Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Nailed to get a UK release in 2015! Plus new movie news and more Nightcrawling from Jake Gyllenhaal

Well, who'd have thought it?! After all this time and talk, the news is in that the distributors Arrow have bought Nailed - now renamed as Politics of Love - for a UK release during 2015! Personally, I don't care what they call it just so long as it sees the light of day in one form or another. And even if it's a strictly limited release this at least might mean a DVD that all fans can enjoy. More details ehre from Playlist, with thanks to Sasha for the heads up!

And there's more - Jake has a New Project! Hollywood Reporter tells us that Jake will team up with 'The Equalizer director Antoine Fuqua for The Man Who Made It Snow, a 1980s crime movie that IM Global is launching at AFM. Gyllenhaal will star as the man in the title, Max Mermelstein, purported to be the only American who was in the inner circle of the Colombian cartels in the go-go 1980s. Snow is a biopic of the man and is based on his autobiography.Brett Tabor wrote the script. Gyllenhaal will produce with Fuqua, Tabor and IM Global's Matt Jackson. Mermelstein was the point man in America for the Medellin cartel, helping smuggle tons of cocaine in the 1980s. He was eventually arrested and became a key informant and witness for the U.S. government, and spent his last years living in the Witness Protection Program. He died in 2008 and his eulogy was given by Tabor, who became interested in the man as potential movie material and tracked the man down.

Phew! Deep breaths! After that excitement, here's some more - Jake Gyllenhaal on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as part of the Nightcrawler release. Thanks to IHJ, you can watch it all here.

Bits and pieces

There is a full 30-minute interview here with Jake and Nightcrawler director Dan Gilroy for AOL Build.

There is a great new interview with Jake over at Buzzfeed here “I think acting is an incredibly immature, incredibly selfish profession,” he said, cringing just a bit. “But at the same time, at the opposite end of the spectrum — or maybe not, but I think it is — [there is] the opportunity to practice great empathy.”

In this interview, we hear about how the car chase scene in Nightcrawler was filmed:

Here, Jake talks about what Brokeback Mountain means to him as well as its political legacy:

Here is Jake on BET 106 and Park.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Phewee! This is fabulous news - thank you, Sasha!

SamW said...

Oh Awesome would be so good to finally see nailed in some way or another. thanks for the update

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Sam!

Anonymous said...

Phantastic news about Nailed. I like all those videos. Thank you for posting them, Kate.
@Sonja: That's me on Facebook. But I can't find you there :-/ Maybe you want to send me an inquiry.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Christina!

ANTJE said...

NAILED will be out? At last? Hmmmm, probably not in German theatres. But never mind. I shall be hoping for a DVD release asap.
The movie was finished in early 2008. That means when we’re going to watch it in 2015 production will have been finished more than seven years earlier, so we’re going to see a very young Jake, aged 27, yeah!!!

Sonja said...

Hi everyone!

@Christina: possibly you weren't able to find me on the Facebook page because I haven't liked or posted on there for some time now. But I've now posted a smiley in answer to Kate's latest post, so...

Susan said...

Hi Kate! I bruised my jaw when it dropped on the floor as I read Sasha's post about Nailed - er, The Politics of Love - getting a release date. Oh. My. God. It may be embarrassingly bad considering that the original director walked away from it unfinished, but I am so ready to see Jake in a comedy! I will have to wait for it to be released on disc, but after all this time, what's another year or two?
I know Jake must be in love with the script for the Max Mermelstein biopic, and I will love it when I see it, but would it kill him to do something just a tad lighter, like a romantic comedy? (A real one, unlike Love and Other Drugs?) With Everest, Southpaw, and Demolition in the works while he stars in Constellations on Broadway, there really is a lot to look forward to. Still, I would have LOVED to see him in Ezekiel Moss and will always wonder how that would have turned out.
Thanks for all the news, Kate. It's a lot of fun following Jake's career when he's busy.

ANTJE said...

I've just returned home from watching NIGHTCRAWLER.
The film/plot is ugly and incredibly evil/cynical. Yet, Jake's performance is outstanding. Never have we seen a bigger a**h**le on film these days like this very sick "Lou Bloom", hair bun, cool sunglasses, shaved chest or not. Jake, better acting than in BBM?? Hmmmmm ... ... ... And even with no weight at all he still a very-very-very-nice-to-look-at-man, as always.

Anonymous said...

Just returned home from watching Nightcrawler, too. Although the film is not "nice", Jake's performance is incredible.

Sonja said...

Dear all,

So glad many of us got to see 'Nightcrawler' by now.

I saw it a couple of days ago and was blown away. Holy sh*t! Didn't think Jake had it in him to play such a character.

Yes, the film's "not nice", but this is Jake like we've never seen him before. He's amazing!