Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 - a review! As another GyllenYear comes to an end and another one begins

The end of another year and, as usual, I don't want to leave it without a brief look at some of its highlights before we move on to the next and we can start working out in which event Jake Gyllenhaal will be competing in the London Olympics.

It's not been the busiest of years - one film to promote and another to make. But when Jake and Duncan Jones went on the road with Source Code we were spoiled with goodies. Duncan an his partner Ro blogged their way through the tour which saw them travel across the US before moving on to some of the capital cities of Europe. That meant one extra bonus - more of Jake's fans, including quite a few from here, were able to see Jake face to face and hyperventilate. In April, a few of us had tickets for the gala in Berlin, which meant we not only saw Jake but could also consume big glassfuls of fine German beer. Result.

Also in the early months of 2011, Jake was whisked off to Iceland by Bear Grylls. Despite the promise of lazy hot days on volcanic beaches, one of the biggest snow storms of the year hit the place and instead Jake had to inch his way across ravines on thin ropes, dismember rotten sheep and cross icy rivers. What we could see through the blizzard looked very frightening and it's no wonder that Jake went to Hawaii later in the year. Much more sensible. Note there's been no more talk of walruses this winter.

A probable highlight for Jake in a non-worky sense was his Railroad Revival Tour with Mumford and Sons. They travelled across a number of states in character train carriages, performing as they went. Jake earned his keep, of course, accompanying the band on trumpet and accordion during the very loud bits. Apparently, Jake wasn't expecting to travel with them and so had to wear one set of clothes for the trip. This was to serve as great training for later in the year.

There have been times over the last year when Jake has been virtually indistinguishable from the Yeti. In fact, several sightings of the Sasquatch may have been Jake Gyllenhaal. It's not known if he succeeded in imitating any other mythical beasts but this may be an indication of how good he is at it. Nevertheless, the sasquatch look had to go and Big Foot Jake was replaced by Baldy Jake for the summer.

End of Watch took up most of Jake's summer, which meant daily photos of Jake looking identical in a police officer uniform with a shiny head, with or without Michael Pena. Added interest came from photos of Jake and Anna Kendrick looking like they may have eloped - with the entire filmcrew - to Las Vegas. But, alas, these things often on't last.

For much of the last third of the year, Jake has been living quietly, moving between LA and NYC. With the exception of local film festivals, Jake has mostly been seen keeping up his calorie intake in restaurants and cafes and then working them off at Soul Cycle.

We have had glimpses of Jake through the year, largely because of his enthusiastic work for good causes - New Eyes for the Needy and Edible Schoolyard have been just two charities that Jake has been an active figurehead for over 2011.

Recent months may have been a time of reflection (he did take up wearing glasses after all) - Jake gave up his manager and there appears to be little lined up movie-wise on the horizon. That we know of. Jake's continued interest in the world of movies is shown, though, by his selection for the jury of the Berlin Film Festival in February 2012. It's not known yet when End of Watch will be released. However, what is certain is that 2012 will be a fascinating time as we watch and see what Jake will do next as he embarks on his second decade of keeping us all entertained.

I must thank you all, new and old friends, for reading WDW and for keeping me company over 2011 during a year that has had its very busy moments and its very quiet. I'm particularly thrilled that I got the chance to meet more of you in person in the spring. Thank you to everyone who sent me their own stories and photos from meeting Jake and for any emails that have made looking after WDW much easier.

And so I wish us all, including Jake, Maggie and Peter, a wonderful, healthy and happy 2012!

Includes pictures by me, Flickr, and the lovely IHJ.

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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal, cakes, sandwiches, yucky stuff, cocktails and Source Code

There are few sightings of Jake Gyllenhaal that could strike me with as much fear and dread as the one that featured in this week's US Weekly: 'Jake Gyllenhaal cleaning up after himself after eating a peanut butter jelly donut at Bowery Coffee in NYC'. Speaking as someone who is not only allergic to donuts but also has a pathological hatred of peanuts, butter and jelly, I think you can get a small inkling of my shock at Jake's consumption of this so-called 'treat'. I do, however, like coffee.

It's doubly shocking then to read an article about Source Code which compares the film to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Personally, I see it more as a chocolate fondant, or at least something with marshmallows in it. In order to redress the balance after tales of fearsome cakes and snacks, it's extremely heartening to be able to post a picture of a cocktail that the Dutch in NYC makes for Jake and where he has been spotted in tweets. Thanks to BBMISwear for finding this and to BolsGeneva for sharing it.

As awards season approaches, do take a look at the Source Code feature 'For Your Consideration ' over at ManMadeMovies.

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Monday, 26 December 2011

A belated Merry Christmas and a GyllenCatchUp

A belated Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you!

It is now the day after the day before and I hope you're still able to move your stomachs. No doubt this post catches you eating the last of your veggie turkey and wringing the last few drops out of your festive whiskey. Either that or you're down the shops buying toasters and cameras. Jake Gyllenhaal, however, has been up to his usual tricks of flying around and eating, not necessarily at the same time.

Perez Hilton was sent a photo of Jake with his old friend Adam Levine at the Mustard Seed Cafe in Los Feliz, LA, apparently taken on 21 December (but probably taken before Jake's birthday). This would mean that Jake was in NYC for his birthday on 19 December, flew back to LA for a day or two, and then was back to the East Coast in time for a number of sightings on 24 December, not to mention the holidays themselves. However, if there's one person who's not going to let something like a continent get in the way of a good meal it's Jake Gyllenhaal.

On 24 December, Jake was seen queuing up at Liquiteria in NYC. Apparently, this isn't another name for an Off Licence (UK) or Liquor Store (US) but a place that sells cleansing liquids, and not for the car or windows either. The same day Jake was spotted at a regular haunt, the wonderful fish specialists Russ and Daughters. Caviar as a Christmas starter perhaps?

I want to take this opportunity to thank IHeartJake for all their continued hardwork over 2011 and all the other years. They have just managed the feat of getting all the Source Code images up and for that they deserve an extra helping of Christmas Pud. There are also a few new on-set photos from Brokeback Mountain.

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Jake 'Lumberjack Chic' Gyllenhaal's 31st birthday and WDW's Florence Interlude

Jake Gyllenhaal is back in NYC. On average he spends 2.375 days in LA for every 16.816 days in NYC, earning enough airmiles that in 2018 he will be able to travel to the International Space Station and test its nosh in person. Meanwhile, there have been a few details on how Jake spent his 31st birthday on Monday. Unlike last year, it wasn't spent scuba diving with walruses in Arctic waters.

This time, Jake burnt off some calories at SoulCycle in Union Square before heading off to the Peter Luger steakhouse in Brooklyn, where he was joined by his family and Love and Other Drugs mate Oliver Platt. Apparently, the steakhouse is better at steak than cakes because Jake's mum Naomi had to bring her own along. Jake blew out the candles at the bar while dressed in 'lumberjack chic' (aka Sasquatch Swank). More details at the New York Post. It would appear Jake's vegan phase may be in hiatus.

Despite the Lumberjack Chic, or maybe because of it, Jake has made InStyle's list of the twenty Most Stylish Men in 2011. You can find him at No 11. Jake fared even higher in the poll of most stylish man in green trousers.

Picture thanks to IHJ.

WDW Florence Interlude

I'm delighted to inform you that the myriad of Florence photos have been sorted, a selection of which can now be put in front of you. I advise that these photos are best viewed while scoffing a pizza and indulging in a drop of something red. But to be forewarned, the first pic is me on the Ponte Vecchio, a mere stone's throw from the largest bunch of ice-creams I've ever seen (second to last photo). The David in the photos is not the original. This copy stands on the site where the original use to be, just by the Uffizi (second photo), before it was moved to the Accademia a short distance away.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Happy birthday Jake! And Jake Gyllenhaal joins Mike Leigh's Berlin Film Festival Jury

Time to get the bunting out! Today is Jake Gyllenhaal's 31st birthday, which not only means he'll get a luxurious shave (I may be making that bit up), a new pair of trousers (and that bit too) and a big piece of chocolate cake, but he gets some pressies. While some people may get a DVD of a movie for their birthdays, Jake gets a whole film festival.

Deadline announced today that Jake has been selected for the jury of the Berlin Film Festival (9-19 February), beside the president Mike Leigh. Clearly, Jake enjoyed meeting me and friends so much in Berlin back in April this year that he can't wait to go back to the city. Jake put in the hours for fun at the New York Film Festival earlier this autumn so it's good he got some practice in - he will sit through an enormous number of films and eat such quantities of popcorn that he may have to get back to the Prince of Persia regime pronto.

It's worth pointing out that Jake may be unaware at this stage of the Berlin Film Festival rules which dictate that 'jury members cannot wear green trousers tucked into their boots, nor can they be unshaven.' Rules 16 and 24, I believe.

Have a wonderful birthday, Jake! Cheers!

Includes pictures from IHJ.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal back at the Medical Center as TrouserGate continues...

Jake Gyllenhaal was back on duty at the Beverly Hills Medical Center on 16 December. This was in response to concerns that he needs to be detached surgically from his Green Trousers and have the trouser legs forcibly untucked from inside his shoes. I hear that it's touch and go and time is running out before Jake's birthday tomorrow. Will he be free from the Green Trousers and safely back in The Jeans before he tucks into his trifle and jelly tomorrow? Watch this space.

Please note how I made no comment about birthday suits...

Thanks to IHJ for the new photos - there are more there.

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Applause greets End of Watch's test screening, out and about with Jake and WDW's Tuscan Interlude continues

It's one of those good old days when we have a bit of catching up to do with Jake Gyllenhaal. Firstly, End of Watch has had its initial test screening and, thanks to Mermon, we know a little bit about it. One of the lucky people who was there couldn't give much away, as you'd imagine having had to sign umpteen bits of paper, but she did say that there was applause at the end and that it was: 'a mix of Harsh Times, Drive, Cops, and Training Day. Very emotional, funny, and realistic.' Sounds great! And it also sounds nearer...

Thanks to Twitter we also know that Jake was back at Edible Schoolyard this month. A photo has been released of Jake with Edible Schoolyard founder Alice Waters and a bunch of schoolkids who are reaping the benefits of this project.

On 13 December Jake attended a Kanye West and Jay-Z concert in LA where apparently the two stars sang one track ten times. The picture below is courtesy of Jake Weird. There is more information on the star-glittery occasion at the Staples Center here.

While Source Code didn't make the Golden Globes list for some reason known only to single cell organisms, there has been a bit of love for Jake's films this week. As the new Sherlock Holmes film opens, the San Francisco Chronicle has been ruminating on some of Robert Downey Jr's other top movies, including Zodiac. I always enjoying seeing this, quite possibly my favourite of Jake's movies, receiving some love and recognition. Den of Geek has been reflecting on the significance of Source Code for Jake's and Duncan Jones' career and Source Code was among the top 11 films of the year for the Sun-Times. As the year's end draws ever nearer, I am sure there will be more lists with a Jake film on them.

We do like so see Jake in the polls, especially the more outlandish ones. Jake's name makes an appearance in the latest poll from British Airways in which 'Madonna, Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Salma Hayek and Matthew Fox emerged as the top celebrities to spend Christmas with'. Obviously, Jake's a good cook - double bonus - and I'm quite sure he's not above a spot of washing up. It seems appropriate to post another photo of Airport Jake (and Airport Jake Fashion), thanks to IHJ.

WDW Italian Interlude Part 2!

I regret to inform you that the WDW Italian Interlude continues. This time it features Lucca - a beautiful walled Tuscan town which is built on the footprint of a Roman settlement - and Fiesole - a small hilltop town outisde Florence with the most wonderful Roman and Etruscan remains, including a theatre complete with vomitorium. Essential for bad theatre, I'm sure you'll agree.

Lucca's main square isn't square, it's round and that's because it was originally the Roman amphitheatre. When we were there it was taken over by a film crew that seemed to spend an awful amount of time not doing very much (and seemed to follow us around like a bad penny). Trees grow on towers in Lucca.

Fiesole sits high in the clouds, making it a very atmospheric sport for some Roman drama, followed by a dip in the bathhouse.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal's back in LA, a video tribute to the troops and a WDW Pisan Interlude

I'm back! And it's not just me who's had the wandering bug this week. As I was flying back from Italy, Jake Gyllenhaal was also in the air, but he was flying back from NYC to LAX and, by the look of it, meteorologically speaking, it was a wise and sunny decision. Many thanks to IHJ for photos of Jake arriving at the airport - still not having untucked his trousers from his shoes - and then leaving Murakami Sushi in Hollywood.

Jake has also given the Face Pet its first official appearance in a video Tribute to the Troops, a timely reminder that not everyone is able to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones.

It is great to see Jake in a public role again.

WDW Italian Interlude Part 1!

We had a wonderful trip to Italy, not least because of chianti, Michelangelo, beautiful architecture (leaning or otherwise) and great rivers with bridges to match. It didn't hurt that it was a good 10 degrees centigrade warmer there too. It would obviously be hugely amiss if I didn't throw a few photos your way although not wanting to overdo it, I thought I'd be geographical about it and start with some Pisa. Having said that, though, here is me with one of Florence's most famous and shiny residents.

It's a miracle I have photos of the Leaning Tower - my camera has a rather annoying habit of autocorrecting Towers that Lean...

You'll be 'glad' to hear that there are more to come! Thanks to Mr WDW for a couple of the pics...