Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Jake Gyllenhaal in interview, plus a photocall for Constellations and the Awards Season campaigning begins!

With Nightcrawler riding high in the cinemas, the publicity continues. Jake Gyllenhaal has also been busy promoting his upcoming Broadway appearance in Constellations. There are more pictures from a photocall at IHJ.

You will also find there photos from Jake's appearance at the AMPAS Governor's Awards on 8 November...

at an AFI Indie Fest Indies Contenders Roundtable on 9 November. The photo below is a bit of a Who's Who. Something tells me we're entering Awards Season!

Among the new videos is this long one from the Huffington Post and there's an equally long one below from DP/30.

On the 5 November Jake and Dan Gillroy appeared on the Charlie Rose Show. There are clips here.

Jake and Dan also appeared on the Good Morning Joe show on 6 November. You can watch that here.

Jake also appeared on the Victoria to Uyen Show

There is a longer clip here of Jake on the Daily Show from 4 November

We also hear that Jake is to appear on Variety's Actors on Actors series over the next couple of months as part of the Awards Season campaigning. Details here.



Wet Dark and Wild said...

Phew, indeed! Doesn't Jake look GREAT! Hope you're all having a good week :)

Susan said...

Yes, indeed, Jake is looking FANTASTIC! Thanks, Kate, for the update and the great links. I love watching the long interviews and have high hopes for an Oscar nomination. Jake's Lou Bloom was phenomenal!

Dani said...

Hi, Katie! I'm still around, loving how wonderful Jake is looking these days. For awhile I thought we had lost him forever to the homeless hobo look. But he's back as good as ever.

I have seen Nightcrawler three times so far. Absolutely blown away by Jake's performance. I think I liked it better the third time.

I didn't try to see him on Queen Latifah's show this year. Even though it was an adventure - that and the Prisoner's premiere - that I will never forget. Going through an all day thing like that again was a bit too much for me.

But I am going to New York! I have my ticket for the play already. It will be my birthday gift to myself.

Thanks for the updates. Hope you are well.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Susan! I have high hopes, too - no doubt waiting to be dashed like every other year! ;)

Good to see you, Dani! I hope you and yours are all well. I'd like to see Nightcrawler again as I agree that it's a film that would do well with extra viewings. That is fantastic about the play! What a perfect birthday present. Do let me know how it goes :)

Have a good day everyone - is it Friday yet?

Anonymous said...

Jake is looking GREAT these days. My favourite look :-) I just finished all those wonderful videos you posted, Kate. Thank you so much for your work. @Dani: enjoy the play and please: share your experience with us.
Have a nice evening everyone.

ANTJE said...

NIGHTCRAWLER riding high in the cinemas, Kate?
Well, not over here in ignorant "cultureless" Germany. The movie, it seems, is a complete commercial failure, despite good reviews and all. Not listed in our official movie charts, limited release only.

Anonymous said...

FIVE nominations for Nightcrawler for the Independant spirit awards! Isn't that fantastic :D

Sonja said...

Yes, it is! I read about it yesterday.
Nominations are for Best Screenplay (Dan Gilroy), First Feature (Dan and the producers of the movie), Actor (Jake), Supporting Actor (Riz Ahmed) and Editing (Tony Gilroy).

Limited release only in The Netherlands as well I'm afraid, Antje. I had planned to go see NC again this week, but it looks like it has already finished its run in "my" Pathé cinema :(
That is a shame, indeed. Jake got excellent reviews here.

It premieres in France today. Maybe it'll do better there. Fingers crossed!

ANTJE said...

Jake makes the arthouse happy. Maybe we should be grateful that our beloved is NOT a huge supermegafilmstar worth 50 million or so dollars who is in every money-money-blockbuster-with-no-artistic-value/merit. These days Jake prefers comparatively unknown scriptwriters and directors whenever he looks for new film projects. He has said so himself many, many times. This is probably why I’m so interested in his performing art. A Hollywood actor – but with a difference.

Sonja said...

I agree!

His performances are always worth seeing, even though the subject matter of the movie isn't always "easy" or "mainstream"... 'Enemy', for instance.

If that means fewer people will see his movies, then so be it - at least he's happy with the projects he's choosing and he gives it his all, which is wonderful to see.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Antje - blimey, that is a shame. I am glad though that it's doing so well in the US and here.

That is brilliant, 10:04! Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for the details, Sonja - fab!

ANTJE said...

Last night LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS was aired on German television.
My mum wasn't impressed.
Oh dear.
;-)) or rather: :-((

ANTJE said...

I've just discovered the very first SOUTHPAW publicity still on IHJ. - God help us!!!!!!!!!

Sonja said...

Yeah, I've seen it too! Is he looking great or terrifying? I'm not sure - and this so soon after 'Nightcrawler'... what is he doing to us?!

I'm looking forward to 'Southpaw' now - much more than I ever thought I would! Not because of how he looks, but because it seems he went all the way for this, once more, like he has done for many (if not all) of his roles.

ANTJE said...

Hello dear Sonja!
Even though the SOUTHPAW still is shocking indeed (and I'm wondering, too, what Jake is doing to us!) I cannot wait even for THIS Jake-movie to be released. I think, I would even go and watch a movie with Jake as "Little Red Riding Hood" or something. I'm not making fun of him, but my love for his films, his art and his career is growing and growing. The diversity of his career/movie choices is just so interesting and lovely to follow. No weight in one film, too much weight in the next. No hair, too much hair, no clothes on, too many clothes on, a full beard here and no hairy chest there, a good cop and a seriously injured cop, a prince and a gay cowboy, a young rocket afficionado and a boy within a bubble, a schizophrenic teenager and a traumatised jarhead etc etc. We've seen so many sides of his art over the last 15 years or so. And I hope it will never stop!

Sonja said...

I've only been a Jake fan since 2012, but I couldn't agree with you more, Antje.

As for "no clothes on" - I once read a comment on 'Enemy' in which someone said: "How many times do we need to see Jake Gyllenhaal taking his clothes off", or something like that. Well, not enough, if you ask me - never enough... ;-)

Seems like we'll see lots of Jake's body in 'Southpaw'. Can't wait! ;-)

You're still not looking forward to 'Southpaw', Kate? I'm assuming you've seen the picture.

Seems like Jake is surprizing many people with his recent choices. I'm reading more and more appreciative comments about him lately. That's great. He deserves it!

ANTJE said...

DO watch Jake's early movies circa 1999 - 2002, starting with OCTOBER SKY, his first film he has a lead in. MOONLIGHT MILE and BUBBLE BOY are my favourites of this era.

Sonja said...

Uhm... I've seen them all already! :-) Out of those early ones, I love 'Moonlight Mile'!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! That new photo is utterly terrifying! Just put the new post up.

Hi Sonja and Antje - gotta say this pic does confirm my Southpaw feelings but I'm certainly sure Jake has put his acting all into it.

Oh, I love those early films - Moonlight Mile! Lisa (BBMISwear) and I did a tour of its filming spots across Massachusetts a few years ago. Incredible.

Adam said...

Jake looks like a pretentious "artiste".