Sunday, 31 January 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal at Jamie Foxx's pre-Grammy bash

You may recall from my earlier post today, that I've been comparing Jake Gyllenhaal to London Buses. Well, the coincidence is getting spooky. For the third time in one day, Jake has popped up again, this time having fun with good mate Jamie Foxx. I think they've just spotted Ron Howard.

This Sunday, the Grammy Awards take place at the Staples Center in LA, and Jamie Foxx is up for three of them, including best R&B performance and best R&B song for Blame It. To celebrate, Jamie held a party at l'Ermitage Hotel in LA on Friday night and Blame It video star Jake Gyllenhaal came along. Apparently, the party had to move from the hotel rooftop because, strangely, it went past 11pm and people were still having fun.

Many thanks to IHJ for keeping track of Jake today!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

[Update] Jake Gyllenhaal leaving a family dinner and back with a smile at the Medical Center, 29 January

[Updated] Sometimes Jake is like a London bus - you don't see him for weeks and then there's a whole bunch of Jake on the same day. Here is Jake Gyllenhaal leaving a 'family' dinner last night. Source. Thanks to Silver for the heads up! Here's hoping another one will come along soon...

Updated again! Many thanks to IHJ for these! More pictures from Jake leaving the dinner last night. This top one should be accomanied by flashing Chest Hair hazard lights.

Could this be Naomi behind Jake?

On with the post!

Thank heavens for the Beverly Hills Medical Center - just when Jake Gyllenhaal senses that we are missing him almost too much to bear, he pops back to the Center. So, not only does he make us happy, he also manages to put in some extra hours at the Center before he has to go off and do his other job. Looking good, Jake!

You can see the video here, which demonstrates just what questions one should not call out in the street. But Jake is cool, smiley and relaxed throughout. Many thanks to IHJ for the pictures -they are the perfect antidote to a dodgy encounter with a slab of vegan gluten-free banana cake.

A couple of days before, 27 January, Maggie Gyllenhaal was seen at the same Medical Center - maybe she was dropping off Jake's packed lunch.

I think this parking lot has a special reduced parking rate for paps, with a mug of tea and a bacon butty thrown in, judging by the number of paps who hang out here.

Pictures from IHJ and here.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal's Holden Caulfield - 'The Malcolm X of white suburban boys'

Today it was announced that JD Salinger has died, at the grand old age of 91. I may have had the feeling while reading it that Catcher in the Rye was not aimed at me - I never suffered the growing pains of a teenage boy after all (well, not in the first person anyway). But it was a book that I have read, my partner has read, my family has read and many of my friends have read. Also, it is a book that this chap called Jake Gyllenhaal has read. This book has influenced across age groups, genders, borders, oceans. It's not always been put to the best of use - I'm a John Lennon fan - but it will continue to be read, making the reader think about, and reassess, how they fit into their own world. It made me afraid a little.

So, here is Jake talking about Catcher in the Rye to Chelsea Clinton for Interview.

'CC: Right. Well, speaking of reading, are you reading anything interesting? JG: I happen to be rereading my favorite book, [J.D. Salinger's] Franny and Zooey. Have you read that book? CC: I have. Have you also read The Catcher in the Rye? JG: Of course. Many times, actually. CC: How old were you when you first read it? JG: I think I was 12. We went on a family vacation to Hawaii, and my sister gave it to me for Christmas, and I remember I couldn't put it down. You know, my production company is called Nine Stories Productions, which is an homage to J.D. Salinger's book of short stories. After The Catcher in the Rye I read everything he wrote. And now I'm back on another kick, reading them all again.'

'CC: Are you finding different lessons in them now than you did when you were younger? JG: I think now I have an appreciation of the specific more than the broad--the ideas, the sort of Buddhism that pervades all of Salinger's work. You know, I think it's genius that J.D. Salinger doesn't want anybody to make a movie of his book, because there's no way anyone can play it. it is what it is to everybody. I've met many people who actually dislike it. Especially some women I know. CC: Really? Why? In protest of the--and here I will try to shield those who haven't had the good fortune to read it yet--various tools Holden uses in his night of self-discovery? JG: I don't want to be gender-specific, and I hate separating male from female, but I do think that male angst, especially in an adolescent boy's life, is very specific. I think girls moving into womanhood go through it earlier and in a somewhat different way. So by the time they're the age where boys start going through it, they've sort of already gone through it, and some people just don't relate.'

'CC: That's interesting. I don't think I've ever encountered anyone who has a vehement dislike for the book. I know people who don't like it as much as I would have anticipated they would, but I've never had the benefit of having to defend why I like it. It's a special experience to read it when you are at the age Holden is in the book. I had to read it in high school, and it really compelled me and my friends to think about where we were in our lives. JG: Mm-hmm.'

'CC: I would encourage people to read it in the hope that maybe it would have a similar inspirational effect. Did you feel Holden Caulfield-esque while you were making The Good Girl? Do you even agree with your character's interpretation [of the book]? JG: There's something about him that makes me think he's only read that one book. He's so lost that he just sort of takes on this "Holden" persona because he understands it's universal. There's a funny line in the movie where [Jennifer Aniston's character] says to my character, "Your name's Tom?" And he says, "Tom is my slave name. Holden's what I call myself." CC: [laughs] I remember that part. JG: The Malcolm X of white suburban boys.'

Later on, during the promotion of Jarhead, Jake reiterated his affection for the works of Salinger: 'Q: What's your favourite book? JG: JD Salinger's Franny And Zooey. Q: What about Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye? Your character in 2002's The Good Girl was obsessed with it. JG: I've read that many times. I went on a family vacation to Hawaii when I was 12 and my sister [actress Maggie Gyllenhaal] gave it to me for Christmas. I couldn't put it down. My production company is called Nine Stories Productions, a homage to Salinger's book of short stories.'

And here 'Jake professes his fondness for J.D. Salinger's novel. ('It was actually the first book I related to when I was young.')' Jake's mother Naomi has also said that she reads Franny and Zooey, 'my favorite book in the world', every five years.

Of course, Jake starred in The Good Girl not only with Jennifer Aniston but also with Zooey Deschanel, who was named after the Salinger character in Franny and Zooey. Jake's character in This Is Our Youth also reminded more than one critic of Holden Caulfield.

Some influences get everywhere.

Includes pictures from IHJ.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Smooching and smoochers - the Selfridges kissing list celebrates Jack and Ennis while Anne is to announce the Oscar noms

Valentines Day is still quite a way off - although so is Easter and the shops are already full of chocolate bunnies and cadbury creme eggs (not that I'm complaining about those). Nevertheless, kissing booths seem to be springing up all over the capital in order to pour warmth and sunshine into the hearts and lips of Londoners. To mark the opening of Selfridges' very own kissing booth, the world famous easy-to-get-lost-in store has announced its top ten kisses of the Noughties. And number three on the list is a kiss shared by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. Now that does warm the heart.

Number one is, I'm sorry to say, Madonna and Britney's out to shock while failing miserably MTV awards snog. The runner up is that revolting upside down rainy kiss in Spider-Man. You can see the rest of the list here and they're an odd bunch.

Apparently, the factor these kissing booths have in common is that if you don't fancy kissing your own chum, you can pucker up with a Victorian gent or lady on a red couch. There are added benefits - at the Tabernacle booth, your kiss is appraised and you are given a list of ways in which you can improve your technique. Very romantic. But at the Selfridges kissing booth you get a glass of gin. Hmmm, let me think a moment while I make up my mind.

The run up to the Oscars feels like it lasts at least a year and we haven't even had the nominations yet. But that will change next Tuesday (2 February) when they will be announced by none other than Jake's regular co-star and his very own Love and Other Drugs smoocher Anne Hathaway. As you'll read, the Oscars have been put back a couple of weeks to make way for the Winter Olympics. That way stars can win awards and still compete in the luge.

Includes pictures from IHJ.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Brothers DVD out 23 March and Jordan Mechner on how cool it was to see Jake Gyllenhaal in costume

For all those people who despair that they may never be able to see Brothers on a big screen, thanks to a weird distribution strategy in some countries, the good news is that the DVD and Blu-ray already has a release date and it's not long away at all - 23 March. For those outside the US, time to ensure you have a multiregion player, if you haven't already (region doesn't matter for Blu-Ray).

'The DVD and Blu-ray disc contain numerous bonus materials that include two featurettes plus a director commentary'. Shame that there's no actors' commentary, but I know what will make up for that - several deleted showering scenes, a deleted love scene between Tommy and Grace and the 'Let's Teach Jake to Ice Skate' blooper real.

Jordan Mechner talks more Prince of Persia

We have more this week from the Prince of Persia junket held a few days ago. Here is another 20-minute interview with PoP creator Jordan Mechner (in which questions were given over the phone and read out to him). Jordan mostly covers the challenges of turning a game into a movie, how the Sands of Time game had all the ingredients to make a good film, and his involvement in the game, the movie and in the future of the franchise.

And in another interview from that day with Jordan: 'Q: In your mind, what are some of the key defining moments of Sands of Time? JMJ That would be the action scenes. Action remains a key part of the Prince of Persia series so we put in lots of amazing fighting stunts that the Prince can do in the game into the film, but at the same time (we) grounded it in realism. We wanted the movie to be ­totally believable and authentic; this is also why we shot so many scenes on location in Morocco and several other similar spots. The action sequences are simply ­stunning and I find it hard to believe that these are being done by real people.'

'Q: Can you think of any memorable moments during the filming of the movie? JM: One of the coolest moments for me was seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in costume as the prince — he looks so much like the character I created for the game. Then one time, Jake handed me the Dagger of Time after the cameras stopped rolling, and although it was just a prop, I ­imagined that it really could stop, reverse and slow down time like it can in the game. I felt like wielding the dagger to see if it would really work (laughs).'

Want to stand out by that red carpet?

It doesn't take a deep understanding of the sands of time to know that the Prince of Persia is getting nearer. Now may be the time you want to plan ahead for your outfit for opening day. I have some suggestions for you and yours. I'm looking forward to seeing which ones my PoP viewing companions will pick...

For more formal evening attire, may I suggest this?

I think it's probably safer to borrow one of these...

And finally...

Maggie and Peter were among the many stars who attended Radiohead's Haiti fundraising concert on Sunday night on Hollywood. How the boys have come on since I used to see them play in small clubs and pubs in our hometown.

Includes pictures from IHJ and from links.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal talks Brothers - 'I hope you don't mind but I get really animated!' And the PoP Giant 3D poster book! And more...

I'm glad to say that the release of Brothers has attracted some attention in Jim Sheridan's homeland. We've heard some bits and pieces from the press day in NYC and since then we've been given the odd Jake sentence, pulled out of nowhere. But the pieces come together and today we have more. Apart from some familiar quotes about working with the kids in prisons and about being mistaken for Tobey Maguire, but we get some fun preamble and the source for some of those lines that have been floating round the net. And keeping playful Jake company are signs of that earnest Jake who's been told he thinks too much. Here are some of the bits that are new to me. I do like the beginning...

'JG: “[Waving his hands around] Hi! I hope you don't mind but I get really animated!” Q: Not at all, go for it. And what was with your look? JG: “You mean in the movie, or in reality? Sorry, I have no concept of the difference between movies and reality!”'

'Q: Well, have you seen the movie? JG: “Yes, Twilight. God, I loved that movie! (Laughs) No, I was just saying that, because it's the thing of the moment! Yeah, I'm up on stuff. But what did you want to know?”'

'Q: What attracted you to Brothers? JG: “The director Jim Sheridan attracted me. He's made some of the most extraordinary movies, and gotten the most extraordinary performance out of actors - more than many of the directors working today. And his inherent trust in me, as an actor - six weeks to work with someone as extraordinary as him is like a godsend.”'

Q: So how did the theme of this film resonate with you? JG: “Which one? Sleeping with your brother's wife?!” Q: The brother thing. JG: “Wow...Well, I don't have a brother. Thank god! I do have a brother-in-law now, But that would be weird, because...anyway! Themes...I think that we all have a great ability to move towards our impulses. Anger, or violence. And I'll just speak for myself, I think inherently as a man, there are things that come up about what you want to do, and what you should do. But then to me, this movie is about forgiveness, ultimately. And about somebody who does something unbelievable. You know, to get back to the thing that they love. And to me, I just feel that's what life is all about. If you have something that you love and you care for, then I would hope that anyone would do anything to get back to that. No matter what. And the complications of what has to be done are unfathomable. Like it won't compute in any logical sense, of even storytelling. Because Tobey's character is put in a position where there is no right choice.”'

'Q: What do you feel about the war theme of Brothers and that this country is sending more soldiers to Afghanistan, even as we speak? JG: “Well do you want to talk about the movie, or do you want to talk about current politics? Because I hate hearing actors talk about politics! But if you want to hear me talk about politics, then we can have that discussion.” Q: Yes, I'd like to know how you feel. JG: “Well, to be honest - because I haven't been, before this moment! - to be clear, I would like to say that I think there's a tendency for journalists to want to corner a movie like this into a certain...corner! And in this movie, it's hard to separate the soldier, from the life that a soldier lives, you know? Like if you see a man in uniform, then the movie is about war, and the movie is about a man getting to get back to the things he loves, in my opinion. I've made movies about war. So I feel like I can say that. And I've answered many, many questions about that before, you know?“'

'Q: So you have finished wrapping on Prince of Persia - how difficult or gruelling a production was that for you? JG: “It wasn’t difficult at all.” Q: Really? Putting on all that weight and running around like crazy wasn’t gruelling? JG: “Well it was long - we shot for a long time. I guess putting on the weight for Persia was challenging. Doing all that physical activity and doing all that physical work to get into a part is a certain type of challenge but I had to do it and I did it.” Q: Is it going to be weird having little action figures of you out in the summer? JG: “It’s great, in fact it’s awesome! I can’t wait.”'

Source: You can read their Jim Sheridan interview here.

This line is definintely one of my favourites: 'I think there's a tendency for journalists to want to corner a movie like this into a certain...corner!' And when Jake says it's awesome that thousands of kids (and certain bloggers) will be playing with mini Jakes this summer, you just know he means it. I also sense that after two movies in a row which have led to questions on war and politics, Jake'll be ready for Prince of Persia. Unless he is asked about the relative advantages of battle on horseback versus battling on an ostrich.

Talking of the Prince... Thanks to Silver for the heads up that is now taking orders for the Prince of Persia Amazing 3D Never Seen Before Poster Book! It features a giant 3D poster and a collection of stickers. Giant.... 3D..... Jake. And all for £3.99. I knew those 3D Avatar glasses would come in handy.

Update: How about a jigsaw puzzle?

The PoP figures are now available to order from various outlets, including here in the US and in the UK.

And finally

A lovely picture of Maggie and Ramona enjoying an LA winter's day at the Melrose Flea Market in Hollywood yesterday (Sunday), as sightings continue of Jake around and about in Berkeley.

Includes pictures from IHJ and links.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Be On Your Guard! Don't underestimate the Shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal Yoga Peril

I am deeply concerned about the good people of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco - Jake Gyllenhaal has been seen doing yoga shirtless in your vicinty. Obviously this is no joking matter. Not only does it mean that a yoga bug will hit these areas (think New Year Resolutions time in your own gym and multiply the effect 1000 fold), leading to overcrowding of biblical proportions, but if you should end up in a class with Jake Gyllenhaal contorting his shirtless body into the Ustrasana position, do not underestimate the threat this poses to your blood pressure.

Always one to think of others, I thought I would try and help the people of this part of California with a scientific experiment. I will attempt to numb potential yoga classmates to the effects of the GyllenBod with a form of aversion therapy. And then they will succeed in breathing one lung at a time without any additional risk to their health.

Hopefully, after studying these pictures, the next time you're forming the Cobra next to a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal, you won't bat an eyelid. For a further guide to Yoga Jake, please consult this Guide to Hot Yoga.

Includes pictures from IHJ, chest courtesy of Jake Gyllenhaal.