Friday, 21 October 2011

Catching up - Jake Gyllenhaal victim of yet another bizarre poll

The Indian Summer is about over. I can tell because my head is about to blow off my shoulders thanks to a horrible cold. Nevertheless the Gyllenworld continues to turn with sightings of Jake Gyllenhaal in the theatres, coffee shops, trains and gyms of NYC. With thanks to Susan for the heads up, it's very possible that Jake will continue his stay at least until 26 October when Grassroots, the film by Jake's father Stephen, will screen at Jake and Maggie's old college Columbia University. The photo below is suitably theatrey, showing Jake in London in those This Is Our Youth days.

While Jake's eyebrows could win prizes - as I'm sure you'll agree looking at these new old photos from IHJ - Jake has been slightly less successful of late in the awards although, judging by how little Jake has been in the public eye in recent months, I think he's done pretty well. Jake didn't win a Scream, thanks to some show called Doctor Who (never been the same since the Tom Baker days). But who cares about that when you have another of those glorious polls that demonstrate that Jake is on our minds.

In this latest poll, Jake has been voted as one of the favourite celebrities to squish up to on a flight. It doesn't specify which flight although, obviously, a transatlantic flight would be far preferable to a hop across the English Channel during which you're lucky if you get a biscuit, let alone the chance to snuggle up to some unsuspecting movie star. The poll also seems to presuppose that we're all flying First Class, which is fine by me. Jake got 21% of the vote (although how many people voted is as big a mystery as why the veggie option on a flight is always tikka misala).

Something to consider while on that transatlantic flight, in first class, with tikka masala and a handy moviestar to comfort one through those turbulent bumps, is the sad fact that Jake Gyllenhaal is now, like me, slightly over 25 years old. The fact that actors such as Jake and Leo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire made such an impact on the big screen while so young (can one believe that Jake was younger than 25 when he played Jack Twist? Remarkable), begs the question of who are the youngsters making a similar mark. The NY Mag has been having a ponder. Many thanks to Mermon for such an interesting link.

Thanks to IHJ for the pics!


Susan said...

Oh, those eyebrows! I think they each deserve an award as an individual - best appearance on an actor on the left side, and best appearance on an actor on the right side. They are both equally worthy!

Who comes up with all those polls anyway? There should be a poll to name your favorite poll of 2011...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! They are truly unique eyebrows. Every actor should aspire to them. I do agree about the polls. This isn't as good as the dating Pippa Middleton poll but it's pretty close!

I think we should come up with our own poll! Shall we take a vote on that? ;)

mermon said...

The only celebrity I would like to squish up to on a flight would be Jake, of course. And, as you suggest, Kate, only transatlantic flight would be long enough to please.
I would like to see that poll, but the link doesn't work for me.

The article suggests that Jake is one of a generation of actors who were lucky in their early youth to make some fine, ambitious, precious, unforgettable movies It's hard not to agree.

It would be lovely if Stephen could attend his premiere of Grassroots with Maggie and Jake.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! Thanks for letting me know about the link - something very strange happened there but it's now fixed.

Thanks also for the link to the article - I really enjoyed it. Jake has been lucky with his roles but then he also had the skill and talent to make something very special out of them. I hope we have many more to come :)

mermon said...

Thx for repairing the link, Kate.
Have you noticed, that among younger US women (age 18-24) Jake Gyllenhaal wins!(49%) and is over Johhny Depp (47%) ; for older women (age 55+), George Clooney (43%) is a classic favourite.

Daniela said...

Hi! I am writing this review to compliment the owner of this blog, I love your texts, is written as if all I think, are funny and also rs
I am Brazilian, I am writing with the help of google kkk, but could not not write here
P. S. I Love Jake

Leslie said...

He sure looks different with the old nose.

Anonymous said...

Did Jake have some cosmetic surgery?:0

LadyEkster said...

'the sad fact that Jake Gyllenhaal is now, like me, slightly over 25 years old.'
WDW, you have this amazing capability of writing little sentences that make me laugh till my stomach aches. Awesome, thank you. :-)

Yeeees we should have another poll! The film genre one was great fun. Maybe something about ehr... the hair and Face Pet? Favourite trousers to see on Jake's legs? Díd he have plastic surgery? *smirk* The possibilities are endless...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Still really coldy and worn out - I need a new head.

Hi Mermon! I did see that - what a sensible bunch of people!

Daniela, thank you so so much! I'm so glad you like it and thanks for taking so much trouble to write a comment in English! I am so impressed by readers here - people are from all over the world and yet their English is brilliant :D Thank you and do come back! Kate x

Aaargh! NoseGate! Hi Leslie *chuckles*

Hi there 10:26! That is a debate that has raged for many years - the puppy fat vs nosejob debate :D

Morning Lady Ekster and thanks so much! I always like to have a laugh and I'm so glad it makes you laugh too!

I think we should have a poll about what poll to do... :D

have a good day everyone - beautiful weather here again - not that I've the energy to do more than look at it. It's an indulgence day. May pop out for treats :D

Leslie said...

He most surely has had at least one rhinoplasty (I believe he's had two). I spent way too much time one Saturday afternoon comparing hundreds of pictures over at IHJ for a few hours spanning over 15 years and there's no denying it. And I can't believe I'm publicly admitting to that! LOL! Okay people, I was bored!! You can't blame me for looking at him for hours on end now. I was doing research!!! (Yeah, that's it)

Paula C. said...

Hi everyone! I felt inspired by Daniela's comment whom I've know from Monica's forum. I also love your posts and the interludes, Kate, they always make me want to travel.
I'm Portuguese and I'm 35, happily married and with a 8 year old son that thinks Jake is a friend of mine, he sees pictures of Jake and asks " Mom, are you talking to your friend Jake Gyllensomenthing?":)

Margot said...

I can't believe I am going to talk about this, but Jake has grown up from 17-30. That said, I don't think he got a nose job and if he did for medical reasons then I think he would have said so by now? To me, his nose looks the sam in these two pictures:

@Paula C: That is too funny!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Leslie! I sympathise - all that research... Must have been tough... ;)

Thanks so much Paula! It's wonderful when readers make a first comment and I really appreciate the trouble. And that's so funny! My mum always asks how Jake is when she calls :D so glad you said hello!

Hi Margot! NoseGate has divided fans for years! I've never been able to make up my mind but I defintely think he's had work done on his eyebrows... ;)

I hope everyone's having a good Saturday!

Anonymous said...

WDW, sorry to hear you are unwell. I used to get very sick with infections and colds when I was a smoker. But when I stopped, some years ago now, I have been free of these troubles. I hope you are not a smoker. Drink lots of fluids and stay way from meat and dairy for now.

Paula C. said...

The nose dilema remains a mystery to me, is face was skinnier in his younger pictures so the nose looks bigger and now is face, especially the jaw line has changed, so i don't know.There was definitely some eyebrows plucking,hehehe.

Thanks, Kate I'm enjoying what seems to be the last day of a late summer here in Portugal, the temperatures have been insanely high.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks 20:18 :) I'm most definitely not a smoker. I am however often surrounded by people with colds. Mr WDW has manflu at the mo. It's my first cold in over a tear so I'm doing well. I'm a veggie so no meat. I'm definitely keeping up my fluid intake ;)

Hey Paula! Jake's face has changed so much as he grows into it and it gets more lovely by the year :) That sounds lovely! It's been a beautiful autumn here too. Supposed to be warm tomorrow - although I suspect not up to Portugal levels!

LadyEkster said...

Has Gyllendom known a NoseGate??? Boy am I glad I missed out on that part of the fun. *grin*

I don't really understand why people get so upset about plastic surgery. If my eyelids get saggy in the future, which they most probably will, I'll try and have something done about it... I don't want to look like I'm falling asleep during the day. ;-)

Anyway, so what if Jake has had a nose job? It's not like he became the gorgeous guy he is just by a having a little nose work done... His outer beauty is, at least in part, a result from his inner beauty. :-)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I agree on Lady X about plastic surgery. There are some people out there that should have stopped after the 5th or at least 10th surgery, to remain a somewhat human face, but if the result is as handsome as Jake, why bother?

And if we wanna vote on something, I suggest it's "Which cities should Jake appear for a WDW-members-only screeing of EOW?"

mermon said...

@Sasha, that voting sounds great and the idea of having private EoW screening with Jake and WDW-members-only is just fantastic. :)
I believe, Jake could handle that, I mean all our worshipping and drooling. Remember what little Jake said once? That he likes very much when people come and compliment him. So we could give it to him. :))

LadyEkster said...

And if we wanna vote on something, I suggest it's "Which cities should Jake appear for a WDW-members-only screeing of EOW?"

LOVE it!! I'd like to vote already, for the lovely city of Utrecht, central Holland. We could all have a big sleepover party at my crib! *grin*

Wet Dark and Wild said...

hi lady Ekster! I don't either, although how people can afford it is another matter... I love what you say about the inner beauty :)

Ooh, good idea Mrs JG!

Hi Mermon! Jake definitely likes to hear the sounds of his name called on the red carpet. he loves the attention and I love that we can give it!