Wednesday, 29 June 2011

[Updated] *Emergency Post!* Trailer video for Jake Gyllenhaal's Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls

With less than two weeks to go before the show airs, today we have a taster of Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance on Man Vs Wild courtesy of the trailer. We're talking gales, high heights, dismembered beasts, tumbles, humour and hotness (despite the extreme cold temperatures). There's even a nice grammatical touch before the end... Whatever the elements can throw at him, you can always admire Jake for his attention to detail.

Updated to add some screencaps from the trailer, plus a better version of the video above.

Thanks to Monica for the heads up!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard visit Robert Downey Jr and a WDW Woman Vs Wild Interlude

I'm back, having spent two days camping in the wilds on a rugged Welsh mountainside, enduring the elements, eating whatever food I was able to scramble together, surrounded by wild beasts. A case of Woman Vs Wild. The similarities between my camping trip with Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls' foray into an Icelandic glacier is obvious. Although, to be fair, camping over Hay on Wye on a green hillside, popping in to bookshops, eating pub grub, looking at the sheep and wild horses, staring at the ice in a drink, while being bombarded with heatwave temperatures, is a tad different from what awaited Jake.

Bear has revealed today 'We had a jumbo jet blown sideways across the airport, whilst I was 5,000-feet up a mountain.' Pah! What's that compared to having your hand licked by a tubby spaniel when you're minding your own business and putting up your tent?

The picture here is courtesy of IHJ and shows Jake and Peter Sarsgaard outside the house of our much loved Robert Downey Jr on 12 June.

Interlude - Woman Vs Wild

Over the last couple of days I've been roughing it* (*actually, not really roughing it), on a motorbike camping tour of the sunsoaked Welsh Marches. This being the Welsh borders it did of course rain at one point but it stayed hot while it did it. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year and it brought the grockels out to the Cotswolds - first stop Bibury.

Nest was Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, a lived in castle full of Tudor and Stuart furnishings (some belonging to Sir Francis Drake). But most famously this is the castle where Edward II came a cropper in the 1320s.

Tintern Abbey not only had a beautiful abbey against a breathtaking backdrop of cliffs and trees and a river, it had cricket.

The famous Hay on Wye from the campsite.

Other places we visited included the beautiful and remote Black Mountains, White Castle, the most hidden and unfindable castle in Britain and Llanthony Priory.

The pictures in this section are by WDW.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal back to work - and hairless

Jake Gyllenhaal is back at work - and I don't just mean at the Medical Center. Pictured leaving the Center on Friday (24 June), it appeared that Jake was very firmly back in End of Watch mode. Either that, or his hair's fallen out and the Face Pet's run off.

WDW Interlude

Today summer returned - after the wettest drought in living memory. As a result, we headed off for lunch in the country and ended up at what may be the most stunning pub in Oxfordshire and one of our favourite places, the Falkands Arms in the picture postcard village of Great Tew.

Mr WDW and I are off chasing the sun to Hay on Wye and the Welsh borders, camping for a couple of days (heaven help me) and so I'll be back on Monday.

My review of Bridesmaids is now up at MovieBrit.

Pictures from Just Jared and me.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Glorious mud - Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls countdown as Jake's band Mumford and Sons play Glastonbury tonight

With Jake Gyllenhaal absent and with his favourite bands Mumford and Sons and U2 playing in The Swamp (aka Glastonbury) tonight, one can't help but fantasise that, as we speak, Jake is ensconced in a pair of floral wellies in front of the Pyramid Stage while chewing on a veggieburger. We are also, of course, well into the countdown to Jake's appearance on Man Vs Wild. And so it seems fitting to present here Bear Grylls' guide to surviving Glastonbury. If Jake has packed English mustard (and waders), he'll be fine.

Back to mud...

Jake was interviewed for Interview magazine back in 2007 by none other than David Fincher. Jake let slip 'If you put me in mud, you'd see how much fun I could have'. With any luck, David Ayer has read this because, if you're meaning a gritty LAPD drama, what could be more appropriate than a mud scene?

Of course, Jake has been muddy in a good cause before. In Bubble Boy, Jake gave the stuntman a day off, and dived into a mud pit for some wrestling with a couple of young ladies. This was slightly negated by Jake being in a bubble at the time.

Showing that Jake has mud on his mind, years earlier he revealed a certain dream: 'Last night I dreamt that I was at a crazy party in Central Park. There was a mud bath and no-one wanted to get in.' Their loss.

Of course, sometimes, it's not mud.

While we're thinking Bubble Boy...

Pictures from IHJ.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal pops out to Ammo, Peter Sarsgaard to direct and write Born to Run, Duncan Jones to follow Source Code to Japan

21 June was the summer solstice and, obviously, if there's anywhere you should be on that day it's among the stones and crowds of Stonehenge in the rain. However, it's widely accepted that the second best place to be on Midsummer (and you can ask Bear Grylls this) is among the eateries of Los Angeles. Therefore, Jake Gyllenhaal popped out to Ammo Cafe in Hollywood. The Face Pet went too.

Born to Run

The July issue of Menswear is looking particularly good. Peter Sarsgaard graces its cover and photos of him feature in many of its pages.

Apart from talking about Green Lantern - and the difficulties of getting into that rather big head, Peter also talked about a future project and it's one that we have been following here for quite a wile - Born to Run.

Peter revealed that he is not only directing it - and it's his directorial debut - he's also writing it. This means that he will not be starring in it himself. We've talked quite a bit here about who will feature in Born to Run, ever since the Leadville 100 race in August last year, when both Jake and Peter were seen observing the race and Chris McDougall, the author of Born to Run. With Peter now removing himself from the part, who better to take the role than Jake? Especially with Peter behind the camera directing him. Definitely one to continue to watch.

And finally...

Duncan Jones has tweeted this evening: 'Hey Japan! It looks like I WILL be coming out to Tokyo at least, to do press for the film! Yay! Will see if I can get to another city too.' This is great news and must come as some reward to Japan for the late release of Source Code - 28 October no less. Do keep an eye on Man Made Movies for release dates and much more to do with Duncan.

Pictures from IHJ and Just Jared.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal's Man vs Wild to air 11 July (see pictures) and Jake watches U2

Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls will pit Man vs Wild on Monday 11 July at 9pm ET. At last we have a date for Jake's daring do against the might of rivers, storms and beast. All while looking rather lovely in dashing red.

According to the press release 'For two days, Bear and Jake embark on a survival experience neither will forget, to an Icelandic landscape dominated by mountains, huge glaciers and some of Europe's most active volcanoes. Jake will have to go where Bear goes, eat whatever Bear eats, and on occasion even take the lead, if he's going to cope with some of the worst conditions known to man. "For me, it's all about discovery," said Gyllenhaal.

Said Bear about the experience, "The wild is always very revealing - not only physically but mentally. You've got to smile when it's driving horizontal hail and be able to face your fears and just get on and do it -- and on both of those accounts, Jake came up strong."

Many thanks to Pop Culture Zoo (via IHJ) for these wonderful images from the show. As for that photo of Jake on the rope crossing the river... Don't look down! I love Jake's movies but I could quite happily live off this TV appearance for months. I hope it's the beginning of a trend - I want to see Jake do some animal documentaries as well. Documentaries about anything, to be honest.


Last night (18 June), Jake was one of the many celebrities seen at the U2 concert in Anaheim. You can see more details here, as well as the other celebrities that turned up. Here's one of them.

Thanks to IHJ for the wonderful pictures in the post!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

See Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls as they get ready to go wild in the country

After all the talk yesterday of Man Vs Wild, we have a picture today of Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls about to take off and tackle everything Iceland could chuck at them in the shape of hurricane force winds, glacial crevices, stormy rivers and snow snake soup. Both look suitable rugged in matching outfits. Bear posted the picture today with this tweet: 'Jake Gyllenhaal and me prep for our Icelandic mission - little did we know we were to be hammered by 90+mph winds!' Looks like they were well prepared.

My review of Green Lantern is now up at MovieBrit.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bear Grylls fulfils promise to keep Jake Gyllenhaal alive on Man Vs Wild (and turned down Sarah Palin)

Last night pushed me to the very limits of what my passion for Jake Gyllenhaal will drive me to - I watched Graham Norton. Yep. And I had food poisoning too. Double whammy. The reason for my self-inflicted torment was the appearance of Bear Grylls on the show. He has an autobiography to plug but you never know, the appearance of Jake on Man Vs Wild or Born Survivor might be worth a mention to push the publicity. I was right. It was brief but worth it and there was even a photo of Jake as well.

Bear managed to get enough words in to say that Sarah Palin had wanted to appear on the show but Bear, no doubt very politely, told her no and went for Jake Gyllenhaal instead. Bear learned that a lot of people were very concerned that nothing should happen to Jake - although Bear couldn't guarantee it - while not too many were concerned about his own safety. He spoke about the atrocious weather and how the two of them were blown like tumbleweeds across the Iceland landscape.

More on the adventure has been published in the media today, including this report in the Belfast Telegraph.

'"A couple of weeks ago I took Jake Gyllenhaal, reportedly the fittest man in Hollywood, on a Born Survivor to Iceland. He said he wanted to to be pushed and afterwards said he'd never been pushed so hard.

He went on: "We had crazy conditions - sleeping in snow caves, huge river crossings and these torrential storms. I was a little bit nervous as I promised Jake's management team I would keep him alive, but he was brilliant.

"There's something magical about the raw emotion of fear and nerves. I think that's what people like about the show."'

That and seeing Jake Gyllenhaal take on the elements in weather blasted garments...

Includes pictures from IHJ.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hollywood Hills Cops - co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena out for a run before Jake braves the Green Lantern premiere

Yesterday, Jake Gyllenhaal and his End of Watch co-star Michael Pena took to the Hollywood Hills. What with this and the Kung Fu and Karate, it would appear that End of Watch isn't just about police officers filling in the paperwork. It also gives Jake and Michael a chance to get to know one another better and compare arms.

Bonus points for Jake who managed to run the miles while completely ignoring the alien trying to burst through his chest. That's what I call a pro and no mistake.

Talking of bravery and fortitude, later that evening (15 June), Jake was seen by a Facebooker at the Graumans Chinese Theater at the premiere of Peter Sarsgaard's movie Green Lantern: 'I just got a text from my sister that she's sitting three rows in front of Jake Gyllenhaal at the Green Lantern premier!' No sign of Jake on show, but here is Peter on the carpet which, missing a trick surely?, was black. Source. And more pictures here.

Pictures from links and IHJ.