Monday, 30 May 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal's holiday treat and happy birthday Duncan Jones!

Surely it must be my birthday, or maybe it's some other grand occasion that I'm unaware of and Jake Gyllenhaal wants to give me a treat. It might be a wet and rainy holiday Monday but who cares about a few raindrops, a muddy car and there being nothing on the telly (no surprises there then) when Jake decides to take his muscles for a run? Actually, maybe there's one thing better than that - Jake taking his muscles out for a run while wearing Nike. Give me a sheet of paper with masses of boxes on it and I'll tick every one. Extra tick for the red. Please note how I'm not mentioning the tongue...

The previous day (29 May), Jake put on his smiley face when picking up his car in a garage in Hollywood. It's becoming more difficult to see Jake's smiles due to the efforts of the encroaching sasquatch so we should enjoy them while we can.

And finally...

Many many happy returns of the day to Duncan Jones on the occasion of his big 4-0. And many thanks to you for your gifts to us over the last year :)

Many thanks to IHJ for the great pictures! Duncan picture is by me.

My review of Attack the Block is now up at MovieBrit.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Seven years since TDAT opens and Jake Gyllenhaal remembers collecting flowers in France

Seven years ago today, I went to see the holiday weekend blockbuster - The Day After Tomorrow. I knew the film featured Donnie Darko but despite that I was unprepared for Sam, and the gentle curl of his lips in a smile and the big blue brave eyes. Yep, that was when I caught in the GyllenNet.

And so, to mark the occasion of Jake Gyllenhaal's debut on the big screen as a romantic hero, here is a snippet from some of this week's press in Germany to mark the release of Jake's latest film, Source Code. Thanks to Ms JG for the translation.

'U.S. actor Jack Gyllenhaal had a very romantic streak as a teenager: In order to remain on the mind of his lady in the U.S. while an exchange student in France, he wanted to do something really special...'

'In his new film there is little room for romance, contrary to his real life: The U.S. actor who became famous with "Brokeback Mountain" has had a very romantic side in high school. As the 30-year-old told magazine "TV movie" he fell in love head over heels to a girl in the U.S. just at the time of his departure to a student exchange in France. "When I traveled around France with my backpack, I picked a flower in every city and sent it to her," says Gyllenhaal.'

'Even today, he is still friends with his former flame. "She has recently shown me all the flowers that I sent to her back then. That was something very special."'

And finally...

There are more pictures from Jake's day out and about in LA on 27 May. The bag suggests Jake spent some time at the gym - more karate? That's what I call a backdrop.

Pictures from IHJ.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A day in the life - 27 May 2011 and Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal had a busy day yesterday. Proving that he takes much more notice of the length of the hair on his head than on his chin, Jake popped down to the salon for a session under the strimmer. I would like to point out here that Mr WDW (who has a buzz head and a buzz beard) is an expert on maintaining length for both head and beard and so could provide Jake with a competitive price should he wish to combine a haircut with the tour of the sites of Oxford (ala Mrs Obama).

Later on, Jake popped over to l'Ermitage for a meeting - or for some luxury. I particularly like the photo below due to the composition of the pinkness...

Jake also made time to put in some hours at the Medical Center. After all, something had to pay for the haircut.

Many thanks to IHJ for the wonderful pictures from Jake's day.

Friday, 27 May 2011

New interview - Jake Gyllenhaal on making big, small and tricky movies: 'I take all my roles very seriously, always.'

Another great interview with Jake Gyllenhaal from Germany today. I particularly liked this one because it includes some questions I would love to ask myself, not least of which is whether Jake knows about the Amy Macdonald song LA which is dedicated to him. It always puts a smile on my face when it shuffles on to my iPod. Thee are other gems here. Forgive the bad translation, that's from me and Google. The good bits are thanks to Mrs JG, for whom we have to thank for the link. I have a few things to post from Germany to mark the release on 2 June and so I'm spreading them around.

'Do you like the song, Amy MacDonald dedicated to you? JG: I don't know anything about that, it sounds very nice anyway. I just hope she pronounced my name correctly!' [She got round that by calling him J.] 'It certainly isn't the easiest name to pronounce, I'm looking forward to when people make the effort with it. In school, I was fortunately spared these problems because my sister was a class above me - and with Maggie lies down to no-one.(Laughs)'

Working with a director on his first film: 'This first film, "Moon" was just so extraordinary and magnificent that I really wanted to work with director Duncan Jones. What they offer visually with relatively little money, I found very fascinating... I told my agent that I would like to meet Duncan. We understood each other well and he said that I could definitely try to play in one of his films. Then I said that I already had a screenplay I was considering that could come to him. I sent it to him and he committed four days later.'

An unusually complex film: 'It was great fun to tell my friends the first ten minutes of "Source Code". Everyone asked, "What, the train exploded?" And "He no longer recognises his own face?". Then I calmed them down and explained that the story is much more exciting. (Laughs)'

Tricky films seem your passion?: 'I find such material very attractive. At that time in "Donnie Darko" every day of filming began with questions: "What are we doing today?", "What happened yesterday?", "Have I already this guy?". Such questions lead to the ongoing development of a story, I like that a lot.'

With Jake's last eight minutes: 'I would call my family and talk with them. I would love to find something that I could laugh about - I've always found very intriguing the picture of smiling Buddhas.'

And if you could travel in time, what would you change in the past? 'If I could dive, like in the movie, into the body of another person, then I would warn John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King about the attacks on them. Most recently, I would warn Japan of the disaster - the list is endless.'

How easy is it for you to find such projects? 'Strangely, it has become very difficult to produce short films. A cheap project with a budget of under five million dollars is far more difficult to realise than a movie that is twice as expensive. That sounds pretty crazy, but that's the reality in Hollywood.'

You were a candidate for "Spider-Man, " "Batman" and "Superman" - are you happy in retrospect that the commercial popcorn heroes passed you by? 'I have absolutely nothing against these movies. They have huge success, which is certainly due to the quality of the directors. For me the difference is always whether someone simply makes a very expensive film or a film that has a premonition. Entertainment also has an obligation: it must tell intelligent stories. Therefore, Duncan was the perfect director for the perfect big budget film.'

How important is the balancing act between art and commerce to you? 'To me that's not important. (laughs) In the end it doesn't matter how big a project - as long as the story is right, a film also finds its audience. I had this experience with "Brokeback Mountain" as well as with "Donnie Darko" - which at the start broke no records, but in the long run, was highly successful.'

If the success of complex films such as "Winter's Bone" and "Black Swan" just coincidence or has the image of America changed in Hollywood? 'It has certainly been a change that I think is wonderful. "Pulp Fiction" and Robert Redford's Sundance independent productions have given it a boom, and the mood has returned. For actors, this is a great development.'

Does Jake take a film like Prince of Persia as seriously as Source Code? 'Absolutely! I take all my roles very seriously, always. When I play a character, then it means everything to me - otherwise I could not work at all.'

Wouldn't you like to act once again with Maggie? 'Why not? However, we've never talked about it much, we talk about family matters. But it would certainly be tempting to act together again in the theater.'

Thanks to Mrs JG for the scans from SKIP. Berlin photos from friends Christina and Sandra.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal back in LA and remembers his perfect 8 minutes making popcorn and building spaceships - more SC interviews

Now that the Rapture is over or at least postponed until the Autumn, Jake Gyllenhaal has made his way back to the West Coast. Yesterday (25 May), Jake was spotted at a bank in Beverly Hills, wearing just the right shorts to display new Nike. Pictures can be found throughout the post and more at IHJ.

With many thanks to Mrs JG, we have some new scans and interviews from Jake's promotion of Source Code in Germany, where the film opens next week on 2 June. These scans are from the Austrian magazine Seitenblicke. The interview itself is very similar to the one from IN we featured yesterday. Clearly, it's from the same junket. I am very grateful to Mrs JG for her excellent translation:

'Seitenblicke (SB): What would you do in real life if you knew you had only 8 minutes to live? Jake Gyllenhaal: (JG): Ironically something I do almost every day anyways: I would call my family. Most likely I would joke and laugh with them. And hopefully I would not be annoyed as it sometimes happens when I talk to my mom or my sister – you know, sometimes family can get on your nerves a bit! (Laughs) In any case it would be important for me to go with a smile. I am a Buddhist, well not frenetic, just a bit, I like the attitude. And Buddha always smiled so a last smile would be really important for me.'

'SB: If you could get into another man’s body, not for 8 minutes but a whole day – who would it be? JG: Oh boy, that’s a tough one. The movie is not about body switching. It is more than that. But all right, let’s play this game: I would use the possibilities to do something good. Just imagine: I could prevent the deadly attacks on John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King! What would happen if I could warn Abraham Lincoln: “Hey, you better don’t visit that theatre!” (Laughs) What influence might that have on the course of history? But then I would immediately be gone again. I don’t believe I can lead an entire nation! I just would want to warn these luminaries.'

'SB: What else was appealing in shooting this movie? JG: This is a man who was a hundred percent sure who and what he is and he is basically reborn and has to come to terms with his new identity. That was fascinating for me. Then really everyday life is quite similar for us. Through the experiences we make our personality changes over the years. Well and then there’s the story with the girl… SB: Which was appealing too? JG: Sure. After all my character, who keeps taking on this other humans identity over and over again, has to try and get a date with the same woman 8 times! (Laughs) And even that is a reference to reality: sometimes that happens. And if you do ask a woman out on a date – that can feel like walking through a mine field. That takes a lot of courage! (Laughs)'

'SB: Do you regret something in your past? Is there something you would like to be able to change? JG: Oh, I regret a lot of things in my life. That’s what happens when you turn 30. But every mistake I made has also made me a better human being. Without these mistakes I would not be who I am today. That’s why I would never ever want to go back and change the course of things.'

'SB: Do you believe in fate? JG: Yes. I do see it from a spiritual perspective. The fate of the world runs by a higher plan which is anchored within each one of us. We can only try to listen to it – and by that listen to ourselves. And hopefully that will allow us to make the world a better place.'

'SB: How was it to turn 30 a couple of months ago? Was it something special or just a birthday like any other? JG: Somehow it seems to be a big deal for everyone. (Laughs) And naturally it was important for me as well. A turning point. Sometimes I think back to the time when I shot “Donnie Darko” which turned into a cult movie and made me known. Ten years have gone by since, a decade. Back then I was 20, unsure and didn’t really know who I really am. I have learned a lot since. It’s overwhelming what has happened since, a real privilege. I have matured and gotten self-confident. Your twenties count like dog years. For every real calendar year you make experiences for a full seven years. I am really curious what the thirties will hold in store for me.'

There is another Austrian interview which you can read here. It has some appealing anecdotes from Jake, most noticeably this account of Jake's most perfect eight minutes (thanks again to Mrs JG for the translation): 'I have given a good television interview in that time frame. No, that was a joke. One of the most amazing events for me was watching popcorn in the microwave. It did not matter how old I was - I was always surprised when it came out popped. These eight minutes I could see happening again and again. How can these small grains of pop and taste so good?'

Jake also talks about how as a child he liked confined places and how he found 'the sense of isolation inspiring' from small rooms. 'I would climb up and paint things on the walls inside and act as if it were a spaceship.'

Thanks to IHJ for the pictures and to Mrs JG for the scans.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal interviewed in IN magazine, Source Code timing... And a UK release date for the DVD

With many thanks to Mrs JG, today we have scans and a translation of Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance in Germany's IN Magazine this month. The interviewer seems to have an attention to detail (not to mention an exuberance) when it comes to Jake, with his bare elbows, his dimples, his water blue eyes and quizzical eyebrows. Interviewed in Germany while on the Source Code tour, it also gave Jake an opportunity to indulge in one of his passions when he's in Europe - talking about jetlag. So here is the interview 'Sometimes my sister is a pain in the neck', which beings with a Jakeism: 'Some say your twenties are like dog years. One year for seven. I am curious what my thirties will hold for me. Hopefully nine lives like a cat."

'Curiously he pokes his head through the door gap and smiles whimsically. As a greeting for the interview Jake Gyllenhaal aspirates a long "Heeeyyy". Charming, confident, sexy. In a way only a Hollywood heart-throb can do. Full of verve he opens the door to the suite at the "Hotel de Rome" and immediately drops into one of the many soft armchairs. "I have just been to Italy, now I am in Berlin. Somehow that feels inhumane" the 30 year old sighs and pushes the sleeves of his grey wool sweater up. Let get to work!'

'"I very often wake up in the middle of the night and for a split second I don't know what country I am in," he says and shyly runs his hand over his 5 o'clock shadow. Small dimples emerge on his cheeks making him look way younger than he really is. "I am 30 now. Things aren't as easy anymore and the jetlag becomes noticeable."'

'"In the movie I get blown up 8 times before I resolve to ask a girl for a cup of coffee." Jake murmurs and considers briefly: "When you ask a woman for a date sometimes that does feel like you have to run through a mine field." Does the keen movie hero turn into a sweet softie with the ladies? He runs his hand through his short dark hair and lifts his eyebrow quizzically: "It's just important for me to immediately feel comfortable with a woman." Has his sister Maggie (33) done a "girlfriend test" before? After all the actress has been seen on and off with Jakes exes.'

'He comes closer. "I wanna be honest now. I now that's not too common in a situation like this one." he announces and rests his bare elbow upon the fine tablecloth. A secret? Jake whispers: "Sometimes my mother and my sister are a pain in the neck." Do Maggie and mom Naomi Foner (65) interfere with the love life of the youngest Gyllenhaal or so? No! "We are simply a family. That's enough." the movie star points out and shrugs his broad shoulders a bit perplexed. For a long time Jake and Maggie had a head-to-head race. "She had a few years to herself before I appeared on the scene." he says and smiles. "I however have been with her my entire life." Love between siblings lasts forever. Jake takes a deep breath: "We had to realize at some point that I would never get the parts that she does. For one simple reason: she is my sister."'

'He rolls the last word over his tongue demonstratively slowly and has to laugh at his own joke. All of a sudden the actor jumps out of his seat and roams through the room like somethings displeasing him. He rolls his water blue eyes. "Oh, I regret many things in life but each of my regrets has made me into who I am today. Therefore I would not want to change anything. And I try to take as little as possible seriously. He winks knowingly and says goodbye with a rascal smile - and a long dragged "Byyyeee!"'

Watch it

When you only have eight minutes to save the world, as Colter knew only too well in Source Code, there is something that you need above all else - a good watch. With thanks to BBMISwear for this scan from Hollywood Reporter, there is a little about Colter's watch from the film's production designer.

Following on from news of the release of the Source Code dvd in the US (26 July), we now have the date for the UK release and it's 15 August.

And finally...

I am now wrapping up my work on X-Men: First Class. The interview with director Matthew Vaughn is now up on Blogomatic3000, where it joins my full review of this most excellent film. More to come. Many thanks to my friend Andrew for the poster below!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard listen to Tom Hanks at Yale and 2001 ten years on...

Jake Gyllenhaal has been busy. Over the last couple of days he's been seen out and about in Brooklyn and in Yale. First, there's Brooklyn and Saturday night. Jake was seen (possibly with Mila Kunis - spectacular of Black Swan fame) at Henry Public. Looking at the website it amazes me that there are mouths ginormous enough that they can wrap around a mega burger of that size. Obviously, I am a veggie and my burger experience is limited.*

Yesterday, Jake with Peter Sarsgaard and Ramona attended Tom Hanks' opening address at Yale University's Class Day (New Haven, Connecticut). You can see the video of the address here. There are a couple of photos of Jake and Peter in the crowd, thanks to @likeburney and @tomlynam


July's edition of Empire has arrived and within it are memories from 2001, including the early years of the careers of Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. 2001 was, of course, the year when Donnie Darko was made. Click and the articles shall be embiggened.

*Jake, when you next visit Oxford, please let us take you to the famous Atomic Burger. There's only one thing better than their burgers and that's their margaritas.

Many thanks to BBMISwear for helping me with this post when I'm up to my eyeballs in X-men: First Class. The press conference was today.

My review of X-Men: First Class is now published at Blogomatic3000.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Brokeback Mountain gets LoveFilm's vote, Zodiac premieres on UK TV and Region 2 LAOD DVD out tomorrow

It may be over six years since Brokeback Mountain first stunned, broke and then put back together many of the people who saw it in the theatres (including myself), but the passing years mean nothing to a film that it is timeless. This week, followers of the the UK film rental company LoveFilm voted Ennis and Jack as the 'top on-screen love affair'. Fatal Attraction, Pretty Women, Lolita and even Romeo and Juliet completed the top five. I'm not at all surprised, but it's great to see the love continues for Ennis and Jack.

Another of Jake Gyllenhaal's classic movies, which for me is right up there with Brokeback, is Zodiac. Zodiac tonight has its premiere on British terrestrial TV - 9pm on BBC2. And you know what that means... no adverts! It is Radio Times' Film of the Week, with an award of four stars. The reviewer Andrew Collins concludes: 'The film - talky but intelligent and shot partly on digital stock - is very long and nothing like standard serial-killer thrillers. And that's why I love it'. This film grabs from the very first scene. If you've not seen it and you're in the UK watch it tonight. If you have seen it, watch it anyway. And if you're outside the UK, watch the DVD.

Talking of DVDs, the DVD and Blu-ray for Love and Other Drugs has been out a while in the US. But for all those who can't play Region 1 discs, tomorrow is the release date for the Region 2 discs in the UK. The extras are the same.

WDW Interlude

I was back in London today continuing my X-Men: First Class coverage for Blogomatic3000. On the way to the junket, I walked through Hyde Park and past the Italian gardens. I thought it looked beautiful in the May sunshine. Back to London tomorrow and more reports will be posted in the middle of next week.

Friday, 20 May 2011

[Updated] Despite (or because of) the End of the World threat, Jake Gyllenhaal karates and flies out of LAX

I wasn't going to do a post tonight due to being out late in London but I've since learned that the world is predicted to end tomorrow - by one person anyway - and so I thought I'd better get one out while I can. I wouldn't want the world to end when I'm not up to date with WDW.

Jake Gyllenhaal may have some concerns about this imminent catastrophe because he's taking to the skies. Today, Jake was seen at LAX.

Earlier in the day, Jake was back engaging in karate with the barefooted one. This karate is obviously good for Jake, just look at that smile on his face. The world's about to end and Jake can still find something to smile about! I've always found optimism in the face of annihilation a very attractive quality.

See you tomorrow.... I hope.

And finally...

I saw X-Men: First Class on Friday and I'm very lucky that I was one of the very few who was asked to publish their opinion ahead of 25 May when the embargo for reviews lifts. You can read my initial view here at Blogomatic3000.

Many thanks to IHJ for the pics!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal talks to Germany's 'In' about families, dating and minefields and out and about in WH

While we've been celebrating the announcement of the release date for the Region 1 DVD and Blu-ray Source Code on 26 July, one shouldn't forget that across much of central and northern Europe, the theatrical version hasn't even arrived yet. Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark will finally see the film in June while Sweden has to wait until the middle of August. To soften the blow of delay, Jake Gyllenhaal is interviewed in the next issue of the German magazine 'In', which is published today.

We only have a snippet from the interview so let's just hope we see more, because there be goodies here. 'Sometimes my mother and my sister get a little bit on my nerves... We're just a family. That's enough'. And there's a little about finding that right person: 'It's just important for me that I can immediately feel comfortable with a woman... If you ask a woman out on a date, you often feel as if you're running through a minefield'. I'd just like to point out that there isn't a minefield in sight round Oxford, Jake. It's a selling point.

While we're talking German interviews and with my Pirates experience fresh on my mind, in this interview from a year ago, Jake was talking about another film: Prince of Persia. When it's suggested that some scenes are reminiscent of Jack Sparrow: 'Oh, really? That wasn't intentional. But I'm glad to hear. I take that as a compliment.'

In this interview, Jake is also asked about Heath Ledger: 'It sounds kind of funny: but that which I'd thought was important, became more important in my life. I refer to my work. It was even more important because I felt that what Heath had done, was so extraordinary and inspiring. Therefore, I want to be an actor who's getting better. On the other hand, as a person, I realise that it's just my job. I think that - there are people who think they'll never age, never die - especially in the film industry. Heath has gone far too soon. I now have to distinguish between work and life.'

And finally...

Jake was out and about again yesterday, this time he was in West Hollywood taking away some drinks from that fine establishment, Urth Cafe, in fact the very one where I saw someone with a little white rabbit on a lead. I also remember the porridge. Excellent.

Includes pictures from WDW and IHJ.