Sunday, 5 October 2008

Jake Gyllenhaal: Naked every day

Secretary receives a showing on British TV this evening (10.35pm Channel 4) and, to celebrate the showing, I ask your patience for a gratuitously naked post. Maggie Gyllenhaal received acclaim for her brave and sexy portrayal of Lee Holloway, even pleasing one of her most brutally honest critics, brother Jake: 'I remember one of the first movies she did, which will go unnamed, and when I watched it, I said to her, 'I can't tell you any other way, but you were really bad.' And she started crying, she was so hurt. And then, with Secretary, it was just like, 'You were extraordinary!' And she was. But she knows I'm honest, and she knows that I love her.' You can read more about Maggie's view of the film's perception here, in an interview in which she makes the ritual of afternoon tea sexy.

Watching Maggie in the role couldn't have been easy and Jake has said he watched it through his fingers: 'When asked how he feels about seeing his sister in a naked scene, Jake confessed: "It's great I'm sort of saying, 'Yeah, it's right. Show them what it's all about!' But as a brother, I still hide my eyes and I still say, 'Oh, my God!' And I know she does too when there are love scenes that I'm in."'

Although several of Jake's directors have taken the surprising step of covering him up in more layers than is surely necessary, others have seen the light and permitted a glimpse and, in the case of Jarhead, even a wiggle. As Jake says in the fun feature below for E!'s hunt for the sexiest movie star: 'I do like getting naked on set'. Jake's reaffirmed his comfort in his own skin was repeated in his Jarhead interview for Conan O'Brien (the interview which also featured Jake singing showtunes ala Bono and miming his jellyfish sting-saving behaviour).

The Santa hat dance clearly got the attention of the critics and the questions were thick and fast: 'If you knew me at all you'd know there's absolutely no preparation involved in the act of getting me naked!... It was a scene that was written and as an actor you normally go through and read the dialogue - the only dialogue in that scene was, "Merry Christmas," - so I was like, "Oh, whatever," and then I'd just get onto the next scene where, you know, we had a lot of dialogue. I was more interested in those until I was sitting there naked in the middle of the desert with a Santa hat on my crotch! No real preparation involved. And no fear!'

And for Brokeback: 'All the training paid off and I feel confident in my body and having no clothes on. Think of that more figurative than literally.' Jake told a German site that having a stuntman jump off the cliff for him in Brokeback (unlike Heath) was nothing to do with not wanting to be seen naked - he wanted to avoid the risk of getting hurt so close to the casting for Jarhead, but 'You're welcome to write I'm a coward!'

But Jake is not one for gratuitous nudity in movies ('I'm not shy about taking my clothes off, but if I'm going to see pictures of myself naked on the Internet, I would love to feel like there was a reason for it, that it was of service to the story'), perhaps to the disappointment of director of Bernardo Bertolucci.

Bernardo had Jake very much in mind for Dreamers: 'in London, before I decided to do anything, I met Jake Gyllenhaal. I liked him very much. I saw him on stage and then it was clear that Jake would have been so tortured about showing his body. It became clear almost immediately after a few days. I know that he was one of those very meticulous actors who wants to know everything and wants explanation. Every time there was a scene that was sexy, I would see myself trying to explain [to him.] It was impossible. I don’t blame him because I would have reacted in the same way. I cannot be naked in front of a camera.'

Bertolucci does point out, however, that even French actors have baulked at Bernardo's naked demands. ('Did they ask Reubens why he was painting naked women?' It seems to me that they knew very well why Reubens was painting naked women.) You can read a lot more of Jake discussing this project in his famous ladies' loo interview with Susan Sarandon.

Jake joked about turning down the role, comparing the demands of Bertolucci with those of Emmerich on The Day After Tomorow: 'Yeah, it was like when I was auditioning for Bertolucci, he was like, 'you're going to have to get naked in this movie. If you don't want to get naked then you can't do it.' Roland was like, 'look, this is a movie about the environment, and if you don't want to help the environment and get out of your car and recycle, you can't be in this movie.' It was a very similar discussion (laughs). I know there's no irony in print, either.'

When Cosmopolitan asked Jake back in 2006 how he coped with nudity in films, he replied: 'Well I'm naked every day so I cope with it. It's not so hard for me.' And if this made him a secret naturist? 'Yeah [laughs]. I like to take off my clothes at the end of the day, I like to put them on at the beginning of the day and I prefer to keep them on throughout the day.' Finally, Jake once spoke of how he reacted to criticism: 'It is ego-boosting and ego-destroying: the smallest compliment can send you smiling and happy running naked in the woods.' Jake, you're a fine actor.

Includes pictures from IHJ.


pictures please said...

"Naked every day" ?? I don't believe him. I want proof. LOL

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Chuckle :D I know, it's only fair!

Anonymous said...

I like to take off my clothes at the end of the day, I like to put them on at the beginning of the day and I prefer to keep them on throughout the day.
*lol* I laughed every times I read this saying of his =)) What a naturist he is =))

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Nezuko! I love this line too - it's Classic Jake :D Definitely naturist tendencies and these should be encouraged :) Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Oh more naked Jake, I wonder if there are any NAKED (not only chest) scenes in POP. If we see some of that ASS :D

I liked seeing it in BBM and Jarhead.

For me I liked Jake in Oct Sky, TDAT and he'll always be Jack Twist to me.

No matter how many movies he does in the future.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Trekfan :D I fear PoP's certificate will let us down in the nudity department... although I'm hoping for at least chest and leg nakedness. And I wonder about Nailed and Brothers :D

Monica said...

Good afternoon, Dark Wet!

Jake: Naked every day!
Excellent choice for a post!

In my forum always has a poll on "Jake naked."

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. I haven't seen The Secretary yet, and it's definitely intriguing. ;) A strong role for Maggie, or one where the female character finds strength, I like the roles she picks. I haven't seen Sherrybaby yet either.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Monica! Glad you like it. I thought we should have some fun today and imagine that little bit of every day in which Jake is naked :D

Thanks Anon :) I really do like Secretary and I admire Maggie in it very much - a very effective examination of sexuality. I thought Maggie was amazing in Sherrybaby, I really did, but unlike her role in Secretary, I just couldn't warm to Sherry. But then, maybe I wasn't supposed to. Maggie is such a good role model as an actress - I like the way she makes her choices.

I hope everyone's having a good Sunday :D I'm watching Charlie Wilson's War.

Zodiac said...

Good evening, everyone! I go away for a few days and what do I come to? New pictures of Jake, naked Jake, Jake in a beanie (I love beanies), it's all too much!!!! I need some time to gather my thoughts.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Zodiac! I've missed you - hope you had a good time :D Jake's been waiting for you... I like beanies too :) BUt I suppose you can't really have a naked Jake in a beanie... Have a good evening!

pictures please said...

I like to take off my clothes at the end of the day, I like to put them on at the beginning of the day

So that means he sleeps naked. I need to learn how to be a cat burglar!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Pictures! That's some thought - ahem... :D

Amy said...

"I like to take off my clothes at the end of the day, I like to put them on at the beginning of the day and I prefer to keep them on throughout the day"

Now if we could only get him to change his mind about keeping clothes on throughout the day ;)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Amy :D Ooh yes, at least once or twice a week :)

Zodiac said...

Hi, WDW, I've missed you too:) And I've missed seeing Jake. He looks tired but good, esp in the restaurant pictures. A little bit drunk, too:) And when I see him again, esp after a long break, a warm feeling unfurls inside me, no matter what he looks like, what hair he has, what clothes he's wearing,sober, drunk, sad, laughing, on his own or with other people: it's still Jake. I love his curvy smile, his cheekbones and the way his eyelashes cast long shades on his face. I love the fact that he's a little bit closer now, in London, in Europe. I love that he's a part of such a big project. And I love the thought that he might like sleeping naked, stretching like a warm cat under the duvet before sleep claims him. I love watching people I love sleeping,I don't know why. I bet sleeping Jake is a sight to behold.

anouska said...

We need a campaign for a nekkid sleeping vid of Jake, like the Beckham one :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Zodiac, that's a wonderful comment - I'm thinking of Jake now under the comfy duvet - sigh :) 'And when I see him again, esp after a long break, a warm feeling unfurls inside me, no matter what he looks like, what hair he has, what clothes he's wearing,sober, drunk, sad, laughing, on his own or with other people: it's still Jake' - I love that, Zodiac! Thank you :D

Hey Nouskie :D I'll sign that petition. Sleeping Jake vids should be available on the National Health :D

Monica said...

Wow, Zodiac! You're inspired!
It should be a beautiful sight to see that wonderful man sleeping naked!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Monica! That was a great comment from Zodiac :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Blimey it's cold out there. Have a good day :D

sheba said...

Goodmorning. Its sunny here just like the feeling of euphoria I feel about seeing this weekends posts I've missed. Yay!! Nekkid Jake and new pics Jake, I'm in chocolate heaven. :DD

Thanks WDW. He looks great, relaxed and chilled - I hope he is.

"I like to take off my clothes at the end of the day, I like to put them on at the beginning of the day and I prefer to keep them on throughout the day"

... irony really is lost in print... but I get it. Does that make us all naturists? I think so ;D

Xenia said...

Oh my God, I've just watched all the new pics without skipping any, he so so beatiful...Paulh is not the only one who likes the long hair, I adore him with long hair...and that kimonoish shirt he wears on the verge of opening and let us see a bit more of chest hair...*sigh* I keep falling in love with Jake, over and over...:)

Thanks WDW for another precious post, because a naked Jake never gets old and thanks Zodiac for one of the most luscious vision my head could conceive: naked-sleeping Jake...mmmmhh...

Have a great day! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there everyone! Flippin' rushed off my feet today :(

Hi there Sheba :D Can't tell you how pleased I was to see those new pics of Jake :)

Hey Xenia! I have one of those pictures with that white top and the necklace and the hair and the beautiful face as my new desktop. I love that whole look :D

You can never have too much Naked Jake - that's my new motto (I must sew it on a pillow...)

Carol said...

What a great post.

I love this man :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Me too, Carol :D

Anonymous said...

Me three. I liked Zodiac's post too - nothing nicer than watching someone sleep, knowing they are peaceful (and sleeping naked doesn't hurt either!). Great post. I hope we get more PoP info. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Anon :) It's a lovely image. And yes, more PoP news (and pics) would be great.

Is it home time yet?...

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