on the First Alert sales chart.'

Prince of Persia has topped the DVD, the Blu-ray and the rental charts this week meaning that more than a lot of people are enjoying Jake Gyllenhaal and Dastan in their homes. It's a great thought and something for the critics to notice although many of them probably won't. I think I should make it clear that, accidentally, I did buy two copies.

News No 3

Jake Gyllenhaal got on the NYC subway today.

He was seen going into a subway station and was reported as looking hot despite the accompanying beard. I rather like the sound of Jake making his way about a city just like everybody else and I should point out that we have a very good public transportation system in Oxford - brand new doubledeckers on most routes - that is just waiting for Jake to test it.

You may have noticed that a new poll has appeared on the right of the home page - this is the result of the issue that is dividing Gyllendom to an extent not seen since Hatgate of 2009. At the close of this poll, Jake will be left in no doubt as to what he should do with his ever-increasing facial fuzz.

News today was unexpected and so I must put away my laser pointer, flipchart and white coat until tomorrow. Until then, some more transportation photos.

Includes pictures from IHJ.