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A WDW Adventure - Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman and WDW at the London Apple Store 23 September 2013

My name is WDW and I am a Gyllenhaalic. On Monday evening I had the most fabulous experience of seeing and meeting Jake Gyllenhaal. I thought, though, that I would give you here the full story of what it was like. All of the photos do embiggen when clicked. I took lots more so I'm sure I'll be posting them for years to come!

Over the years, since early 2007, I've been very fortunate to have seen Jake Gyllenhaal, and spoken to him, on quite a few occasions. And some of these occasions have been very starry indeed, taking me across Europe and North America. At other times, they've been on my doorstep. Jake loves London and the UK and so, luckily for me, he's a regular visitor. But I've learned a few things over the years and chief among those lessons is that while seeing Jake in real life is an absolute pleasure, it is rarely easy, often uncertain, regularly unconfirmed, and you need a bucket load of determination and luck. 

This was proved to me yet again, for the umpteenth time, when I heard at quite short notice that Jake and Hugh Jackman were to do a Q&A at the Regent Street Apple Store in London on Monday night. I had no idea they were even expected in the UK. This suggested that there wouldn't be a London premiere of Prisoners but instead fans could get something better. Premieres are difficult beasts. Red carpets are rarely fun places to be - I've caught severe flu, sun stroke and chicken pox on red carpets. I've dislocated a toe, I've had claustrophobic attacks. I've been hit on the head by a pap. I've stood crammed into one spot for 10 hours. I've laughed til I cried. The star doesn't always turn up and if they do they might be rushed straight by you.

I've also experienced the other extreme - the press conference. Populated by press, rather than fans, these are more stately affairs where interest in the event can be overshadowed by interest in the buffet and if you show even a hint of being 'fan-ish' you might get at least one death ray stare from a seasoned broadsheet journalist. Plus stars are not always in a good mood.

On the whole, I much prefer fan events but those where you don't run the risk of being crushed to death or have to shout til you're hoarse to get the attention of someone being steered in the opposite direction by their PR. The Apple event gave me such hope - it promised to be small, even intimate. It would be leisurely. It could be the best adventure yet.

As it happened, the Apple event proved to be all that I hoped and more but, again, so much of it was due to luck and determination. My good friend Ruby and I turned up with hours to spare and had a good spot in a very oddly-shaped, back-to-front queue. The Prisoners event was preceded by another Q&A about handbags and those with reservations for that were ushered in straight away and a few of us Prisoners ticket-holders were squeezed into peripheral seats to make up the numbers. We were assured that the fashion show viewers would leave their seats afterwards and the rest of us could move to better seats and the Prisoners audience would be allowed in. Not surprisingly, the fashion show crowd didn't want to budge, meaning that there were double and more the number of people than there were seats. The store people didn't make anyone leave and so most of the Jake and Hugh fans were left outside the seated area. Ruby and I managed to get front row seats after three people left from that row but this took a lot of persuasion.

The Apple people then told us that we would be able to have photos taken with the stars. This is the one thing I don't have and so, as you can imagine, everyone was excited by this. A few minutes later we were told that there would be no photos. We were then told that everyone would get an autograph and it would be strictly organised so that a row at a time would be led out to get a signature. As it happened barely one row got autographs. So, while this was an amazing event for me, it's all too obvious to me that it could have been completely different and for many people it was a huge disappointment. This is the way of fan events when you are there to see a star you're so keen to see. The rewards are potentially huge but they're not guaranteed. 

Finally, about twenty minutes late, Edith Bowman of Radio 1 appeared on stage, clearly impressed by the size of the crowd. 'Wow' she repeated. We watched the trailer of Prisoners and then Denis Villeneuve, Jake and Hugh walked on to the stage. Sitting on the front row as I was, the view was perfect and I was thrilled to see such a familiar face as Jake's. He looked different with the longer hair and more slender frame but he was so familiar. It was such a pleasure to see Hugh too. There were a lot of his fans in the audience.

Not surprisingly, much of the press conference conversation went by in a bit of a blur. I knew that it would be podcast by Apple and so I didn't have to worry too much about missing what they were saying. I just wanted to enjoy it and take all the photos I wanted. Amazingly for me, no earthquakes! Some topics did stand out - the admiration Hugh and Jake for Denis, not to mention the admiration of Hugh and Denis for Jake. There was plenty of teasing of both Jake and Denis. Jake's name was variously given as Joe and Jack and at one point he said he should be called Jackman Gyllenhaal. Denis' famous role as slavedriver was joked about again - Hugh said he could spend half an hour describing how good Denis is - Jake said he could spend a 'good ten minutes'. Jake also reflected on the success of Prisoners at the US box office last weekend - he was clearly very proud.

Edith wanted fast questions as time was short and she was not amused when the first question was 'Will you marry me, Jake?' Hugh found this hilarious, though. He would act as matchmaker but warned people that Jake isn't single any more (he did ask 'can I say that?' or words to that effect). Jake responded by telling Hugh how daft he looked with the stupid microphone attached to his face. It was very funny. Very funny.

After about 35 minutes, the event was rolled up because Jake and Hugh were to attend the Total Film special screening of Prisoners in the West End. As Ruby and I were sitting in the front row we were lucky enough to be guided out first to the very confined area where Hugh and Jake (no Denis) were standing for autographs. I had the magazine from The Guardian ready. The helpers tried to push me on to see Hugh and go past Jake. I said that I wanted to see both of them but I would see Jake first (I've noticed people argue with you less when you're older...) and before I knew it, there I was thrusting the magazine into Jake's hand while standing barely a foot in front of him.

As I've mentioned, I've been truly fortunate to have said hello to Jake before and shaken his hand. I have several autographs. I treasure them all. But this time it was different. As Jake had left the stage a few moments before he'd looked at Ruby and me and smiled at us. When I was shaking his hand, I said to him probably what I always say to him, that I'd been following his film career for years and that it was so good to see him again. 

This time Jake surprised me. He said 'I know, we've met before!' and then he said he'd seen me in the front row. I said I was still doing the blog and he asked me how it was going and what were we talking about. I said that we were all excited about Prisoners and Enemy and it had been too long. I mentioned that the last time I'd seen him was in Berlin. He was genuinely interested in what we were doing and spent far longer than was necessary making me feel on top of the world.

I asked Jake to sign 'to Kate' if he wouldn't mind (I haven't had a personalised autograph) and he asked if it was Kate with a K (must be used to film actress Cates, I suppose!). And this is what he said:

That meant more to me than if the magazine were made of gold. It might not seem like much but it meant a lot to me. I apologise to Hugh for cutting his much loved autograph out of the photograph... I should say that Hugh was wonderful - tall and handsome and so kind. He flicked through the magazine 'to see what Jake's been up to'.

Laughing and very happy, Ruby and I went to a nearby pub with Conojito Rob for a much deserved wine and gin and tonic before the long trek home. I did, though, remember to take the photo of Jake's footwear that I promised. Looked good to me!

I think if I had to rank events, this would be supreme. I loved Cannes, Toronto, Rome and Berlin and the other London events, but this one felt like the cream on the top. Jake clearly does remember his fans if he's able to meet them more than once and even though it's been two years since I last saw him he most certainly knew me and made me feel so special and for that I will never be able to thank him enough. This is why I'm a Gyllenhaalic.

The Q&A will be podcast and so I'll post a link when it's available. Thanks for listening and for sharing in what is both a very private and a very public joy.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Enemy - first trailer and poster and more Jake Gyllenhaal on the box and in the papers as the UK visit gets closer!

As Prisoners opens in the US, it appears that its success has given its sibling movie Enemy such a push that its worldwide distribution grows ever likely. As a result, we finally have a a teaser trailer.

There is also a poster (here via IHJ). It does little for my spider issues....

It is quite possible that Jake is on a plane to the UK as we speak. He's appearing at the Apple Store in London tomorrow evening (very excited about that!) and will also be doing a live webchat with Empire Magazine at 12.45 pm. Yesterday, Jake graced the cover of the Guardian Guide (I managed to pick up a copy in a country pub restaurant). You can see my scans below and also read the interview here. There is another interview in the Washington Post.

Thanks so much to Stephanie for new videos of Jake's TV appearances!

The Queen Latifah Show

The Katie Show

So an exciting day tomorrow! I can't wait to see Jake and to tell you all about it! Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Updated: As Prisoners opens in the US, more videos plus Jake is coming to London! Jake Gyllenhaal on the box!

Prisoners opens in the US today so if you're over there, do go and see it! Updated to add more JG on the box!

Some good news, too. Jake is coming to London! He will be appearing at the London Apple Store on Monday evening along with Hugh Jackman and Denis Villeneuve. I'm very excited to say that I have a reservation. Needless to say a report to come!

Meanwhile here are some more videos - thank you IHJ!:

Inside the Actor's Studio

CNN's New Day

Queen Latifah Show (clips)

Jake Gyllenhaal has been busy - there's barely an American chat show that he's not appeared on. As the buzz for Prisoners escalates, it's clear that Jake is pulling out all the stops to make sure that everyone goes to see it when it opens in the US at the end of the week. Next week (27 September), Prisoners opens in the UK. One can only cross all one's extremities that the publicity train rolls up over here as well. But, while we wait for Actor's Studio and the Queen Latifah Show (both screened tomorrow, I believe), here is a batch of shows which have been graced and adorned by Jake over the last couple of days. Huge thanks must go to IHJ for being on top of all of this as they always are.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (17 September)

Live with Kelly and Michael (18 September)

Good Morning America (18 September)

Friday, 13 September 2013

Exclusive report on Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance on the Queen Latifah Show and at the Prisoners LA premiere. Plus Jimmy Kimmel Live and more!

**Jake Gyllenhaal is on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight (17 January) - 10pm, Comedy Central**

Yesterday was a big day for Jake Gyllenhaal and for his fans, this time in LA. Jake recorded his appearance on the Queen Latifah Show in the morning and then on Jimmy Kimmel Live before walking the red carpet for the LA premiere of Prisoners. I am so pleased to have a report from WDW reader and an old friend of mine, Dani, who attended the Queen Latifah recording and them went round for the premiere. Thanks to her for taking the time to write such a long report.

Dani's report of the Queen Latifah Show

'Jake came out to thunderous applause and a whole lot of screaming - a good bit of it coming from me. They had a cluster of seats right on the floor right in front of where Jake sat. But I did get the first row of the regular seats. He wore a nice gray suit and a crisp white shirt. Along with THE SHOES! They don't seem so bad in person. Maybe that's because nothing about Jake could be bad in person. You know that more than anyone. Even the beard didn't bother me even though I worried that it might have tripled in length from the last pictures we saw. We know how fast he can grow that thing. His hair was thick and beautiful even though this current style he's wearing is not my favorite. He said we were the most colorful group of people he had ever seen, referring to all of our bright colors.'

'Jake had an easy rapport with Queen Latifah and told her how much he admired her talent and ability to do everything. He said he had always wanted to tell her that. He told some stories - not the dart one from Letterman - but one most fans have heard before. About his 13th birthday and how his parents made him spend it feeding the homeless so that he would understand that not everyone has a privileged life. It was nice to hear him talk about it. He also told a funny story that must have been planned because Latifah asked him about being popular in school and Jake went on an on with a Thesaurus worth of words describing how popular he was while behind him on the screen was the picture of him as a boy with the thick glasses and spikey hair. So he ended the story by saying that in truth he "was a stone cold nerd."'

'There were plenty of Jake facial expressions that we have come to love over the years but my favorite was after he was presented with all of the eye glasses the audience had donated - of which he was genuinely appreciative - Latifah said that Macy wanted to donate hers also. Macy being the singer Macy Gray who was appearing as a guest DJ, playing all kinds of cool music during breaks to keep the audience revved up. We really didn't need anything. The surprised look on Jake's face and his joyous shout out 'Macy', was like any fan reaction. Who knows how much of all of this will be in the final show. It took two hours to tape what will end up being about 45-50 minutes after they edit. I am just thrilled I got to hear everything Jake had to say. His segment was over way too fast.'

Dani's report of the Prisoners Premiere

Dani was with me back in 2007 when we went through the rather odd experience of the LA Zodiac premiere. It was move from its public address to behind close barriers at Paramount Studios, leaving us to peer through the gate. It was a very peculiar night but also one of the most memorable I've had (you can read about it here). I'm so glad that it worked out for Dani on this occasion.

'I thought it just wasn't in the cards for me to ever see a premiere of one of Jake's movies. I decided to drive back to Beverly Hills from Westwood one more time before heading home. That would be The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Building where they hold screenings for the Academy and special events. I had been there before in 2008 when I saw a screening of Brokeback Mountain with Diana Osanna as the guest speaker. In the 30 minutes since I had last passed by, a line of people wrapped around the block had emerged and the front entrance was definitely set up to receive arrivals for the premiere. Unfortunately, the fans had to stand across the street on the other side of busy Wilshire Boulevard.'

'From the time I finally got there, I only had to wait about 40 minutes before the stars started arriving. First was the director, Denis Villenueve, then Paul Dano. There were some other celebrities not in the film like Jeremy Renner. But the crowd was mostly waiting for Jake. As the black SUV approached I could see Jake sitting in the front seat next to the driver. I was praying a bus or some other monster vehicle traveling down the street was not going to block my view of him. It worked in my favor because I had a clear view of Jake when he emerged from the SUV. Immediately the crowd started yelling his name and I had my first experience of yelling JAKE! JAKE! He turned around and waved at us. Next thing we knew, the cars on the four lane busy boulevard seemed to part like the red sea and Jake, escorted by a police officer, dashed over to us. Everyone rushed at him, even to the point of risking life and limb by stepping into the street where cars had resumed moving forward. Jake said to step back so that we wouldn't get hit. Well, one girl said later that he said it directly to her, but I would like to think Jake cared about all of us. Anyway, this is when it sucks being short. So many tall people forced their way in front of me. I was still able to see Jake's head because I was about two feet away from him and he was taller than most of the people in front of me. But I didn't get a close up picture or get to say anything to him. Still, it was an unforgettable thrill and all it cost me was 14 hours of my life and a half of tank of gas. I would never do this again for anyone but Jake!'

Thank you,  Dani!

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Actor's Studio

This screens next week on 19 September but some quotes follow from Bravo:

"It felt like losing a family member, and it still does to this day." - Gyllenhaal on Heath Ledger's death

"It's a huge compliment..." - Gyllenhaal on his sexual orientation being questioned after "Brokeback Mountain"

"She's so sharp and smart and...courageous. I admire her courage, behind the camera and in front of the camera." - Gyllenhaal on working with Anne Hathaway

"The way you behave with everybody is more important than the work that you do. It's essential. It is everything... generosity and kindness and patience will get you so far. That's the biggest lesson I've learned." -Gyllenhaal's biggest piece of advice

"...My sister is, probably the reason why I do this, is somebody who I admire more than most anybody in the world, and she drives me f**king nuts sometimes... - Gyllenhaal on sister Maggie Gyllenhaal


It appears that Enemy will be shown across the US after all. Details here.


Thank so much to IHJ for the new pictures from yesterday.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Updated update! Jake's Enemy Q&A and more videos! Jake Gyllenhaal at TIFF - Enemy premieres and a first review

Updated update!

This is the video of Jake's Q&A at the Enemy premiere at Toronto and at the 3 minute mark you can hear Lisa ask Jake her question!

Meanwhile Enemy has been the subject of a bit of a distribution battle - good news.

Here is another quite substantial video interview for Prisoners:


If you've not had a look at the comments to this post yet, do please check them out because you'll hear a first hand report from Lisa (BBMISwear) about the screening of Enemy, which was accompanied by a Q&A with Jake and others in the cast and crew. Thanks so much to Lisa for that and for the photos, you'll find below:

There are more videos from both the Enemy and Prisoners premieres:

Jake also appears on the cover of the new VMan and very nice it is too... (thanks to IHJ)

There are more TV appearance updates:

12 September - Jimmy Kimmel Live
18 September - Live with Kelly and Michael
19 September - Inside the Actor's Studio

Tomorrow, of course, Jake will be recording the Queen Latifah Show for broadcast next week. Good luck to Dani who will be among the audience!

On with the post

Not content with having one film gala at Toronto, Jake Gyllenhaal premiered another film last night - Enemy (I think it's safe to drop the 'An' now). This film has more mystery surrounding it than Prisoners with very little being revealed about it. It does have an obvious advantage, though. It features multiple Jakes. Lisa (BBMISwear) was at the premiere and so hopefully we'll have an opinion on the film from her not to mention some thoughts on what must have been an incredible Toronto night.

The reviews are trickling in although most press saw the film just this morning. Here is the Playlist review. Their conclusion: 'Part existentialist thriller, part psychosexual drama, “Enemy,” like Villeneuve’s earlier festival film, is exceptionally dark, harrowing, and especially engrossing. Those that have seen “Prisoners” can attest to the methodical, hyper-attuned clinician Villeneuve has become in his approach to genre, and “Enemy” has the same quivering pitch of masterful meticulousness. Not only is “Enemy” once again first-rate filmmaking, it’s profoundly unnerving. A challenging, sometimes abstract piece of work, “Enemy” doesn’t reveal itself easily, but its coiling ouroboros quality is fascinating and spellbindingly disturbing. A riveting examination of intimacy (and the lack thereof), identity, duality and the nether regions of our unconscious desires, “Enemy” is a transfixing grand slam that certifies Villeneuve as the real deal and one of the most exciting new voices in cinema today.' Excellent.

Although this post is dedicated to Enemy, there is another interesting interview with Jake here to do with Prisoners. There are also some portraits which you can see at IHJ. My favourite is below.

No doubt this post will be updated, so do check back! Thanks to IHJ for the lovely photos.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Huge updates! Press conference, premiere and interviews - Prisoners - Jake Gyllenhaal at Toronto International Film Festival 2013

Update! Press conference and premiere

Watch the Prisoners Press conference:

There's a bit of a run through of some things from the conference here. And some photos from the conference - in which Jake admitted to the appeal of Maple syrup.

Hugh Jackman has posted some wonderful photos of himself and Jake at the premiere last night. Hugh described Jake as 'not only a great actor but a great mate'. Here are a couple:

From Warner Brothers:

TIFF always produces some great stories and here is a priceless one - being in a lift with Jake. IT could be awkward.... Not that Jake is phased at all.

These videos from the premiere bring back some big memories for me!

There are more interviews too, including the latest by old favourite Jake Hamilton.

Jake has confirmed to Variety that his next films are Nightcrawler and Everest.

That'll do for now so...

On with the original post

Tonight, Jake Gyllenhaal will walk the red carpet at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto for the festival premiere of Prisoners. It's been a while but at last a new Gyllenmovie is about to be unleashed on audiences amidst the glitz, exuberance and sheer fun of TIFF.

Incidentally, Brokeback Mountain was presented at the Elgin Theatre. It's a wonderful place (I saw Brad Pitt's hand there during my 2007 TIFF adventure) and the perfect setting for a film that is getting the most fantastic of reviews. We're used to good reviews from critics for Jake's work but this looks to be one of those films where the reviews could translate into bums on seats.

Of course, later in the festival, Jake will be presenting (An) Enemy but this post will focus on Prisoners and it will be updated.

The Prisoners press conference takes place on 7 September at 4pm (UK time). It will live stream on YouTube here. Thanks very much to BBMISwear for finding this!

Jake and Hugh Jackman have been doing a lot of publicity for Prisoners in Toronto already - on paper and on video (testified to by some excited journalist tweets), all coming on top of Jake's appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman earlier this week. I'll add interesting links and videos as I come across them over the next day or two but here are a few to keep us going. The new poster for Prisoners above is the UK quad poster - I like it (here via Total Film). Here is a selection of video interviews - some videos may take a while to load:

If the below video doesn't work for you, you can see it here at City News.

Thanks so much to IHJ for their amazing help with videos.

In this interview with the Montreal Gazette Denis Villeneuve discusses the film and his relationship with the actors. On Jake - who, of course, also features in another movie by the director this season - 'We very quickly bonded,” Villeneuve said. “We had a lot of things in common, as artists and men. We became, very quickly, close friends. Our relationship is born out of the will to see the truth and be authentic. We’re super straightforward (with each other), like brothers.'

In USA Today, Jake discusses 2013: "This year, for me personally, has been such an incredible journey," says Gyllenhaal. "What I've learned and taken away is just incredible. I don't think anybody expected anything. I was just so satisfied by this process. But I have to say, I do think it's probably too early to talk about that."

An onset interview and behind the scenes or promo spots

Trailer Addict has a whole host of clips and interviews from Prisoners. You can see those all here - again, thank you so much Stephanie.

Jake and Hugo will also appear together (at least I think it's together) on the Katie Show.

Some reviews:
Huffington Post
Film School Rejects

As for the US premiere, we hear in a tweet: 'Prisoners premieres at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood on 9/12 at 6:30! Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, cast & filmmakers attending!' I'll post info on any UK and European premieres when I hear it. If you hear anything, do please let us know so that I can post it.

As mentioned, this post will be updated so do keep checking back! If you're fortunate enough to be in Toronto with the stars - have a fabulous time! I had the time of my life there and I can only wish you the same.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Update! Letterman appearance. Get tickets to watch Jake Gyllenhaal on the Queen Latifah Show - and bring your specs!

Update! Here is Jake's appearance on The Lates Show with David Letterman (thanks so much, Steph!). Also, thanks to Mermon for the link to this great interview with Jake about Prisoners.

Very exciting news this morning!

The producers of the Queen Latifah Show have been in touch and invited Jake Gyllenhaal fans to attend the recording of the show on 12 September. If you're over 18 and can get to Culver City, then apply for tickets here. Mention that you're a huge fan of Jake's in your request headline. They are also asking audience members to bring any pairs of reading or prescription eyeglasses that you could donate to Jake's charity New Eyes for the Needy that day. Mention in your request if you're planning on bringing any and if so how many.

If you're able to attend the recording be sure to come back here and tell us all about it!

If only myself and my glasses were not welded to the other side of the pond.... Photo from InStyle (2009) thanks to IHJ.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Catch up! Jake Gyllenhaal's 'career best' performance in Prisoners, videos, photos, interviews and news - Prisoners and An Enemy

After a wonderful week in deepest Cornwall - with no internet, phone, or electricity, just an awful lot of sea, sunshine, clotted cream, seals and Tribute ale for company - it's time to catch up a bit. I hope you all had as good an August as I did.

Prisoners has had its premiere. It appeared, to some surprise, last Friday at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado and to great acclaim too. Scott Foundas' review for Variety is a joy to read, it really is, with its talk of 'career best performances' for both Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman. 'It immediately enters the ring as an awards-season heavyweight.'

'Det. Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) is spending his Thanksgiving alone, flirting with the waitress in a lonely Chinese diner, when he first responds to the case. In the best film-noir manner, rain is sheeting down, and the camera of the great d.p. Roger Deakins (who has shot the film in wintry blues and blacks with an expressionist edge) pushes in slowly from behind. Loki, we are told, has never failed to solve a case, though this is at odds with the man’s solemn demeanor, his haunted gaze and the elaborate tattoos jutting out from his collar suggesting reserves of private rage. Compare this to the eager-beaver murder sleuth Gyllenhaal played in David Fincher’s “Zodiac” and the full breadth of his impressive range immediately comes into focus.'

All in all, it couldn't bode better for Prisoners' appearance at Toronto later this month. And don't forget (An) Enemy - The Buzz certainly hasn't. There are some great new stills from An Enemy - thanks so much to IHJ for them. 

Jake will be making the rounds of the TV talkshows. We know that he recently recorded Inside the Actor's Studio but there are more details from The Wrap (as well as the photo below). The programme will air on 19 September and in it Jake discussed 'his films "Brokeback Mountain," "October Sky," "Donnie Darko," "End of Watch," and the upcoming "Prisoners." In addition, he discussed his famous Hollywood family and revisited his relationship with late friend and "Brokeback Mountain" co-star Heath Ledger.'

On 16 September, Jake will be among the stars featuring on the very first Queen Latifah Show, along with Will Smith and John Travolta. This show will tape in LA on 12 September. 

This post is illustrated with scans from Jake's appearance in Germany's winter edition of GQ Style - with thanks so much to Sasha for not only scanning the article but also going to the trouble of translating the interview. You can read and see all on Sasha's Tumblr here. It's an interesting interview in which Jake talks about the craft of movies - including that he reads a couple of scripts a day. Also:

'In any case I got very agitated when I sensed being labeled as a “celebrity”. I don’t want to get certain roles in expensive movies because I’m well known. What I am really interested in, is the craft of being an actor. That means understanding everybody else’s craft on set as well: cinematographers, make-up artists, costume designers. I have been extremely lucky, but right now I just want to be part of a functioning group. In short: yes, the team is the key.' I think these two photos of Jake must rank very high (or low) in my list of least favourite portraits.

Jake is also interviewed in the October issue of Total Film. Again, thanks to IHJ for the scans below.

Thanks again very much to Sasha and IHJ for all their help with this catch up post. More to come!